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Idiot Of The Week: The Connecticut State Police



Welcome to our first-ever weekly award column where we hand out the proud title for our idiot of the week award.

Now I know what you are thinking, but sadly there can be only one each week. So instead of focusing on how every political figure is clearly an idiot, I’m going to pick the biggest.

My pick for this week is the Connecticut State Police. This past week they were sued by the ACLU of Connecticut for violating a protester’s civil rights. Let me start off by saying that these cops were so dumb that I don’t expect it to be a long trial.

The defendant, Michael Picard, is a well-known DUI checkpoint protester and open carry supporter in the area who was warning drivers with a sign that read “cops ahead, remain silent.” Perfectly legal.

After about an hour and a half, three state police showed up and, before they say anything , knock the camera out of Michael’s hand. They then frisk him and “find” his visible and legal side arm that they knew he had. Remember he is an open carry activist who has a legal right in Connecticut to carry his weapon.

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The police use that as an excuse to detain him, seize his side arm, and run his permit. To their anger, they find that he is in fact well within his rights to have his weapon.

As they police are busy doing this, Michael checks on his expensive camera, fearing it is broken. He has time to turn it on before the police come back and again grab it out of his hand saying, “taking my picture is illegal.” Spoiler, it is very legal.

However, despite all of that, none of it is what gets these cops my idiot of the week award. That comes from what happens next.

The police then take the camera that they don’t know is filming back to their squad car and all three of them then begin a discussion on how they should charge this guy. They actually say “we gotta punch a number on this guy,” and “we really gotta cover our asses.”

The police then spend over eight minutes talking through different false charges they can hit him with before finally arriving at “reckless use of a highway by a pedestrian,” and “creating a public disturbance.” The police then create their version of the truth where they say that multiple cars had complained about Michael waving his gun around, but none of the cars had wanted to formally give a statement. Not exactly an open and shut case…

Well, they take him in and Michael spends the better part of a year getting the two charges dropped. Meanwhile, despite his video evidence to support the complaint he opened with the state police, nothing has been done to the three officers who violated the constitutions in at least 3 ways.

Michael, left with no other options, called up his state’s ACLU who is now suing the whole police force. All because of three of the dumbest cops I have seen.

That my friends, is why the Connecticut State Police get my first ever idiot of the week award.

Join us next week and we’ll see who can screw up more than the others. Get your bets in early!

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