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Lester Holt Betrayed The American People On Monday



Lester Holt's Left Leaning Presidential Debate, see more at:…sidential-debate/
Lester Holt's Left Leaning Presidential Debate (Image: MGN)

Last night's Presidential debate was something special. Instead of the conversation being about America and what the right steps are to put her back on the right track. The night became a game of who can point the finger best. It was a night of “he said, she said,” yet, the conditions of the night weren't exactly fair.

Lester Holt just might have been the worst mediator in the history of Presidential debates. Everyone wanted to see Hillary and Trump go at it. Two Presidential candidates, who love to argue, going at it on a broadcasted stage is an exciting event. Yet, with Lester Holt caving to Hillary supporters, the night was less than fair.

Some people might say, “that's not true it was fair, Donald Trump put himself into the hole,” which may be true. Yet, here are some facts that show that Lester Holt was determined to make Hillary look like a queen, a tough job to do, and to make Trump look like a bumbling moron.

First of all the subject of Tax Returns.

Did you notice Holt asking Hillary about her email scandal? No? What about Benghazi? You didn't hear that either? Strange. What about the gray areas that the Clinton Foundation has been reported to deal in? Not that either? That is so weird because I could have sworn that he asked Trump about his tax returns. In fact, I don't think he asked, I think he argued the point that maybe there is “incriminating” information in the returns that the public has a right to know.

What about Hillary's email scandal Holt? Couldn't there be “incriminating” information in some of those emails as well? Or what about the situation in Benghazi that led to the deaths of American citizens? Could there be a scandal in there somewhere?

Then the Racist card.

Both candidates have been guilty of throwing a comment that wasn't in the best taste. Yet an entire question circled around Donald Trump's comments about President Obama nothing being from America. When he brought up the question of Obama's birth certificate, Holt spun the topic as a racist statement from the candidate and continued to drive the issue home.

Yet, back in 2008 when Hillary Clinton was running against President Obama she appealed to the “white Americans.” It was a giant platform for her campaign. These things were not talked about or even remotely brought up. The “incriminating” spotlight was shined onto Trump.

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Of course, Stop and Frisk

This part didn't come in the form of a question it came in the form of an interjection. Trump and Hillary were in the middle of a discussion on the subject of stop and frisk. Yet Holt, the mediator, thought it was fitting to interject and validate Clinton's points. He even sided with her.

He claimed that the mayor of New York had gotten rid of stop and frisk because the courts had found it to be unconstitutional. However, Trump countered. He pointed out that the mayor had cancelled the policy of stop and frisk before the courts deemed it unconstitutional.

Yet, Holt had to point out that Clinton was right.

Then bringing up a Presidential Look

This part, I have to admit, was clever wordplay by Holt. At one point during the debate, Holt brought up how Trump had said that Hillary did not have a “presidential look.” Of course, he did this right after mentioning that Hillary had become the first woman to be nominated for President. So, the audience then, subconsciously, assumed that Trump meant it as a sexist statement.

Maybe that is the way he meant it, but Holt worded it out of context to give Trump a certain image.

Then to make the situation even more of a deeper hole for Trump, Holt moved the question over to Hillary so she could discuss his past comments about women. In the middle of Trump, trying to dispute and explain the comment. Holt stops him and has Hillary bash the candidate's comments about women.

Interesting tactic Lester.

Finally, the Iraq War

This was Holt's worst attempt at slandering the Republican Candidate. The question of whether Trump supported the Iraq war has been a question since the beginning. Yet, Holt asked Trump of his stance on the war but “forgot” to ask Clinton her own stance on it.

Trump, rightfully so, brought up his interview with Sean Hannity years ago. He claimed that he was against the war from the beginning and continued to say ask Sean Hannity about it. Ironically, for those of you who don't listen to Sean Hannity, Sean brought this up on his show the morning before the debate. So that proves Trump's stance on the matter and again shows Holt's intentions.

So the question is, did Lester Holt fulfill his job as mediator? Or was he just another liberal-minded member of the press that was swayed to push Hillary's agenda?

Let's just hope that they get someone without bias for the next Presidential debate. Although, to make it fair they could get a mediator on Trump's team so Hillary knows what it's like to be unfairly slandered on national television.

