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John Kasich Is A Delusional Puppet



John Kasich just might be more delusional than Bernie Sanders.

This video comes from a town hall meeting of Kasich surrounded by, what has to be, his only supporters.

Sean Hannity says “Look, the only way you can get this nomination is through a brokered convention. That bothers some people, some of you opponents. I want to give you a chance to explain how you get the nomination.”

John Kasich's response is to ignore the question and compare himself to Lincoln. John Kasich thinks of himself as Abraham Lincoln, let that level of delusion sink in a bit.

He then makes the repeated and tired statement of “I'm the only one who can beat Hillary.”

When asked about running alongside Trump or Cruz, Kasich says “I'm not teaming up with anyone.” This draws a big applause from his few supporters.

Hannity then asked if he can ask Kasich a tough question. “If Trump and Cruz win more states, millions of more votes, and have hundreds of more delegates than you, and you leap frog over them through a contested convention. You talked about uniting the party, don't you think that Trump and Cruz supporters are going to be pretty pissed off?”

John Kasich's answer? No… He then talks about delegates and the voters and about how everyone will be okay with this because it's the rules. The same reason that everyone is so upset this week in Colorado is the reason he says people will be okay with their vote being nullified.

Sean Hannity is quick to point out the perception of the rigged system is becoming more commonplace among voters as the GOP is obviously going to any lengths to stop Donald Trump, despite his mass appeal to their voters.

Kasich ignores all of that and makes the same tired argument that he is the only candidate who can win in November. Nevermind the fact that he can't win now.

“look I can tell you this, if these guys get picked, look at their negatives, they aren't going to win. If I get picked we will win.

Kasich is truly delusional and, intentionally or not, he is the establishment's puppet to subvert the popular vote.

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