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Jill Stein Is A Joke And This Recount Is A Waste Of Time




  • “The Commission is preparing to move forward with a statewide recount of votes for President of the United States”
  • Stein, who earned little more than 1 percent of the national vote, formally requested a Wisconsin recount Friday afternoon, vowing to do the same in the coming days in Michigan and Pennsylvania.
  • Wisconsin GOP Executive Director Mark Morgan issued a statement calling the recount request “absurd and nothing more than an expensive political stunt that undermines Wisconsin’s election process.”

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein officially filed a request to election officials Friday to conduct a recount in the battleground state of Wisconsin.

State Elections Commission Administrator Mike Haas said Stein filed the request around mid-afternoon Friday, about an hour and a half ahead of a 5 p.m. CST deadline.

“The Commission is preparing to move forward with a statewide recount of votes for President of the United States,” Haas said in a press release. “We have assembled an internal team to direct the recount, we have been in close consultation with our county clerk partners, and have arranged for legal representation by the Wisconsin Department of Justice.”

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Stein, who earned little more than 1 percent of the national vote, formally requested a Wisconsin recount Friday afternoon, vowing to do the same in the coming days in Michigan and Pennsylvania. There is no evidence of election tampering in the states where Trump scored razor-thin victories, but Green Party spokesman George Martin insisted “the American public needs to have it investigated to make sure our votes count.”

Wisconsin GOP Executive Director Mark Morgan issued a statement calling the recount request “absurd and nothing more than an expensive political stunt that undermines Wisconsin’s election process.” Republican Sen. Devin LeMahieu, who chairs the Senate elections committee, said he would re-examine state law next year to ensure “a candidate who received 1 percent of the vote cannot hold the results of an election hostage.”

Martin said Republicans’ response was expected and stressed that the recount was about determining whether the system was secure, not who won or lost the fight for Wisconsin’s 10 electoral college votes. During a news conference in Milwaukee, Martin said Stein’s campaign would also ask for a “reconciliation” of voting records that would go beyond an audit, but he didn’t provide details.

Stein’s campaign has been raising money online to cover the costs of recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. She says she wants to make sure hackers didn’t skew the results in those swing states. The campaign had raised about $5.2 million as of Friday afternoon.

Late Tuesday, Stein issued a press release calling on supporters to raise $2.5 million to fund a recount effort in three states that Donald Trump won – Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Wisconsin law calls for the state to perform a recount at a candidate’s request as long as he or she can pay for it. The state has never performed a presidential recount. Election officials estimate the effort will cost up to $1 million.

The state is working under a federal deadline of December 13 to complete the recount.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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  • Carlton says:

    Way? A waste of money!

  • Henrietta says:

    Somebody is paying for her to do this. Whether it is the Clintons or Soros or the DNC why elsee

  • Greg River says:

    It is hard to comprehend the real reason for this or even who is behind it. It does, however, not remotely serve the purpose stated by Jill Stein. She should be stopped from doing this. If Hillary Clinton demands a recount, that is different. She lost a close race in Wisconsin (and Michigan). But she should be required to step forward and say that she (Clinton) does not accept the results.

  • john says:

    democrates are behind it trying to steal an election they lost and want to steal

  • Irving says:

    The closeness of the vote in Wisconsin requires a recount to assure the voters of that State that their election result was both valid and reliable without which there would be no democracy.

  • Mike says:

    Michigan has already done a recount PA and Wisconsin have thousands of votes more for President Trump. The whole thing is a typical Clinton Scam

  • Vanda says:

    Because it’s obvious they are afraid of loosing their privileges and to not be capable, in the near future, to cheat the American people as much as they have done in the past . So … trying any way they can to stop Trump .

  • kathy says:

    It’s over…already been decided…what is she doing with all those millions???

  • Charlie Lee says:

    A waste of taxpayers money

  • Rita Hostutler says:

    She had 1percent of the vote. This her way of getting attention, she got no attention while running. She is an idiot.

  • norbert says:

    She stands to gain nothing in a recount and therefore she really has no standing other than to validate her party has nothing to gain by the outcome.

  • Barbara Price says:

    Feed the homeless with the millions she is raising.

