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If Not For The Right Islam Would Rule The World



This is a must watch video. Megyn Kelly has a panel of terrorist victims, first responders including the woman who shot the Fort Hood shooter, military, and members of the Muslim community.

The first person interviewed is an obvious leftist apologist.

“After all the wars we fought, after all the Iraqis that died in the name of the United States of America since 1991, all the blood that's been spilt, no doubt heroically, we are still no safer. So maybe we should start to think of ways to deal with this that does not directly involve killing more people or having more wars. Crazy liberal idea I know.”

Megyn lets a veteran respond.

“The problem with that is ISIS sprung up when we stopped… And stopped killing bad guys in the area. So you can go love them and stick your head in the sand, but when they come back and kill your family I'll be there to back you up.”

After that exchange, Megyn asks a very important question, “We shouldn't be giving the impression that because those in this room are willing to say radical Islam is at war with the United States that that is a condemnation of Islam. You know that seems to be a false choice others impose. Why can't you have both ideas in your head? that Islam is a peace-loving religion, but that it can be corrupted to a place where it's political, radical, and dangerous.”

I fear that this is a debate we will be seeing for a long time to come. Lets us know what side of the argument you stand on.

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  • Tom Heinz says:

    The Islamic culture is OUT reproducing the Western Civilization (Christian) culture and they have NO respect for human life—-suicide vests and IED’s. Besides our current resident in charge kisses Islamic asses all over the world as if they could do NOTHING wrong

  • Joe Costa says:

    The main reason there aren’t more attacks on American soil is because of the possibility that the attack will be met with by armed citizens.Why do you think most attacks are targeting places where guns are prohibited. They attack those areas because they know that they can do exactly what they want to do even after the police arrive because the police always wait for backup and usually set a perimeter before they ever think about making entry and ending the situation. If the left has their way and the 2nd Amendment is done away with our country can expect not only more attacks and mass killings but also a major increase in violent crimes. All you have to do to see what happens when governments take firearms from their law abiding citizens is to look at other countries who have done exactly that and see what happened to their crime rates and none of them are hated and targeted by Radical Islamists like the USA is! Criminals will ALWAYS find the weapons they need to commit the crimes they are going to do.

  • David says:

    Islam as practiced by their FALSE prophet Muhammad & ALL Muslims world wide is the religion of satan, & their socalled god allah in reality really is satan. There is only 1 God & that is the God of Isreal Megan Kelly is wrong to call Islam a religion of peace. If you think Im wrong in what I say then go read ALL of what they call their religious literature. Then let the real God help you decide how to precieve Islam!

  • Jose says:

    Because the left is going out of their way to force us all into embracing a state of mind of tolerance toward those who want to submit us, dominate us and exterminate us. Their ideology has always had a goal of absolute global domination. As the left has always failed to dominate permanently thru persuasion or by force, they are using Islam to achieve their goals.

  • Craig B Jackson says:

    The Devil is out there getting his Army ready and all the Christians can see it !!!

  • Islam is very scary. 1.5 billion muslims! That is too many people under the complete submission of Muhammad who died in 632 A.D. at age 61. They are living and thinking the exact same way as they did 1400 years ago. They even dress, eat and beat their many wives the same way! This is a major problem. What are we going to do?

  • Eric Hardin says:

    We have to fight fire with fire! More Americans should be armed and carry to protect and/or prevent fellow Americans from harm or even death!

  • Marianne Ernhart says:

    Nearly half of the billions of Muslims in this world are illiterate and belive what the Imam tells them which is to kill any who refuse to convert to Islam. Many of the Musllims in the middle East and Africa DO comvert to Christianity
    AND they MUST hide or run OR be killed. How many Christians in the US would give their lives for our Savior?

  • Jolene says:

    The right has verbalized the threat of ISIS and laid out a plan to defeat, not just contain, them. Conservatives bypass the PC threat and head straight for the indisputable facts. They hold the feet of head-in-the-sand liberals to the fire. And many on the right “cling” to the Bill of Rights and the true God who loves Americans. Without conservatives, there’d be no one to stop ISIS and, therefore, Islam.

  • Carl says:

    Carl C
    Islam bases its world domination on the submission of all other inhabitants. At on time during the pat 1000 years, id did control most of Europe. Too many Xtians won’t fight for themselves and also aren’t repopulating faster then the muslims can breed. The only things muslim women are good for is breeding more males and cooking, based on the mullahs policy.

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