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  • Joseph Lorenz says:

    It was so obvious. The moderator had to be fact checked. Look at the time differences he allowed Clinton and Trump.

  • MCG Doc says:

    he took the side with extreme bias!

  • caeolyn says:

    He didn’t ask Hillary any tough questions and he kept interrupting Trump when he tried to speak. He also fact checked Trump and he had inaccurate information.

  • Eliot says:

    The American people are too smart not to have been fully aware of Lester Holt favoring Hillary and gunning for Donald Trump…Of course she was given the questions ahead of the scheduled event and Holt should be ashamed of what he contributed to a totally bogus performance!!!!

  • Cindy says:

    He asked didn’t ask her about immigration reform, private email server, emails deleted after FBI’s investigation started, why aides need immunity if there is nothing to hide. Foundation’s pay to play, Benghazi, Saudi Arabia or her health, just for starters.

  • walter bogart says:

    you could tell he was on hc side because he did not queston her answers like he did Donald trump

  • Aud says:

    I was apprehensive that MSNBC Was the host of the debate, and I was shocked how biased and unfair the questions to the candidates were. It was a low point for me these are not journalists they are puppets and the big losers are the American people.

  • Tatum Young says:


  • MuslimLuvChrist says:

    this wasn’t a debate, this was 2 people attacking Trump for 90 minutes:
    question 1 on economy started with the assumption of growth and income rising, both wrong,
    it ended with attacking Trump trying to create 25M jobs.
    question 2 on taxes started with Trump cutting taxes to the wealthy, wrong again,
    it ended up attacking his taxes and his bankruptcies.
    question 3 on race started with why Trump is protecting biased police shooting blacks, wrong again,
    it wrongly fact checked that stop and frisk is unconstitutional, wrong again,
    it ended up attacking Trump on her birther issue.
    question 4 on security started with cyber attacks,
    but never brought up the FACT that she was not only hacked but is compromised because of it,
    it ended up attacking Trump on her iraq war.
    question 5 on women attacked Trump, but he didn’t fall for the bait.
    question 6 on voter fraud attacked Trump for accepting her winning due to voter fraud.

  • paul says:


  • Name says:

    Everything that Holt asked Hillary was soft balls. All Trump questions were traps wit many follow ups pinning Trump in a corner with each question.
    Why didn’t he ask about Benghazi, emails, Immunity for Clinton staff. It was all about making Trump look bad.

  • Vicki Mathiesen says:

    Holt was in the bag for Hillary. He asked her questions to lead to to her talking points. Trump was given questions that were irrelevant to the problems facing America. Holt even argued with Trump, NOT his job.

  • Connie says:

    It was obvious from the beginning that he was in Hellary’s corner. He spoke to her in an entirely different tone than he did to Trump. And he let her go over her time limits while keeping Trump in line. NEW MODERATOR!!! How about somebody from the Right next time?

  • william campbell says:

    Review the entire debate. Notice Hilary touching of the side of the nose after which lester interrupted Trump to let Hilary respond with zingers.

  • Charles says:

    Lester Holt did his best to protect hillary rotten clinton and put the shaft to Donald Trump . Someone please tell me what is FAIR about only having liberal moderators at the debates

  • Connie says:

    AND it’s time to get a Republican/conservative to “referee” the next debate

  • Catherine Stephenson says:

    It doesn’t make any difference who you support for president. If you can’t be impartial in a debate setting, then you don’t belong there as a moderator.

  • Walter says:

    Lester concentrated on making Trump look bad . His one sidedness damaged his credibility with the public.

  • John says:

    He “Nit picked” Mr. Trump on not so pressing issues; yet ignored the flashing lights over Mrs. Clintons head.

  • King Benson says:

    Why? For the very reasons that you point out.

  • Kevin Brown says:

    Hard on trump easy on the hill vast left wing conspiracy(media based)

  • Carol Sabo-Berrian says:

    Lester Holt was NOT a good moderator. We were all waiting to hear the questions on: Hillary’s emails, Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation. None of the above were even touched on. Holt must be a liberal Democrat, favoring Hillary all the way.