  • Terry Wylie says:

    Trying to bully for results. The original vote in several states, showed that the machines were rolling votes over to Clinton after voting for Trump. Not going to change unless they are buying the “vote”!

  • Wayne says:

    More BS spending money that we dont have.

  • Jeremy says:

    The numbers aren’t very close, so its kind of a joke.

  • Joe Schubert says:

    She’s just a bitter woman trying to stay in the spotlight and keep our nation at an impass. Jill Stein…cease and desist and
    go back from whence you came.

  • Jammie Stanley says:

    Trump won far Clinton lost get over it

  • Mark grewal says:

    Not enough votes for her to get a recount and it’s not good use of time or money. The country needs to move on and accept the results and the importance of our constitution and electoral system

  • mary pariseau says:

    stop wasting your time and money. Trump won. Get over it and give that money to our homeless.

  • Edward Shick says:

    has she got that kind of money or is George Soros kicking in ,It is time tobe a United Nation and get behind Donald Trump , A man must love America to be willing tor America For a Dollar a year ! He has some great plans !

  • Name says:

    Someone is going to be dissatisfied with every count. It can go on ad finitum!

    There will be errors inevery count. No two accounts will agree. Keep counting and getting new results!

  • J. Brothers says:

    Get over it Jill.

  • Tim horn says:

    What does she have at stake in this recount moving forward? Did she want Hillary to win? Was Hillary gonna give her a job in her cabinet? If she wanted her to win, maybe she shouldn’t have run. The 9 people who voted for her could have voted for someone else who had no chance of winning. There has got to be more going on behind the scene than we know about. Conspiracy ???

  • Richard Neal says:

    Sore losers

  • Brad Bakalyar says:

    I think Jill needs to shove it up her ass fucking cunt sore loser

  • Lucinda Boeck says:

    Trump was chosen waste of taxpayers money.which could be used much wiser .

  • Tammy says:

    I have never seen such Whitney babies and bad sports! We had to put up with ovomit for 8 years and didn’t act like this! Embarrassing and pathetic! Makes demogrunts look even worse! If she isn’t doing it for Hillary, why not check out the voting process the next 4 year in all states!

  • Eleanor says:

    A waste of time & money, why didn’t they do a recount when Obama ran for office??? For all the crooked, cheating, lying, Hillary did & for what they did to OUR country, we don’t need her or Obama to have anything to do with the USA!!!

  • Anthony W Kitchen says:

    Hillary conceded. Done deal!

  • Johnny Skelton says:

    Didn’t she join Clinton in saying that someone running should accept the results. To demand a recount is hypocrisy on her part and everyone else who said it. Besides, someone who only got around 1 percent of the vote wanting a recount is a joke.

  • Mark says:

    Trump won the election Get over it

  • peggy williams says:

    Because this is an attempt to steal the election. Hilliary said Trump was shameful for not agreeing to accept the results. She and Stein need to accept that they lost!!!!

  • James Stinson says:

    This bitch was never in the running to win, therefore she should not be able to call for a recount. Only Hillary’s people should be allowed

  • Joyce Boatwright says:

    T h is is a joke! Hilarious that hillary has already conceded, and now this person jumps up and yells for recount. Let’s recount every vite, every state, including the military vote ylrhat never ends up being counted. All those dead voters fir hillary, all the multiple voters who voted several times, and many bravely stated they voted online, at their poll etc. LET’S DO It RIGHT If IT’S GOING TO Be recounted…LET’S PROVE JUST How MUCH TRUMP WON by!! It would be a blowout majority for Trump /Pence!
    Also this green party, paid for by soros. ..needs to pay all expenses incurred in 100% recount! !! And just like bush/gore in 2000…. reps from both parties need to be everywhere a vote is recounted when they are recounted! !
    Peace out America! TRUMP/PENCE 2016!!! No errors in that call for president! !

  • JOHN WATSON says:

    This is nothing more than a plot to steal the election from Trump and restore the NWOs plot to destroy America. The first step to a one world government cannot occur unless America is dismantled.

  • Ann Smith says:

    Because it will be the same as TRUMP ha other forces behind him and Hillary will never see the white house.

  • Donald Wintz says:

    Right!! This is a joke!!!

  • Name says:

    The election was held and the numbers were tallied, Donald Trump won, let it go.

