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Lawmakers Warn Biden on Immigration Order Will Cause Crisis Overnight



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A group of House Republicans penned a letter addressed to President Joe Biden, warning him about his immigration policies. The letter said these policies, along with one of his executive orders, puts the immigration crisis at risk of turning into a “catastrophe overnight.”

Fifty-one Republicans from the House grouped together to send a warning to the president. They mentioned that the actions his administration is enacting with regards to immigration can turn the situation at the border into a “catastrophe.”

Less than a month in office, Biden already approved numerous immigration-related policies. He stopped the construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall. He also put forward a possible way for illegal immigrants to become citizens. With this, the president strengthened the protections that DACA program recipients get. Biden also asked for an evaluation of the Migrant Protection Program.

The Immigration Crisis and Title 42

Along with these policies, the group of House Republicans specifically called out an executive order that may rescind the use of Title 42. They said this, combined with the new immigration policies, may result in chaos.

Title 41 provides the federal government with the right to ban foreign people from entering the U.S. for public health-related purposes. President Donald Trump’s administration put this in place as a response to the COVID-10 pandemic.

However, now, local officials near the border claim that the Biden administration is allowing illegal immigrants to enter the country even without the COVID-19 test. This puts many communities at risk of having an outbreak.

The group focused on Title 42 after Biden signed an order that asked for the review of the said policy. He wanted to find out if “termination, recision, or modification” would be needed.

The legislators also reminded the president about the federal government’s “fundamental responsibility” to protect the country. They then said that the government should not ignore the law and “actively encourage, incentivize and facilitate” the entry of illegal immigrants into the country. The group also said that it “empowers cartels” and puts both Americans and migrants at risk.

In line with this, Tom Homan, the former acting ICE director, recently criticized Biden. He claimed that the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border was deliberately made. He also claimed that Biden wants more illegal immigrants to enter the country so that he may increase the political power of the Democratic Party.

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