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The Inevitable End Of Hillary



The Inevitable End Of Hillary, see more at:

The Inevitable End Of Hillary (Image: MGN)

A poll was recently done to see if the voters thought Hillary should still run even if she was indicted, and guess what they said? Half of the people polled believed she should continue her Democratic campaign if she is indicted…. Just process that for a second. Half of the people polled would have no problem with a criminal in the White House. How does that make sense? How do half of the public think that having a President that can’t even stand up and take responsibility for their own actions would be a good idea?

I mean, there is no way that she will win against Trump, but that is beside the point.

To really break it down, the question that was asked was, “If Hillary Clinton is charged with a felony in connection with the e-mail investigation, should she immediately stop campaigning or should she continue running until a court determines her guilt or innocence?” From that question, 71 percent of Democrats said she should wait to see what the courts determine (no surprise there), yet 30 percent of Republicans said the same thing, as well as 46 percent of unaffiliated voters.

The survey asked 1,000 people this question. 

Am I the only one that is a little surprised by the outcome? I mean, we all know that Hillary is guilty, and yet people still think she should continue her campaign after indictment? I just don’t get it.

The public eye of politics has clearly changed because usually the people are the first to uproar and protest the actions of a President, and yet now… She isn’t even the President yet and they still want to give her a pardon and let her continue.

One thing is certain… If Hillary goes against Trump, she is over. Every poll has Trump ahead by a large margin, except for New York and California.

I truly believe that Hillary will be indicted. I hope that the people soon start to realize what kind of a candidate she truly is.


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