  • Anne Adamiak says:

    There is no hanging chad to confuse voters. Where will all this wasted money come from – her supporters contributions? That’s the fraud –

  • Daryn Sopinski says:

    It’s a joke.

  • Clifford Robinson says:

    The election is over. She shows her ignorance, and does a discredit to a democratic election we have just completed. The money behind her is the Clinton’s. It’s a disruption, but will be in vain but continues to prove the evil intents of the Democratics and the Clintons.

  • sidney Pye says:

    Trump wins out right with out cheating and lying

  • sidney Pye says:

    Trump wins out right with out cheating and lying

  • Alan Breese says:

    Jill Stein is in the pockets of the Clinton’s and other Democratic leadership. She garnered less than 1% of the vote, so obviously it is not about her chances of getting elected. Dows the fact that George Sorros is behind the push and funding reasonate with anyone? How can he be allowed to sway things with his money? Is anyone investigating him? And.why isn’t Hillary Clinton being indicted?

  • Clyde says:

    Trump is the true and clear winner. If you are going to make a recounting that is worth while than you will have to make sure each and every vote is a legal and true vote.

  • joseph march says:

    get over it Jill no matter what happens you were never in the running – you are just stealing money from haters like yourself — its over let it go and grow up — all this green shit you talk about — how many trees are you killing to get this shirt out there — bigot !!

  • Dean says:

    If the bleeding heart liberal press had any way of discounting the election results, it would have already taken place. Me. Stein has her sights set on something else and needs to do something to keep her name out in the public eye. I look for her call to be wrong but her liberal press will still keep her in the good light.

  • B Wilson says:

    Because she has no chance of winning and has become a puppet of the Clinton campaign I guess. Why else would she be willing to spend others money.. unless it is just a revenge game!!!


    At least the folks with working brains aren’t being ripped off. They aren’t sending her money. Only the weak minded Dimrats are contributing to this fraud.

  • Arven D Hansen says:

    Because once the election has been decided it is over which has been since Election Night. Donald Trump is what Americans wanted. Thanks Trump for your dedication to all Americans.

  • michael says:

    I think Hilary paid her off and paid for the recount. it is a waist off time

  • Dale Crockett says:

    They are trying to find a way to insert more illegal votes for Hillary

  • Art Bermingham says:

    When this useless exercise is over, I promise you that Hillary and her band of criminals will turnout to be the driving force behind this unknown person.

  • Alan Curreli says:

    She is just trying to make a name for herself by doing the work for Hillary and she knows there is a snowball chance in hell of it working. .Every state has made sure to count everything wright due to all of the figure pointing.

  • Tom says:

    The Clinton’s are behind this. They’re trying to steal the election.

  • Chris says:

    The election has already been won. Obviously a Hillary paid associate seeing Hillary couldn’t ask for recount since that would be immoral after conceding the election. It’s all a money flooded ploy.

  • Judy newman says:

    Look at the numbers, PERIOD. The numbers don’t lie. Largest win in many areas since the 80’s.

  • k says:

    Why would anyone believe a recount done by desperate Dems? When you take out the 3 million illegals that voted they didn’t even win the popular vote.

    • Philippe Boeing says:

      I you look at the 4 million votes gleaned by Libertarian, Gary Johnson and understand that Libertarians always vote wth the GOP you have at least 4 million votes on top of those cast for Trump that voted AGAINST Obama and Hillary

  • Debra Johnson says:

    Jill Stein you need to grow up and quit acting like a 2 year old!!! It amazes me how you forked tongue lying liberal atheists do not have common sense!!! You think you are better than the middle class people,the children of God,honest working class people!!! I have been in media for years and I researched Hillary Clinton and that Muslim Obama for years! Hillary Clinton is an infidel,lying,ungrateful,murder of American people, and a baby killer!!!!! Obama was brought out of nowhere,in Senate 188 days and was illegally put in the White House which he has made a mockery of!!! His legacy will be the worst person that was put in the White House!!!! We are sick and tired of you liberal athiest with your hatred demeanor!!! Jill Stein you are fired!!!! Amen

  • Len says:

    A recount might be warranted if the count was extremely close, but Trump won by over 20,000 votes. This is liberal sour grapes, by a party that preaches unity…

  • Ray says:

    a recount ordered by a candidate that only captured 1 % of the vote in that state is a joke at face value and absurd on many other levels.