  • lilly says:

    Who ever appointed that Moron to be the moderator, should be hang by the toe for days. Total disgrace, total liberal bullshit.

  • Colleen Punt says:

    And I wouldn’t be the bit surprised if they gave Hillary a copy of all the questions so she could practice up on them.

    The league of Women voters were the ones that started the debate, it was fare back in those days until this bunch hijacked it from them to get their point across

  • johnswiniarski says:

    Economic conditions he stated were wrong.
    Questioned trump but not hillary exc. softball ?s

  • robert says:

    Lester Holt was not fair

  • john says:

    Holt asked Donald Trump questions in a way to make him look bad and Hellary Clinton ones
    to look smart. I believe he allowed her to wear
    an ear piece and she was coached during the debate. He’s left wing liberal therefore
    cannot be trusted but then neither can a lot
    of gutless Rino Republicans.

  • Genevieve says:

    Feel the questions were not what we wanted to hear,for they were one sided in Hillary’s favor. She said mean things to try to bring Trump down and it didn’t work. Trump was very Presidential and let a lot roll off. He had very little opportunity to speak about the important issues. He could have said things to bring Hillary down to size and just could not say certain things due to her daughter being in the audience. All she did was to bring up things of Trump in his past with a big gloating grin. A LOT OF IT IS NOT EXACTLY THE WAY SHE SAID. By the way she was in politics when a lot came down during her political career. She messed up the middle east and created Isis and her ignorant judgement over Bengazi caused our own to die and have the nerve to say, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE AT THIS POINT. She also had some thing under her red suit, a small box like unit with a wire that went up her back. Lester Holt had a earpiece and attacked Trump as much as he could. Trump won the debate due to all you who are in Hillary,s pocket. Vote Trump/ Pence 2016

  • joe says:

    he kept hacking away at trumps speaking was ignorant and repeating rude questions and he was so considerate to clinton he should have just knelt and kiss her ring he should be dismissed

  • Raul Basurto says:

    You must have been watching the wrong debate, Trump did everything in his power to dirupt the entire debate. Now he claims his mike was cracking, and Lester was unfair.

    He did not say anything worthwhile, like plans for anything because he does not have any plans, other than to answer negatively at every question. Not positive at all. He lied, he does not have the African Americans behind as he stated.

    Hillary stated she had made a mistake on having a separate e-mail server, she apologized for that on the other hand Turmp
    has not revealed his Income Tax, lying that it is being audited, well that leads me to believe he cheated on his taxes before and now, declaring bankruptcy four times,what kind of a President would that be,, dishonest.

    Trump idolizes Russian p.m. , he lied about that,,and many more. He is not presidential material, he is dangerous to America, he only thinks about money and not about issues. Mostly because he is ignorant an a lot of issues. he is not trustworthy, he claims he knows more than the Generals, what a stupid statement,. Trump blew the debate by interrupting both Hillary and Lester, not a good candidate for President. He thinks money is the answer to everything, that’s not right. I can’t believe how many stupid people want him to be President when he has insulted many people,

  • BRUCE ARBO says:

    He didn’t mediate and spent most of his time as an inquisitor for Trump. He didn’t put clinton on the carpet for any of her scandals, yet went at Trump on all of his controversies. It was so biased that it dripped with bias.

  • william carver says:

    Hillary was not asked any tough questions, like the email lies, and all the other likes.

  • He was so OBVIOUSLY in Clinton's corner. He's a joke says:

    should go be Hillary’s footservant

  • He was so OBVIOUSLY in Clinton's corner. He's a joke says:

    should go be Hillary’s footservant

  • Bobbie says:

    I was very disappointed in Lester..He was definitely biased in his questions and time allowed each candidate.He let hillary ramble on and on, but stopped Trump each time. Also, he asked questions of Trump he had no reason to raise…I will no longer watch Lester on the 6:30 NBC news, as he was definitely biased, when he should not have been.Who can trust him anymore…?????? ( I was so angry at him, I would have called him during the debate if I could have.)

  • Richard Hultin says:

    Just like this article points out Lester Holt exhibited a liberal bias. Interjecting his own opinions showed lack of professionalism. Candidate favored questions trumped.

