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Joe Biden Has Zero Integrity



In the above interview with Joe Biden, you see him doing two things. He slams Trump on his word choices and praises Hillary Clinton as an overqualified candidate for the Presidency.

Let that set in for a minute… Biden talks about how much words matter, how important the words we say are. Then, he goes on to say that Hillary Clinton is more than qualified to be president. So Joe, Do Hillary's words not matter?

What about Hillary's words on Benghazi or her jeopardizing national security through her private server? “What difference does it make?” Those were Hillary's words. Are we to believe that they don't matter, but Trumps do?

I will not defend Trump's words, but I would ask that Joe Biden thinks a little more critically of his own party's shortcomings before making such sweeping statements.

Joe Biden also gets cornered by the interviewer when she asked him if he would like to see a woman president. Not a very confusing question considering we only have one woman running. Biden's aid tries to interrupt, “That's enough.” you hear him say off camera.

“I would like to see a woman elected… No no no that's alright. I would like to see a woman elected president.” Biden presses on with his clear statement of endorsement for Hillary.

Joe does say that neither he nor Obama will endorse either candidate. Yet, both of them have gone to the press to back Hillary just this week.

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  • Eva says:

    pot calling kettle black…..biden??? I voted for obama because I thought he would be a good vp…I was so wrong on both accounts. Will never be a democrate again. I’m 69, always a democrate but no more. Beginning to think the Republicans are the same as democrates…want another party…one that is NOT crooked!

  • Dennis says:

    He is two faced and will say anything to get in the news.

  • William Anderson says:

    Hillary is NOT qualified to be president because of her dishonesty & corruption. She weakened national security with her private email server, left 4 Americans to die in Benghazi, was a disastrous Sec. of State. The world is a mess because of her & Obama. Russian jets are doing flybys in international water with no regard for how we will respond.

  • Frank Corby says:

    Joe Biden is a liar and can’t be trusted with anything he says. Joe is also a womanizer and has no right to criticize Donald Trump. Hillary being over qualified is a ridiculous statement. Joe is the typical career politician.

  • Jonathan Swift says:

    Joe.. go get that shotgun and end your pathetic life..

  • betty mcginnis says:

    he has mooched off the tax payers his whole life, and still has only a net worth of 500k if he couldn’t manage his own money i can see why we are 19 trillion in debt. hillary, what a waste can’t say one thing she would be good for, only sucking up to to every one to get a vote, one crooked bitch, joe could of learned some things from her, broke 20 years ago now worth over 120 million, go figure

  • j.engel says:

    words matter,deeds matter more Bill clinton has forced himself sexually on many women Are they lying? Hillary says so and led the team to destroy them. So much for integrity and honesty.. no comparison

  • He twists or distorts every thing he says, and takes advantage of all flexible loopholes available

  • Arthur Marinelli says:

    He makes a person think of a small child, he does whatever he is told to do. He is never really aware of just how the majority of the people in this country feel about the problems in Washington. Nor does he really care.

  • Roy A Koch says:

    He’s a Lying Assed Commie Democrat!

  • DUKE says:

    Joe Biden is a ZERO in every respect!!!

  • Cosme Colon says:

    He is a puppet of the Muslim president and their Democrats.

  • David Rice says:

    Who is this guy to say anything about integrity?

  • I like everybody quoted here. The problem is, nobody understands that the U.S. was born in debt. Unless John and Jeanette Q. Public insist on painful steps to start paying DOWN the debt, there’s a real problem we could “die broke”, as Jefferson did.
    Joe Biden has no good reason to rock the boat; but in a serious meltdown, I doubt he’d be happy long in the “undisclosed location” he’s no doubt been promised.
    It’s time to quit blaming the politicians and start blaming ourselves!
    Thanks and Best to All.

  • Neil says:

    He doesn’t seem to have his own thoughts and parrots other politicians.

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