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A Letter To The President July 5th, 2016



Dear Barack Hussein Obama,

How can you allow organizations under your control, under your watch, to make such dumb decisions?

That's a genuine question.

We get it, trust me we do, that being the President is hard. Yet, no offense Mr. President, but that is kinda common sense, isn't it? That's why you don't see Joe Schmoe trying to be the president. It's hard. Not everyone can do it, but you at least still have to try.

You won the presidency, not once but twice. I'm not sure how you won the first time, let alone the second, but because you won you have a responsibility. Yet, you don't take responsibility for your office, do you? You piss away your hours taking vacations and not interfering where you should.

The FBI has just come forward and said that Hillary is innocent. Jame Comey came forward and said that they found no evidence to prove that Hillary breached national security. Mr. President, you know that's not true. The majority of the public knows that isn't true. Yet, you say nothing?

Instead, you pick up Hillary Clinton in Air Force Once as if you are going to prom. You fly her to her campaign and you stand next to her, symbolically condoning who she is and what she has done.

Mr. President, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but one of two things have happened. Either Hillary, being smarter than you are, has played you, or you are in this together. I'm hoping that your in on it with her because if she played you, she played you bad.

This is embarrassing, Mr. President. Hillary has you around her finger so tightly that I'm not sure whether or not your breathing on your own or she is telling you-you can.

When you campaigned, you ran under the logline of “Hope”. We all remember the little ‘O' that you used in your campaign adds, that was filled with the American flag. You had us believing that after years of war, you were going to bring ‘Hope'. You were wrong. You lied. Instead of delivering to the American public you have delivered to no one but yourself, but the real joke is on you, Mr. President.

We will no longer accept your leadership. We no longer will seek the guidance of a man who functions solely for the advancement of himself.

The thing you underestimated is the fact that American's actually like America. We love it. The red, the white, and the blue flow through our veins. We are American's and we would rather die than see a man sitting in his throne trying to destroy our country.

Your leadership is unacceptable.

We are calling you out, Mr. President. As a challenge, be honest to the people of America. Tell them the truth. The real reason why Hillary wasn't charged.

If you can actually think about the American people for just one split second, and confess your sins to the public maybe there is hope for you. I have a feeling, you can't.




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