  • Jim says:

    He NEVER once brought up anything controversial about Hillary. He never challenged her on her statements (lies) on anything in her past. REALLY?

  • Mary Johnson says:

    He was very biased. He did not ask Hillary ANY tough questions! Also, the ‘birther’ debate has been put to bed a while back, what was the purpose of dredging it up again. What happened to illegal email servers and brave Americans dying under her watch. Yes Lester Holt betrayed the American people BIG time!

  • charles jones says:

    He looks and acts just like a $3 bill that Hillary or Bill slipped him before the show began.

  • Keith Owens says:

    The Leftist Media has always been Democrat. There is nothing fair about the way they report the political news. There should be a law that makes the news media reports be fair and unbiased. News media should never insert their own opinions in the news. If they can not report unbiased news, then they do not need to be allowed to report the news.

  • FRANK WARD says:

    After watching, one could only assume Lester had been paid off like the Kahn family and many others in this Clinton campaign.

  • FRANK WARD says:

    After watching, one could only assume Lester had been paid off like the Kahn family and many others in this Clinton campaign.

  • Tim says:

    Lester became part of the debate and not the moderator. He interrupted Trump over 40 times as fact checker and was wrong on many facts-Trump was right. He only interrupted Hillary 7 times, did not do much fact checking and stayed away from important questions about Hillary’s corruption and lies.

  • Sue Breslin says:

    Anyone that can support a pathological liar, a criminal, and thief is not worth a nickels worth of respect. Instead of being unbiased, it was clear who this UNAMERICAN was siding with.

  • Israel Leija says:

    He kept stopping Trump from contradicting Hillary,but not the other way around! He,also did not bring up any questions concerning immigration,which is a major concern!

  • Jm says:

    Typical Liberals staged event. Future debates should have each party agree to all questions prior to the event.

  • warren says:

    He gave her a free pass

  • Gary Schrack says:

    Tough questions for Trump, but not much for Hillary. Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, E-Mails,

  • Robert Clay says:

    It was the worst I’ve ever seen.
    Never talked about Hillary endanging the entire country with her eligal email sever which was to cover up the deals with the Clinton so called foundation which was for them to collect mony for pay and play

  • Bruce Yarbrough says:

    Typical liberal media, wanted to keep his job. You think Anderson Cooper from CNN (Clinton News Network) is going be to remotely fair. Already showed their bias many times. Holt was suppose to be the fair one, what a let down

  • Ira says:

    Trump had to debate Clinton as well as Holt

  • Marilyn Kobza says:

    He was in cahoots with Hillary!

  • Marilee Newkirk says:

    He interjected himself into the debate. He did NOT MODERATE it!

  • June Bisognano says:

    Definitely showed he was a Hillary supporter.

  • AL ELLIS says:

    He asked Trump personal questions, and things that happened years ago but didn’t ask Hillary about anything happened years ago, or now or while she was Sec. of State. Very unfair, and he never followed up on her questions, he did with Trump over and over, and he claimed Stop and Frisk is illegal, apparently he is wrong, wrong, wrong. It is legal, read up on it.

  • jim o says:


  • Charles Vion says:

    Failed completely to a balanced debate, interrupted andquestioned Trump 65% more than Hilliary. Refused to ask Hillary any pertenant questions and let her bable and insult Trump, didn’t control audience for Hillary. Hilliary knew the questions before debate and was wired on stage all which were against the rules. He has been bought and paid for by the Clintons. My opinion, this is a disgrace and he is a disgrace. Should never be allowed to report any further news..he is tooooo bias.

  • Dean Elliott says:

    Holt’s fact checking machine must have broke down, and he proved to the nation that he is a dem.

  • Dan Scullin says:

    He’s the same as the clowns on the Clinton News Network (CNN)

  • Baebara Spellman says:

    Lester needs to be replaced.

  • jeanette bowyer says:

    He openly tried to deminish Trump and only gave questions to Clinton that were scripted for her to answer.

  • jeanette bowyer says:

    He openly tried to deminish Trump and only gave questions to Clinton that were scripted for her to answer.

  • Name says:

    Hillary did not get questions concerning her emails, Clinton Foundation, or $ from countries who abuse women and gays. And ofconcerns about her failing health. You must be on her payroll. So sad!!

