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Jesus Christ Banned From School…



Sam Blackledge was told just ten minutes before graduation that he would not be permitted to deliver his valedictory address because it was too religious.

“They said they didn’t want to make it a religious ceremony,” Sam said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “They told me that if I took out Christ, I could say everything else.”

Sam, who had been preparing for months to deliver his speech, was devastated.

“I never felt that feeling before,” he said. “It was terrible. I felt like I wanted to cry. I had basically – for months – I knew I wanted to talk about Christ in my graduation speech. For that to be taken away…”

The school district has refused to comment on the matter.

If you want to figure out what is wrong in this country, look no further than above.

This is an outrage. In a world where if you get the wrong pronoun of a snowflake they melt can’t seem to handle views on the opposite end.

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What do you think is this school correct?


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  • Christian says:

    If you cannot tell the difference between “to” and “too” or when to use which, and cannot spell “tolerate” correctly, when spell check will alert you about incorrect spelling, why should I give any credence to your articles? Two glaring errors in the teaser paragraph under the Title. I did not bother to read the rest. Very unprofessional.

  • Robin luich says:

    Then they wonder why freaks shoot up schools.Don’t ban Jesus from schools then ask where was God! We have freedom of religion and the free speech to speak of God Jehova and our savior Jesus..Only demons rebuke God.

  • Robin luich says:

    Christian,You’re a real loser!

  • Dianna says:

    God bless this young man! I would sue the school for taking away a freedom Americans hold close to our hearts – freedom of speech & freedom of religion! young man should have given speech as he’d written it! I’m sure he knew it by heart! I say thanking you JESUS when I’m pushing my cart at WalMart if I get the urge or any place & any time the Holy Spirit moves me! Thank you JESUS! wake up Christians we’ve got to put JESUS back in our schools! America’s children need JESUS!

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