  • Anthony says:

    Jill Stein is just acting as a pawn for the Clinton machine. Thats the only reason she ran too. Her only reason to run was to pull votes from Trump and now that he won she is trying to help steal the election for Hillary. If the Clinton’s are going to have oversite of the recount then Trump should have people there too, just to make sure boxes of uncounted ballots all for Hillary don’t just suddenly get “discovered.”

  • Jenny says:

    It wasting the time

  • Sally Duncan says:

    It appears it is all about her.

  • stewart hanson says:

    Where did she get the money to do this? Who would contribute to something as foolish as this? She received 1% of the vote. There is a hidden agenda here!!!

  • Duane Meadows says:

    The election is OVER! Mr.Trump won and for this to go on is outrages, Jill Stein is a no body and a wanna be….won’t happen! Hillery will do anything to undermine this election along with the cry-baby Dems that did not get it there way. Grow up for god sake you socialist A$#Holes!

  • Chris J. says:

    Trump has won. A charity to re-poll any state let alone 3, will result in a lot of democrat, Hillary followers losing money. It’s a shame… Wait, no it isn’t. Like I said Trump has won. No recount given the statistical margin will change that. It will just dump more money into the bank of who is paying Stein to do this. “Enter” The Clinton Foundation. Hillary is funding this no questions “need to be asked.” All this is doing is robbing the brainwashed people of America into “Thinking there’s a chance to change it”. There is in fact no chance of changing it. Anyone who donated to the pool of 2. Whatever million dollars…? You just lost your cash to the non-president. President elect Trump, will still be our countries leader 20Jan2017.

  • rodney says:


  • Tommy Jones says:

    This is a total sham and I think she’s going to do something illegal as typical with the democrates here we’ve seen so much of

  • John T Harrison says:

    We voted and the electoral college of each state, our government is making a mockery of itself. The voice of the United States Of American citizens has spoken.

  • D.B.Chamberlain says:

    We are the “United States” of America. Without the element of the electorate college the smaller states of the original 13 colonies would not have ever coalesced, because the larger states would reign in all election outcomes.

    Senator Barbara Boxer’s proposal is ‘sour grapes’ liberal whining; even her own party does not take this seriously. Her alternative of majority popular votes would open the floodgates of massive voter fraud by the illegal purchasing of questionable and nefarious voter registrations.

    Besides a Washington Post article says that this electoral college challenge, which calls for a constitutional amendment, has been previously attempted over 700 times.

    Call Sen. Barbara Boxer @ 202.224.3553 and order a case of sour grapes, because she has an abundance of them.

  • Teri says:

    The only thing a recount will uncover are the thousands of illegal votes for Hillary. Trump rules and will be inaugurated on January 20th!

  • Peggy Brandon says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. This only serves to divide the country even more, if that is at all possible. People want to move on at this point.

  • Roger says:

    What purpose would it serve Stein. She is so far out of contention. It would only serve Hillary. I the state suspects fraud and the vote is close then they can proceed with the expensive recount. So far the only fraud has been on the Democratic side. This will only open the door for more corruption. The American people see right thru this ploy. If they proceed with this recount the Trump side should demand all the non citizen vote, dead persons vote and duplicate votes be thrown out. How did Stein come up with $4 million in a few days? Evidently she can be bought too.

  • dorel says:

    this money can be used for helping needy people

  • mike says:

    trump won fair and square!
    people need to get use to it and quit crying like babies, throwing tantrums and reits in public!

  • kenneth kopczynski says:

    The decision was already made by the people just gonna show hillarys illegal votes waste of money

  • kenneth kopczynski says:

    The decision was already made by the people just gonna show hillarys illegal votes waste of money

  • David says:

    Because shes a sore losing crybaby fucking cunt

  • Brett Barto says:

    I find it rather puzzling that the group of people that want to except change as long as they can shove their wants down everyone else’s throat.. We just put up with 8 years of Obama and didn’t burn, attack, loot or carry on like a bunch of people that really think their opinion is the only one that counts. They should take the money they want to use for the recount and maybe spend it on a refresher course on our Consitution.
    Grow Up.
    Brett Barto

  • woofman says:

    let me tell u something u may not knowvobama has sighed am exective order that will takeaway all your pain medication on january 1st next year said that too many was getting addictided to it if that happened there will be war on the streets and herion will be sold in all neighborhoods do u want clinton now that is what is coming all u blacks your pain medicine is going to be gone also

  • Derek Taylor says:

    The election has already been decided. A recount only serves to satisfy the liberals sore loser mentality. Grow up Jill. You and your liberal party lost even with all the cheating and dishonesty the liberals perpetuated.