  • john says:

    Those questions were a set up for Hillary’s benefit. The risk she put the US in re: her criminal behavior with her email server. Out right Benghazi lies. She is the ultimate traitor to America as is Obama. They should be both in prison or hung for treason.

  • Gary says:

    The Man interrupted Donald 600% more often than Hillary——-include this with ragging on with the Obama “multi-layered” birth certificate that Donald preemptively “took off” the table.Why no questions about Hillary’s failures and outright lies to America and the F.B.I.?

  • Name says:

    HHe was two face and was a help to Clinton. He needs to be fired and needs to pay a price for what he did

  • Dan says:

    Clinton is a trader to the US and belongs in prison and not as president. Put her in a super max prison for the rest of her life .She should die in prison.

  • Charles Oliver says:

    He asked questions to trump to try and embarrass him. Most of the questions didn’t have anything to do what we wanted from the candidates. The “Birther” issue and the “Fat Pig” questions were down right stupid. No pressure put on Hillary at all. Trump did the best he could do with all the negative things thrown at him. Let’s face Hillary is no angel. All of the things she screwed up when she was a senator and secretary of state were even brought, let alone all the lying she did on those stupid emails. Anybody would have been arrested or thrown out of office if they had done what she did with them

  • Steven Roberts says:

    This was supposed to be about the future and the changes to bring America back to its glory. This was about fact checking on things that are old hat to make the candidates put on the boxing gloves. Lester should be fired for what he did for such an important event

  • Coburn says:

    Holt was didn’t ask Clinton hard questions and was noticeably favoring Clinton

  • Lonny A. Blainey says:

    Lester Holt made it fairly clear that Donald Trump was going to get the worst of the night’s heavy duty shaming by a liberal “media”. Mrs. Clinton got softballs and not once was she approached about the problems/scandals she’s facing and has faced for two years now. Benghazi was never brought up not was the problems of “pay for play” in the Clinton Foundation. She was not questioned about her health or her medical records yet Trump was grilled and abused by that liberal trundle about his taxes.. the guy even argued with the candidate and remarked that “there may be something in there that you don’t want us to see”. The audience seemed packed with liberals who took every opportunity to follow the nods and grins of their candidate to show Trump who’s boss in this here town. Then that miserable conch who owns some Texas basketball team put in his three cents worth of nonsense after the debate. Like we need his input to verify what’s the truth. Holt was wrong on several levels about the law and how to ask pertinent questions of both candidates. But that’s liberalism and that’s the “media” we have to put up with in these times propaganda artists. Lester Holt is a sham artist at best and should find a hole to climb into and do US all a favour.

  • Dave says:

    he betrayed the American people period. He is supposed to be neutral, HE WASN’T. NOT ONE question about Benghazi, hillary clinton’s deletion of 33,000 emails, all her OTHER scandals, her selling uranium to Russia for $, her BULLYING @ HARASSMENT of ALL the women Bill Clinton RAPED, her getting away scott-free of being INDICTED WHEN SHE ABSOLUTELY SHOULD HAVE BEEN, her DESPICABLE “DEPLORABLES” @”IRREDEEMABLES” comment, @ I can go on @ on @ on!!!! SHE SHOULD BE IN JAIL; SHE IS THE ABSOLUTE MOST CORRUPT INDIVIDUAL IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, PERIOD!!!!!…PATHETIC!!…James Comey, Loretta Lynch should be absolutely ASHAMED of themselves, but I don’t think they’e even capable of shame, period!

  • William Metter says:

    Hole conveniently avoided topics related to Hillary’s emails – her lies, immigration, He didn’t follow up on his question about higher taxes when she dodged it.

  • zarmina says:

    He was not a good mediator at all. His question was very weak for Hillary Clinton, he did not ask Hillary about Benghazi , emails , donation from Saudi. Saudi and 9/11, As American citizen we must know about Hillary ‘s lies and dishonesty . Holt emphasizing on Iraq war repeatedly was not his job. He seems bias and did appreciate him.

