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How Hillary Is Uniting The Republican Party



How Hillary Is Uniting The Republican Party, see more at:
How Hillary Is Uniting The Republican Party (Image: MGN)

If you were to approach a random Republican on the street and ask the harmless question of “What do you think of Hillary Clinton?” The overwhelming census would be something along the lines of, “She stinks,” or, “I hate her,” or maybe even, “There's no way that dictator will ever be president.”

No matter how much you despise Hillary, we have to thank her for something. She has brought the Republican party together. We haven't seen a group of people rally so strongly against a political figure since Sarah Palin. In the state of the world today, we need to something that unites us. Unfortunately, for Hillary, she is the common enemy that has brought us all together.

You can't go on a website without seeing either a viral video that is making fun of her, an add that tells you not to vote for her. Now there are books and documentaries about how she would be a terrible president. I'm not saying any of those things are incorrect or without proof, all I'm saying is – look at how the Republican party has a whole has stepped together to defeat the new Hillary Khan.

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Even Paul Ryan, who we all know is not a very big fan of Donald Trump, has stepped up to the plate and endorsed him because the alternative is…Hillary.

Having a common enemy can be a very powerful thing. In every election period, there is always the smack talking and the poor sportsmanship. I remember when Obama was running the risk time, they made internet video games were you could play as Obama protecting the White House from terrorists. Which now that I think about it is probably where they got the idea for the movie ‘Olympus Has Fallen.' There was also games where you could play as George W. Bush saving the country.

That's what the election period is about. We all know that. If you are even considering signing up to run for the president of the United States, you must understand that your name will be kicked around the streets of America in every way possible. Yet this year, it has been different. I haven't seen such widespread distaste for one candidate before.

Although no one can stand her, we must thank her. She has brought the Republican party together. So when Trump is sitting in the Oval Office running our country, we must remember to take a moment and thank Hillary for being such an awful candidate.

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