  • David says:

    Jill Stein is a person, “not a joke”. The electoral rules have been followed, America’s people have decided lawfully for president elect Donald J. Trump, done.

  • Bob says:

    DUMB, it’politics

  • wilfred says:

    is this some kind of JOKE when in history that this stupid idea was used in America she should shut up her mouth and accept the result from the election and support our new president TRUMP

  • Drexel matthews says:

    Stein has to low of percentage to have any chance of winning. So she has altering motives and is delaying final results.

  • Billy Allen says:

    I think that they will try to stack the vote with illegal immigrant votes and people who voted multiple times and forged mail in ballots they will do anything to steal the election…..

  • Roy says:

    Democrates are the sorest losers. Democrats have been caught on voter fraud in many states for instance same person is registred to vote in 5 different states. Thay also been caught that dead people have voted democrat, and lastly vote early vote often is the democratic way. If hilary wins by her corrupt ways this country is over and Im glad Im not in the military any more.

  • Dottie Margulies says:

    and a big waste of a lot of money: where did
    she get that much money so fast anyway?

  • Dottie Margulies says:

    and a big waste of a lot of money: where did
    she get that much money so fast anyway?

  • Sheri Gladden says:

    The election is over!!! Pick up and go on with yourself!!!

  • sheree says:

    No one protested when the Democrats used the “illegel ” vote at around 4 million..or when Democrats used the “dead” vote at around 3 million..Also the Democratic “rigged voting practices” which we learned of from project Veritas..and George Soros Smartmatic voting machines..that automatically flipped the choice to Clinton..when you had chosen Trump..Everyone proclaimed that the voting wasnt rigged..but now after all this cheating ..we realize that Trump won! Now its not ok..We must investigate! Sore losers!

  • MLC says:


  • Leon says:

    Stein is wasting time and money. Even if Hillary would win Wisconsin she still would not have enough electoral votes to make her president

  • Lorraine says:

    The recount margin was passed and Trump won. Stein is not in the top two. What gives her the right to call for a recount? Her fund raising should be investigated and the fact that Soros is involved smells of corruption personified.

  • John P. Falchi says:

    It’s no joke when Trump has won by razor thin margins in WN, PA, & MI, and Hillary has won more than 2 Million more popular votes than him throughout the country. The Republicans have managed to keep many potential Democratic voters from voting in many different ways, including caging many registered voters off the voting rolls, phoy voter identification requirements, and making it difficult for many voters to actually vote. and they have Secretaries of State in each of these states controlling the very hackable electronic voting machines. Why are the Republicans fearful of what a recount will show? Let these legally appropriate recounts proceed!

  • Robert says:

    Trump won. Move on because you are causing a lot of waste, hardship, and more division in this country. Get your face out of Hillarys rear. You sold out to her because you got STOMPED Stein!!!

  • Jobert Ronson says:

    To what purpose? Is she a Hillary shill? Must be, she was able to raise $5 million $$ in just a short time. Her number of votes didn’t even cause a blip on the radar of the election, so why now?

  • Charles Tubbs says:

    A clear case of collusion; Stein is a Clinton pansy trying to steal the presidency for Hillary.
    Wonder how much Stein is being paid to do this?

  • Jamie Fortier says:

    This woman only had a very small percentage of the vote with no hope to win an election and wasn’t even on all the states ballots anyway. This is a ploy to put more money in her pocket for whatever reason or she is possibly conspiring with the Clinton campaign to subvert the election process. Either way, this is a bogus attempt to halt a legitimate election and this is a waste of time and money. I am seriously disgusted.

  • Edward Irvin says:

    I thought you were a woman Jill. You must have a thing for Killary. As well you are un-American. Drop Dead Jill!