  • zarmina says:

    Did you notice Holt asking Hillary about her email scandal? No? What about Benghazi? You didn’t hear that either? Strange. What about the gray areas that the Clinton Foundation has been reported to deal in? Not that either? That is so weird because I could have sworn that he asked Trump about his tax returns. In fact, I don’t think he asked, I think he argued the point that maybe there is “incriminating” information in the returns that the public has a right to know.

  • gary wright says:

    because Holt did not bring up any of Hillarys
    scandals , e-mail , Clinton foundation ,
    Benghazi, 4 dead men , all her lies .
    people taken the 5th. Holt only went after trump. I watch the whole debate ,I seen it.shame on lester holt. I thought holt would
    be fair, wrong, all for Hillary ,he did’t bring
    up a thing about her. only trump.

  • Richard Ferebee says:

    He was in the tank for crooked hillary. He was so far up her ass I don’t know how he could breathe. What a wasted 90 minutes of my life. Why was’nt obama care, clinton foundation or at least email scandal brought up.

  • Craig Beasy says:

    1): Holt was the epitome of courteousy to Secretary of State Clinton; never asked her the “hard questions” hat she has steadfastly refused to honestly answer under subpoena & oath before Senate Committees of inquiry.

    2); Holt was evidently contemptuous of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump; regularly and rudely interrupting him on mere, piffling technicalities instead of allowing Mr. Trump the common courteousy of making a complete reply to “all” questions of issues raised.

    3): Secretary Clinton is learned to become a master at “tall story telling” whenever it suits her political purpose. She is obsessed with gaining ultimate power, whatever the cost.

    4): Donald Trump has been bankrupted more than once, but has picked himself up, dusted of his jacket, learned from his mistakes and put his nose to the grindstone once again. Donald is respectful and as an experienced business entrepreneur, “apologetically calls it as he sees it” That is what The United States of America ” NEEDS ” in a President.

  • Jamie Fortier says:

    He became a debater rather than a moderator. He made sure Hillary was at ease but I suppose it didn’t really matter considering she received the debate subjects and questions over a week ago. Liberals have no idea what fair play is and that is what makes Trump appealing to the majority of the voters. Liberals have ruined the country with all their greed, lies and intolerance.
    Lester Holt knows no shame but this debate will sure have people remembering who he is and what he is.

  • Laura Pierce says:

    He did not ask Hillary any inflammatory questions what so ever. I personally think she had all the questions prior to the debate and this why she had all the answers. What of her e-mail scandal, Benghazi or the Clinton Foundation? As for the birther issue – that is a non item which I could care less about – Obama’s leaving office.

  • Betty Armstrong says:

    He would not cut HRC when her time was up. The questions to here were different than those to Trump. Most likely she was given a list of what he was going to ask?? No proof but we know all about the liberal media and how they cow tow to the left.

  • PAUL K BACON says:


  • Joan says:

    Because he asked too many unfair questions of Trump. Hillary, who is a proven criminal, was given a pass on everything. He interrupted Trump and left Hillary go on-an-on.

  • William Schneider says:

    I think good old Lester kept from asking her the questions that was on everyone’s mind, like her e-mail scandal, her 33,000 bleached E-mails, Benghazi, Bill’s affairs with women that she destroyed.? also if Bill was impeached, why would they let him back in the whit house, also why was it not mentioned that the Clintons had to replace $200,000 dollars they stole from the white house in furniture and paintings, and they were broke.?? get real. you won’t say shit about this, and you know it.

  • Gene Cornelison says:

    Holt was obviously biassed for Hillary. He hammered Trump on birther, and taxes. Nothing to Hillary on Bengazzi, E mail server, Santuary cities, Clinton Foundation, Bill
    Clintons women, Libya, Iran deal, the ransom payment, immigration and allowing everyone into the country at a time of heightened terrorism.

  • David Cook says:

    The questions were not the same for both. He interupted Mr Trump way more than Clinton and asked followup questions that were off topic. If he is a republican then I am Donald duck.

  • Al says:

    Lester was the molester of America, and possibly the world! Never asking Hillbilly Clinton about her crimes yet harping over and over about statements Trump has put to rest! He interrupted Trump over and over, while giving the criminal Clinton a pass on everything! Finally he lied several times to put Trump in a bad light!

