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If GOP Rejects Trump in 2024, The American Independent Party Will Nominate Him



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The next presidential election in 2024 is still more than three years away, but many are already saying that former President Donald Trump would once again get the GOP nomination. If not, another party is said to be willing to back him up.

Many are already looking to find out who the next Republican nominee is. Among the names being floated around, Trump remains ahead of the pack. Although, it is still unknown whether he will run again.

To many, it’s no question that the former president is the frontrunner, as seen in several polls. However, this doesn’t mean established Republicans still want him to be their nominee. For example, Sens. Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney do not seem to be loyal to the former president.

If, because of this, Trump doesn’t end up with the GOP nomination for 2024, the American Independent Party is reportedly willing to back him up.

According to a report by TMZ, if the Republican party decides to drop Trump in 2024, the former president still has a home, which is the AIP.

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The AIP, in turn, did mention that Trump would be their top bill if he runs for president again.

As per Markham Robinson, the AIP chairman, he and his fellow party members are set to nominate Trump for the next presidential elections. This is only if the former president decides to run again and if the GOP decides to ditch him.

With the new administration still brand new, there’s still plenty of time to see what may happen. However, the AIP chairman clarified that he and the other officials in his party all welcome Trump’s desire to remain in politics. This is something that the former president hinted at in his CPAC speech last Sunday.

Trump Still Favorite to Get 2024 GOP Presidential Nomination

In a recent Washington Times – CPAC poll, the former president is seen by many as the one who will win the Republican Party’s nomination for 2024. Additionally, in the same poll, over 85% say Trump did a good job as president of the country.

In the poll, more than two-thirds of those surveyed wanted Trump to run for president again. Those who oppose this make up 15% of the respondents, while 17% were still unsure.

Additionally, 95% of the same respondents want the Republican Party to continue pushing for the policies backed or started by the former president.

In the same poll, if Trump runs for POTUS again, those who would vote for him make up 55% of the respondents. Meanwhile, 21% would vote for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and 4% would choose South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem.

In a scenario where Trump decides to not run in 2024, 43% of those surveyed said they would vote for DeSantis instead while 11% would vote for Noem.

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  • rottenrollin says:

    McConnell and Miss Romney need to be tarred and feathered…….using hot tar.

    Trump’s got my vote whenever he runs, if he runs.

    Any candidate he endorses will get my most considered attention.


  • Anonymous says:

    Kill them all – the Trump supporters that is.

  • Rightofway says:

    Trump’s strength is that he does not hate anyone nor does he resort to violence. Trump is smart, controlled and knows how to work together with powerful people to get things done for the American people. Trump can not be controlled by the swamp in Washington and he does not bow down to their level of dirty tactics. Trump’s policies were working well. China Joe has spent his time so far tearing down all Trump’s policies and harming Americans. China Joe and his administration are nothing but liers.

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