  • John Kolodziejski says:

    This election was won and conceded. This move, and all those riots, is a travesty against the American election system. Jill Stein should crawl back under her rock where she belongs.

  • Rob says:

    They just can’t understand how they could have lost after all the cheating they did!

  • Susan says:

    This is a waste of money for something that is not going to change anything. Jill is a stupid woman just looking for attention. Also the Hillary Campaign is obvious a silent partner in this. She knocked Trump about his refusal to accept the outcome of the election. . Well as we all know already she is a liar. So why is anyone surprised about this foolishness?

  • Tamra says:

    It’s a waste of tI’m and money and is undermining the steps we’ve taken to heal and try to come together as a nation. They are acting like petty, sore losers…they lost by a slim margin at one time…did the other side s ream, cry, riot, destroy property? I think not.

  • Cliff says:

    Anyone that “contributes” to this farce is just pulling at straws and giving money to a SCAM ARTIST.
    I would suspect SOROS, OSCUMBAG and HITLERY are ALSO behind this SCAM.

  • Charles Robert Harden says:

    She has absolutely no way to win anything. The biggest problem with politics is the blatant disregard of waste of taxpayer money. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact of her trying to win anything but just wanting to show her protest because Donald J Trump won the election. It is time for the country to try to come together and work together and not against each other. Donald Trump has proven he is more than willing to work with whoever will work with him, we need to drop, this wasteful spending and get back to making America great.

  • Thomas says:


  • Ramón Magráns says:

    This will put to rest any questions about the legitimacy of the election and allow the nation to go on.

  • Name says:

    ITS OVER !!

  • leo says:

    petty spoiled rotten idiots simply can nit admit defeat want a nazi party princess to take over for a black nazi with 1 and only 1 goal to completely destroy the constitution and make the united soviet america a more communist country she has no intention what so ever to do the 1 and only 1 job the president actually has to up hold and defend the constitution but just like the black nazi the nazi party princess really hates freedom of the people and simply wants complete and total control so she can force her bent twisted insane morals and values on everybody else

  • James Foster says:

    She is wasting time and money to n a recount that will change nothing.

  • Name says:

    Makes no difference. Complete waste of time.

  • Tiv says:

    She has found a way to keep her friends employed now that the election is over, at a high cost that the taxpayers will have to carry.

  • Bruce says:

    Total waste and only meant to undermine election. Need to get an injunction to stop this foolishness

  • Bruce says:

    Total waste and only meant to undermine election. Need to get an injunction to stop this foolishness

  • John Paul says:

    Recount is just another way to change the election favor to hep the crybaby bitch!

  • Robert Bayne says:

    Any election fraud is from democrats.
    Any recount should include making sure that all votes were cast by registered voters that are still alive.

  • Lois Aukofer says:

    The left can not except defeat at any level…I’m so very thankful for President Elect Trump and the transition team…God showed up and took over this election. Thanking God for you!!!

  • James Cathey says:

    Jill Stein cannot gain anything from wasting time. She should devote her energy to solidifying the current results and support Trump so we can recover from Obama and the near horror of having another Clinton in office.

  • Jay Rezendes says:

    She only got 1% of the vote! Is she calling for a recount in states where Hillary won by a thin margin? Furthermore, Michigan does not have electronic voting, it’s all paper ballots so what “hacking” are they referring to? Also in states where there are electronic voting machines, they are not connected to the web, they are not online, so how can they be hacked? Bev Harris has already confirmed that the Democrats “stole” the election in five states by rigging the electronic voting machines. They have also allowed illegals to vote and dead people have voted, look into those matters!!!

  • mike cummings says:

    she is a communist…what else should you expect ?

  • Barbara says:

    It is a total waste of time and money. Talk about sore losers. If it had been the other way around nothing would have been said. I still don’t get why everyone doesn’t have to show valid ID. We have to show it for everything else that we do. This would definitely cut down on voter fraud.

  • Boyd Roberson says:

    A recount will assure all of us that our election process is either working correctly, or has been adjusted to get the desired outcome of whoever has tampered with our system of democracy. Either way this recount is needed.

  • Dr. Judy Ahring says:

    They base their recount on exit polls–RIDICULOUS! With the country as nasty as it is to people who disagree with them, NO ONE would give an honest opinion in an exit poll.

