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Kamala Harris Laughed At Idea of Visiting Border



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Asked if she plans to visit the US southern border soon, Vice President Kamala Harris laughed while she responded to the reporter. She paused before replying “not today,” and then laughed. Then, she added She continued on to say that she had visited “before” and that she probably would go back.

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Circumstance, Not a Crisis

Fox News asked the White House what they thought about the Vice President’s response given the precarious border situation. Presently, President Biden’s administration refuses to admit the border situation is already a crisis. Instead, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called it a “circumstance” of events. In addition, Psaki said that children escaping from persecution in their home countries is not a crisis.

“Children presenting at our border who are fleeing violence, who are fleeing prosecution, who are fleeing terrible situations is not a crisis. We feel it is our responsibility to humanely approach this circumstance and make sure they are treated and put into conditions that are safe,” she explained.

‘The American People Must See What’s Happening’

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers railed against the Biden administration’s handling of the job. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) sent a letter on Monday to President Joe Biden. He called out his administration for refusing press access for him and 14 other senators. Their group also included media members, who also did not get permission. The group planned to visit the border this week to get firsthand information. In addition, Cruz told Biden that their denials of a crisis won't help. Americans are beginning to realize the gravity of the situation.

“It is not enough for members of the Senate to see what is happening — the American people must-see. That is why I requested that members of the media be allowed to join us. But your administration clearly and emphatically refused to offer press access,” Cruz complained. He added that their refusal is both outrageous and hypocritical. He pointed to Psaki’s and Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas’ vows of transparency during the administration's start. Instead, they reneged on their promises.

Hiding The Truth

In addition, Cruz called out the President for withholding access to media as well. He accused  Biden of “hiding the truth” from Americans. “Denying the press the ability to observe, film, and report on the conditions at the border is not openness or transparency — it is hiding the truth from the American people. The press and the American people deserve more than denials and excuses from a podium,” Cruz wrote.

“They deserve to see and understand the crisis for themselves with the help of reporters who are free and independent from your administration,” he added. Ultimately, Cruz urged Biden to reconsider their stance of blocking their access.

New Photos Show the Situation

Representative Henry Cuellar, a Democrat congressman from Texas, published photos of a packed migrant facility in Donna, Texas. The photos showed how the Biden administration’s treatment of migrants in border facilities amid the crisis and the raging COVID-19 pandemic. They showed many migrants locked inside of clear pens that looked like cages. These are the same cages Democrats complained about that the previous Trump administration uses. Chief among those who criticized former President Donald Trump was then-Senator Kamala Harris.

Now, it seems VP Kamala Harris can afford to laugh while the situation rapidly escalates. With promises of asylum, more and more families claim persecution and enter the US in droves via the southern border.

Watch the Sky News Australia video report where Vice President Kamala Harris laughs at a question if she plans to visit the border soon:

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What do you think of Vice President Kamala Harris’ reaction to the question of visiting the border? Why do you think she found it hilarious to see for herself the border situation? Let us know what you think about the VP and the current migrant issues. Share your comments in the comment section below.

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  • walter says:

    Gov Abbot Bus these “children” to wash dc.

  • Joe says:

    She isn’t fit to VP, there is nothing funny about our country being invaded by people from around the world, what a pathetic loser.

  • Jimmy says:

    Sad day for our country and the immigrants too. Let’s get help Harris and Biden are proving to be bigger liars than Trump. I live in Texas and I have family that goes to the border to protect the border since the liying Nifen administration ignore the crisis. What hypocrites!!!! Sad day when Democrats exploit these people to get elected then laugh in their faces. The Hispanic Americans should be outraged

  • Jimy says:

    I meant Biden administration so much for unity. What a lying president. There is a crisis. Texans are angry and Biden is a liar and Harris just laughs.

  • JJ Johnson says:

    Laugh? Folks, if you’ve ever heard a jackass braying, that’s exactly what it sounds like 🤣😂👏👏👏

  • Anonymous says:

    How about VP Harris and Bill Clinton hanging out together? I bet there doing the nasty while Hillary watches from the closet. Bill must really hate his penis.

  • Debra Wallesch says:

    This administration is pathetic and appalling. They are the joke in this crisis. Trump had this border situation under control and Biden and Kamala have completely destroyed Trumps progress just as they are destroying all of Trumps “America First” accomplishments. We Americans will have the last laugh when these morons are voted out!
    Let’s bus these illegal aliens to the White House and to Kamala’s residence!

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