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Make a Wish Foundation Refuses Wish of 4 Year Old for Not Being Vaccinated



Make a Wish Foundation Refuses Wish of 4 Year Old for Not Being Vaccinated-ss-Featured

Make a Wish Foundation is reportedly refusing to grant wishes to unvaccinated kids, even though they’re already dying.

Per a PopTopic report, a 4-year-old hailing from Staten Island, who is also unvaccinated, wished to go to Disney World. However, the foundation denied this wish due to his unvaccinated status.

The said boy, Rocco, wanted to visit Mickey’s House and meet the iconic character at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. However, the Make-A-Wish Foundation ultimately decided to turn down the child because he didn’t have the vaccine.

Even with outrage from people on social media, the foundation stood firm on their decision, saying that the sick and dying kid will endanger others.
Some of the kid’s friends expressed outrage. A friend of Rocco’s family took to TikTok and said: “I got a text — a message — from a friend of mine here on Staten Island; his 4-year-old kid — his ill 4-year-old kid — was refused by the Make-A-Wish Foundation for his wish because he’s not vaccinated … at 4 years old!”

The said friend then stated, “You should be ashamed of yourself! Let me tell you something Make-A-Wish Foundation, you’re going to wish you never made this decision. Next week we’re going to do something for this kid.”

Disney World doesn’t require the vaccine for its workers or visitors, so it remains a mystery why the foundation was worried about Rocco’s unvaccinated status. Additionally, children under 5 years of age can’t get the vaccine yet.

Luckily for the boy, other people stepped in to fulfill his wish.

According to PopTopic, Wigs & Wishes promised to send the child and his entire family to the amusement park, providing them with first-class treatment. Meanwhile, ChrisFix, a social media influencer, offered to make his wish come true. Scott LoBaido also organized a fundraiser for Rocco at Joyce’s Tavern in Staten Island.

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