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Is it Safe to Travel to Mexico?

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If you are planning a trip to Mexico, for most vacation destinations, the answer is yes. It is safe to travel to Mexico. Mexico is a beautiful country full of hundreds and thousands of years of history. The scenery is unbeatable, and the beaches are pristine. Americans travel to Mexico for destination weddings, honeymoons, spring breaks, and relief from long winter months. Mexico is our neighbor to the South, and it is a beautiful dream place to be.

According to the Mexico Travel Advisory this depends on what part of Mexico to which you are planning to travel. Most areas of Mexico are not in the red no travel zone, but there are five areas that are advised to not travel to because of increased amounts of violent crime.

Do not Travel to:
• Colima state due to crime.
• Guerrero state due to crime.
• Michoacan state due to crime.
• Sinaloa state due to crime.
• Tamaulipas state due to crime and kidnapping.

Traveling to Safer Places in Mexico

1. Use toll roads whenever possible or if staying at a resort. Stay at your resort. Do not go out at night. Emergency services are limited except in major cities.

2. Exercise increased caution when going to casinos, local bars, or nightclubs

3. Do not display signs of wealth, such as wearing fancy watches or jewelry.

4. Enroll in Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive alerts. This will also make it easier to find you should there be an emergency.

5. Review the  Crime and Safety Reports for Mexico.

6. U.S. Citizens should always have a contingency plan when traveling abroad.

On the News

Common sense prevails for Americans when traveling out of the United States. There are people who live in border towns from both Mexico and the United States and those people cross back and forth daily or weekly, and do not give the border much more than a thought. And then there are others who are very fearful of traveling south of Texas or California without being absolutely sure of every single detail.

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News reports of course focus on the extremely negative information, so that is what we hear. If someone is mugged or dies at a resort, it is on every news channel right away and several times each day. On the other hand, when the government of Mexico issues a travel warning, one must heed those warnings and understand the warning or caution has been put in place for a reason.

Statistics of Tourism in Mexico

9.3 trillion visitors come to Mexico annually. This brings in approximately 5 billion dollars in yearly revenue. The Mexican government does not want to lose the revenue from the tourist business. Mexico spends a great portion of its security budget to keep American tourists safe and to follow up when crimes are committed.

Most tourist destinations in Mexico are heavily guarded. When people stray off the beaten path or go into areas late at night by taking transportation that isn’t licensed, this is when problems tend to arise.

There are areas of Mexico where the Mexican cartel is at war with other factions for control of drug production and sales. And this has caused horrible and repeated violence in those areas. Tourists have to be use caution at all times and pay attention to government warnings for those areas.

The areas where tourists flock such as Cancun, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, and other similar resort areas have lower travel alert warnings such as do some countries in Europe that we don’t even give a second thought about traveling to.

Research Before Travel

Before traveling to Mexico, do your own research. See if the area where you are planning to visit, has any travel cautions or warnings. Plan your visit to a well-known resort or hotel with a high rating. Pre-arrange transportation from the airport to the resort. Make sure sight-seeing excursions are with reputable companies or with the resort, and you should have an amazing time. Mexico is a beautiful company. Prepare your travels and enjoy!

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