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Iraq’s Rambo Is A True ISIS Killer



“Iraq's Rambo” is one tough fighter. Ayyub Faleh al-Rubaie, also known as Abu Azrael or the angel of death, is a true killer of ISIS. He is the leader of a local militia that excels at hunting down the Islamic State where the Iraqi military has failed.

He is funded in part by both the US and Iran and there is some worry that the militias will simply turn into the next Islamic State after they win. However, for now, he and his fighters are one of the biggest hopes for the region that has seen so much barbaric violence at the hands of the Islamic State.

Using social media is quickly becoming common place for these fighters as each side tries to win fame and support from around the world and Abu Azrael is no different. In the video, he says that the always has his firearms and guns at arms reach, as well as at least two brand new smartphones to capture all the fighting.

The concern of fighters like Abu Azrael becoming the next wave of regional terrorists is very real. He claims that he only answers to Iran and the Ayatollah and he would invade Saudi Arabia if that is where they told him to go.

The middle east is caught in a sprawling tug of war between the Shia lead by Iran and the Sunni Backed by Saudi Arabia. As every new group pushes their violence to an extreme new end, they quickly become the new threat to the region and we keep supporting the next wave while cutting ties with the old. I see no good outcome for the middle east in the foreseeable future.

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