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Local Walmart Throws Vet To The Curb For Trying To Sell Memorial Poppies…



For the past 20 years, veteran Manuel Griffin has sold memorial poppies outside a Walmart in Dickson City, Pennsylvania, in May to raise money and awareness for the VFW. Rain or shine, Griffin's wife, Maryann, says he always shows up.

But this year, during inclement weather, Maryann says the store told the 69-year-old veteran he couldn't sell the “buddy poppies,” created by disabled or needy vets in VA hospitals across the U.S., under the covered area.

This man had fought for our freedoms, and at the end of the day Basic human kindness should have stepped in here.

What happened?

When did this type of behavior become acceptable? All over a single vet trying to support his local VFW?!

What do you think? Is this an overreaction or did Walmart do the right thing?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  • I quit shopping at Walmart when they said they were going to stop selling guns to anyone under 21 years old. I am really glad I did now hearing about this.

  • Walter Bazner says:

    It is probably time to quit shopping there!!!!

  • not says:

    boycott walmart

  • Curtis says:

    Recommend contacting WalMart corporate with this store and its actions. Positive this is the manager – not the chain (our WalMart continues to support this effort).

  • Dianna says:

    I stopped buying at WalMart some time ago. I’m willing to pay extra at other stores & not have to put up with disrespectful “associates” many are rude & don’t speak English enough to be able to understand. You need help & ask for help many “associates” are too “busy” chatting with another “associate” to help. Quality of their items have gone down. They’ve gotten too big for their “britches” as saying goes! WalMart forgot people who made them into company they are! Spend your money elsewhere! Money is only thing WalMart cares about!

  • baker says:

    I stopped thirty eight years ago everything is the same price elsewhere and better quality…..get your moneys worth else where…

  • young guns says:

    walmart is a rip off. all they want is your money to support china products I used to work there. quit when I found out a .3 cent piece becomes 1.25 they mark up as high as possiable

  • barbara vest says:

    Shame on the them
    That is a slap in the face to every vet.

  • John says:

    They (Wal-Mart) are a company, making money for their employees and stock holders. They should worry about shorter check stand lines and how to better serve their CUSTOMERS, not guests or visitors. We go there to buy stuff and they should be grateful for that. They should be honored to give an old soldier shelter. Wal-Mart should stick to what you do,,, and it ain’t politics. Stay off of “this or that” bandwagon. Show some respect, the general public will admire you for it. Those who object may learn something. 🙂

  • Medic RN says:

    This store manager would nuc Santa !

  • victor j engel says:

    The Wal-Mart in our county is pro vets all the way. They have pictures of Vets in their store. I believe the problem is the store manager. Perhaps someone needs to give him or her a history lesson about all the sacrifices made for their freedom.

  • bob says:

    It is probably that store like a lot of other business refuse to serve vets/police officers and in my opinion all of them should be boycoted. I think Victor is correct in giving the management a lesson in history.

  • TV says:

    A public flogging , or cat o nine tails with razor blades would be appropiate

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