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LeBron James Faces Backlash for Police Hate on Social Media



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On Wednesday, professional basketball player and NBA star LeBron James refused to apologize when he responded to the criticism that came from a controversial tweet he posted.

Following a video going viral of a black girl in Columbus, Ohio getting shot by a police officer on Tuesday. The said girl was brandishing a knife, trying to stab another girl. Following this incident, however, the basketball star tweeted a photo of the officer with the caption “YOU’RE NEXT. #ACCOUNTABILITY.”

James responded to the incident almost 24 hours since it took place and after the bodycam footage of the situation rolled out.

Many slammed James’ tweet, saying it went too far. With this, the NBA player deleted it just two hours after posting it. He then posted two more tweets, responding to the situation. Although, neither of those was an apology for putting a target on the officer’s back.

In his follow-up tweets, James said anger doesn’t do anyone good. However, he mentioned that gathering facts and educating does. James admitted that his anger remains and expressed sympathy with her family.

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He also said that he feels tired of seeing police officers killing African-Americans. The basketball player also said he took down the tweet since it’s creating more hate. He noted that it's more about the system than one officer and said he feels “desperate for more ACCOUNTABILITY.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    He needs to be fired from sports!!! Period!!!

  • Gandalf says:

    Why isn’t he being fired and banned from playing ANY FUCKING PROFESSIONAL SPORT?? WHY? CUZ he’s black? a white person say something like that and see what happens..oh wait..we already know what happens when a white person says something controversial.. they get fired and blacklisted! Or called a racist or all 3 and more!

  • Your True Conscience says:

    Lebron James…over paid Narcissistic small minded coward and socialistic stool pigeon…the world understands who the true racists are ..I thank GOD I’m a white heterosexual Christian male…
    I’m not racists..I love white and everyone’ll NEVER EVER be as good as Michael Jordan by the way

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