  • PAUL TALTON says:


  • Joseph Carpanzano says:

    Just more proof hillary has paid of Stein and was convinced she had cheated enough to win.

  • Charlie says:

    She is most likely a supporter of the bender of truth Billery Clinton.

  • thomas richard says:

    there wasnt a problem in 2008 when the democratic phase was ” vote early and often”
    Americans have spoken

  • Joseph says:

    Sour grapes

  • Della says:

    Because there is no evidence of hacking the only fraud that has gone on is from dems she is doing this for clinton and they will try to add more votes for her

  • claude tapp says:

    WTF who is she???

  • Greg Lowell says:

    a desperate and unconscionable waste of time.
    but worse, a desperate attempt by a joke of a “so called candidate” , working in stated cahoots with a losing criminal candidate to upset the peoples mandate. these leftist loonies and anti Americans refuse to accept the will of the righteous people of America.

    I just pray that Obama (and it would be no surprise) does not intend to violate the Constitution and try to overthrow the legitimate new government. Then you WILL. see a most unpleasant bloody revolution

  • Micheal says:

    AND, a big waste of money! Maybe she’s a fantasy lover of killery klinton.

  • Melinda says:

    She needs to get over it!! She is the problem with these sore losing tantrum throwing liberals!! Trump won!! And people like her is why he won!!

  • Judy West says:

    TOTAL WASTE OF TIME just more of the games Hilliary played before election. Even lets say one state is incorrect Trump won by so many electoral votes she still will not have enough to be president JUST A BIG WASTE OF TIME, a disturbance in the change over from presidents is all she is trying to accomplish and STEIN his just as bad as Hilliary.

  • Adrian says:

    It’s pure bull! The people have spoken. Let it go

  • William Morgeson says:

    If you reverse Hillary and Donald each having the other’s results would Jill still want a recount? People like Jill prove that a
    hypocrite bridges the wall between church and state. 4 years of recounts may get her the results she wants. Donald accepted the results like they wanted him to. Both sides try to cheat and the democrats are usually better at it. I believe they still are.

  • Ron says:

    There is no actual basis for a recount. No hacks and no evidence of malfeasance. Horrible waste of time and money

  • Kenneth says:

    The election is over. Why is it when a Republican wins the left always whines.

  • Rick says:

    I believe this whole recount is nothing more than a George Soros directed ploy to cause trouble with President elect Donald Trump. George Soros should be convicted of treason for his crimes against our free elections. He is nothing more than a globalist who’s focus is on open borders, or rather, n borders.

  • Art Dixon says:

    She needs to go off into a corner, and play with herselfe!

  • Brian Wilson says:

    After this much time now that the election is over, anyone could have tampered with the information. The results could turn out anyway they want it now. Not as it originally was when counted during the election. All they’re trying to do is upset people even more! Keep the riots going! The discord of disbelief, I couldn’t believe Barry Obama won anything but they claim he did. Leave it alone!

  • Melanie says:

    Yes it is such a waste of time!! Go find something better to do with your time like save some endangered animals, or help the Vets, something wise with that kinda money!

  • Andy says:

    It is not going to change anything this is just for show to stir up people’s emotions.

  • alex says:

    paid for by Soros,and Clinton foundation.waste of time and money.

  • Sherri Burnett says:

    Her and Hillary Clinton are friends and doing this just because they want to hold things up because they are up to something and very sore losers! These posse crouds are being paid to hold these riots and I believe that the people who are going to be doing a recount, could very easily be bought to change the outcome. And crooked Hillary said on stage in front of everyone that the results should be and would be excepted. Once again Hillary lied straight to the American people’s faces without blinking an eye!

  • Ed says:

    Jill Stein is a joke because she is simply another bought politician owned by the liberal elite and hillary to do their very bidding.

  • Glynnice Self says:

    The democrats have long included dead people and illegal aliens voting for them. Ms. Stein will not be trying to kick those votes out, so she is not actually trying to insure HONEST Election Results. She’s just another Soros shill like Hillary, Obama, the BLM protestors, and the paid protestors that
    have been rioting,looting, etc. against Trump honestly winning the election.

  • Dane Poe says:

    Liberal attempt to change the election. Democrats are trash.

  • Dan Ferber says:

    Shes not even in the running and should not be allowed to ask for a recount.

