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Lego to Replace Plastic Bags in Boxed Sets with Paper Ones

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Lego to Replace Plastic Bags in Boxed Sets with Paper Ones

On Tuesday, Lego has announced that it will stop using plastic bags in its boxed sets. They plan to replace them with paper ones.

“LEGO® bricks are designed to be reused and handed down through generations, but LEGO boxes and other packaging are often disposed of quickly,” the company said in the announcement. “Some of our packaging contains single-use disposable plastic, which today, isn’t sustainable or in some cases able to be recycled. That’s why we’re taking urgent action to make all our packaging sustainable by 2025,” it then stated.

The company will start making the switch next year. Lego also explained that they will trial paper bags made from Forest Stewardship Council certified paper and fully recyclable.

“They will be designed to help children understand the importance of recycling and ensure they have the best possible play experience,” the company also mentioned.

The company also stated that their new bags will be phased in over a four-year period from next year.

Fox Business also explained that plastic doesn’t disintegrate. It “breaks down into tiny pieces that can be eaten by birds or other wildlife, endangering their health.”

According to Lego, kids wrote them – asking them to ditch the plastic bags.

“We have been exploring alternatives for some time and the passion and ideas from children inspired us to begin to make the change,” said Lego CEO Niels B. Christiansen.

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