  • Barry McMullan says:

    He corrected Mr. Trump but not ‘illary and he was obviously prejudiced for her on the racial issues brought up!

  • Rob Terrell says:

    He was Hillary’s fact checker and disrupted Trump to make sure he got the liberal point across in his questions. At one point he was completely wrong in his fact checking efforts and made an unbelievable statement about “Stop and Frisk” in order to be in the Tank for Hillary. they both were stupid wrong on constitutional points she made and he supported. It is sickening to see how the media spins the facts and truth to make sure Hillary looks good. Truth is she could not get one vote if the voters even her loyalist supporters would only understand the truth. How can anyone vote for someone who has a life of corruption and dishonest dealings. How does she get the DOJ and the FBI to absolutely throw away their integrity so she can remain in power. It might be the threat of death by suicide or an airplane crash?????

  • reinaldo torrente says:


  • Daniel Orozco says:

    I did not see that Lester Holt asked Clinton any real hard questions. He didn’t seem to challenge her on her past issues. No interruptions while she was speaking.. totally contrary to Holt continuously interrupting Donald Trump. How does this unfair mediating continue to occur? Why doesn’t the the National Republican Committee leaders allow this to happen and repeat?? I’m really frustrated to see that the media prevents the true information- along with asking for accountability for illegal actions, from getting out to our legal U.S. Citizen voters.

  • Elizabeth says:

    His job was to ask a question and then the two on stage were to give there answers, not interrupt them on stage with telling one that what they said was lying that was not your job. You were not to have any lessoning device on you, nor was Hillary to have any thing on her podium except a tablet to wright notes on but she had something more on her podium that was not to be allowed..

  • LEN says:


  • Walter says:

    Lester was on Clinton side all night

  • Richard says:

    He interrupted Trump almost ten times more that he interrupted Hillary. He was wrong on the Irag war and “stop and frisk” but challenged Trump every time he (Holt) was wrong.

  • Richard says:

    Both candidates should have been asked if they were using wireless ear phones to get support from outside. I believe Hillary was not only getting support from Lester Holt but also from whoever was on the other end of her ear piece. In addition to this I believe that Hillary was signalling Holt to have him interrupt Trump

  • MARINA LEE says:


  • MARINA LEE says:


  • Glen says:

    With Lester Holt “fact checking” Donald Trump on multiple occasions and then being wrong should have embarrassed him and was really unfair to Donald Trump. Stop and Frisk is very Constitutional as stated by the Supreme Court in the Terry case of 1968. Holts question on Donald’s racist actions of the 1970’s (40 years ago) were totally unfair since it was a government class action suit that was settled with no guilt. Viewers do not have the time to check the details much less find out the racist accusations are a lie, while Hillary practices her version of racism nearly every day.

  • Mike Miesch says:

    Asked Trump hard questions that has nothing to do with being President. Did not Hillary hard questions.

  • walter bogart says:

    clearly on the side of clinton

  • Bettye says:

    Obvious any poker player could spot these signals!

  • Yatindra Bhatnagar says:

    Holt gave the impression of being impartial, but he adopted subtle methods to steer the debate in Hillary’s favor and against Trump. You are right about Holt not raising Benghazi and e-mail scandals as THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN RAISED.

  • Paul W. Ford says:

    Because Hillary had an I-Pad on her Podium
    and she was wired for sound, she had wires
    etc running down her back, she had lots of sound equipment under her Podium, She several men take out the equip. afterwards.
    She also had hand signals to Lester Holt
    so he would ask her special questions. I wonder how much Hillary paid Lester Holt
    to set that up.

  • Paul W. Ford says:

    I agree that he betrayed America Monday night because Hillary used an I-Pad and was wired for sound, she had wires running down her back and sound equipment under the Podium, she did sign language to Lester Holt then two men came in and removed the I-Pad from the top, also the sound equipment from under the Podium at the end of the debate.

  • Nancy says:

    Very biased toward Hillary. Lester was so in sync with Hillary that it makes me suspect collusion.

  • Naomi Sanders says:

    It’s time for us to have a REPUBLICAN moderator!!!!! Not these bias Democat ones!

  • marina lee says:

    he was 100% against Trump

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