  • David Crawford says:

    Jill Stein a third party Presidental Canidate got the least of the counts . the recount will not help her nor even Hillary to win the Election. It is a waste of time and money. Jill and Hillary need to accept the results.

  • Mark Beck says:

    With 1% of the vote how can she ask for recount. Just a way to undermine the next president.

  • Colleen says:

    What is in this for Jill Stein? The only way Hillary could have possibly win the popular vote is by the rigged vote….Illegal Alien vote, dead people vote, the democrats that vote 3 and 4 times, stuffing paper ballot boxes with fake ballots then switching the fake for the real ballots, the electronic machines that would switch Trump votes to Hillary, then the machines that would show you had voted to Trump, but register for Hillary…you would think you had cast your ballot for Trump, but it would register for Hillary.
    For Jill Stein to use Hillary’s lawyers….that should be conflict of interest…these lawyers are here to help put Hillary into the
    Whitehouse….Hillary is the most corrupt person to have ever run for office, she should be sitting behind bars…her hands are dripping with blood. Hillary can hardly wait to do a nuclear strike on Russia…the very thought of her in the Whitehouse makes me absolutely ill…she’s not only a threat to the US she is a threat to the whole world. I really thought Jill Stein was a decent person…she has proven that she is on the same page as Hillary, just a disgrace to the whole election process. Hillary has this idea, feeling that the Whitehouse belongs to her, she will stop at nothing to place herself in the Whitehouse. I have news for Hillary….give up, go home Hillary, we’ve had enough of the Clintons, she is a criminal that always walks free…anyone else that had done the things Hillary has done would be sitting behind bars….my wish is to see her back end walking off into the Sunset…I hope the day is quickly approaching that Hillary will soon pay for her crimes…she is a very nasty, evil woman…she does not belong in the Whitehouse. Some one told me she was going to try to get Trump declared insane…What I say to Hillary, she is the one who is insane. Trump / Pence will make the best team ever…Trump has told is it his cabinet that they are there to serve the people…I also received an email that said Lets make America Great again, it looks like it is working…business are getting ready to come back to the USA…why would any one in their right mind want Hillary in the Whitehouse? Another thing Hillary and the DNC keep saying the election was hacked by Russia…Russia DID NOT hack this election…that is another one of Hillary’s lies…Hillary doesn’t know how to tell the truth…I repeat again Russia did NOT hack the election. George Soros put out $25 million dollars to put his queen Hillary in the Whitehouse…if Hillary ends up in the Whitehouse George Soros will have bought the USA for $25 million dollars. Anyone thinking they voted for Hillary, they did not. They voted for George Soros. I am wondering how long it would take Hillary to make the US treasury her piggy Bank?

  • Mike Cardoza says:

    Because the evil witch lost!!!!!…..SIMPLE!!!

  • Glenda says:

    The race was won squarely by trump and stien is a poor loser or she has been threatened by death tovdo this by Hillary or she is an idiot!!! If anyone cheated it was the dems with millions of illegal votes and other crap they pulled !!

  • Kenneth W. Long says:

    It is a waist of time,and money because it isn’t going to change anything.To quote Obama”We won get over it”.

  • Jill Gordon says:

    What a bunch of sore losers! Jill Stein is a joke and an embarrassment, but make no mistake Hillary Clinton is behind the recount!

  • David Hibshman says:

    What a disgrace this is for a 1% candidate to contest…follow the money trail…suspect dem operatives are behind this…did Hillary lie AGAIN ranting about Donald not honoring election results…IRONIC isn’t it!

  • Kim Parry says:

    She has no solid evidence that any fraud took place. Jill Stein says she speaks for all the American voters with no authorization from all voters to do this. I never told her, like many others, that she could speak for me. Why is Jill Stein not asking for a recount in California or New York, which is a more likely place for fraud to occur. It’s because Clinton won that state, and it’s possible that thousands of illegal aliens voted there. She clearly has her own agenda, which benefits herself and Hillary Clinton, so she should not insult the public’s intelligence by telling us that this has nothing to do with helping her BFF Hillary Clinton! Really, Jill Stein needs to STOP! She is a burden to the American People by stealing their hard earned tax dollars and creating chaos. No better than a STREET THUG!

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