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Letter To Presidential Candidate Donald Trump



Letter To Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, see more at:
Letter To Presidential Candidate Donald Trump (Image: MGN)

Dear Donald Trump,

We, the American people, need you to step up your game. As of late, although people have disagreed with a handful of your statements, you have spoken out against America's patriotism. We understand that this was unintentional. Still, the comments made were unnecessary and of poor taste.

You, so far, have been the shining light against the political correctness that has plagued the American government. Unfortunately, that puts you in an extremely sensitive position. People are so used to hearing politicians pander to their feelings, to their vulnerable sense of morality, that anything new and different threatens their way of life. That is not fair. It forces you as a politician to walk on egg shells around the public. Yet, you haven't. That is what has made you stand out amongst the rest.

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We need you to be that individual. We need you to be the politician that drags us out from the depths of sensitivity and censored thoughts and speech. Back when America was like the cowboys of the desert plains, people like Mel Brooks could make movies like Blazing Saddles and unite the people in humor. Good natured humor that made fun of everyone. If you were to try and make a movie like that now, it would be closed in a matter of seconds. People are too sensitive. You could be our way out of that lifestyle.

This means that you, as a politician, face a very difficult candidacy. Yet, we need it.

Please, please win this election. We cannot allow another four years of an Obama presidency. Nothing will change. Things will remain to progress the same way as they have been the last eight years. That is not what the American people want. That is not what the American people need.

Don't stop saying what you believe. That is what makes you a martyr in the political world. We need a new era of politics. Please, do not ruin it by making statements out of emotion. Make sure you win the presidency.

Make sure Hillary stays out of the White House.




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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Linda Anderson says:

    Talk about the every day American people rather than someone who has everything like yourself. That’s what a President should do and I know you can do that. Hilary Clinton needs to be defeated, and you need to go afternoon her and all her failures.

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