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Liberal College Is Trying To Stop White People



Winning our award for dumbest liberal of the week is actually a trio of white college students out of the State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton. They had the brilliant idea to create a class titled #stopwhitepeople2k16 and offer it to any of the schools resident advisors.

The course aims to teach the advisors about their white privilege and dealing with confrontations over race. Most likely, it is a class on how to properly apologize for being born white. The students are surprised, I'm sure, that people were upset.

As Ben Shapiro points out, if the class had been titled #stopblackpeople2k16, the nation would have been in an uproar and Obama would have sent the DoJ down to investigate.

This is a class taking place at a public university, being funded in part by tax dollars and is not okay. It only seeks to drive the divide that is already threatening to tear this country apart. This kind of race baiting should not and cannot be allowed to go on.

Even African American communities know this is crap. Watch the video below and see how disgusted they are with these obvious tactics that only succeed in setting us back on equality for all.

Of course, this kind of hurtful and disgraceful rhetoric will only be rewarded on the college campus as the students are made a martyr of for all the other social justice warriors. I doubt that any sort of disciplinary actions takes place at all.

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