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Merrick Garland Admits his DOJ Will Advance Joe Biden’s Insane Gun Control Agenda.



Firearm ammunition on a US flag-Merrick Garland Admits his DOJ Will Advance Joe Biden's Insane Gun Control Agenda -ss-Featured

Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland said the Department of Justice would most likely approve President Joe Biden’s policies connected with his gun control agenda.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) asked Garland if he supported the ban of certain types of firearms.

To this, Garland revealed how Biden supports gun control and that he has been an advocate of this for a long time. Garland then explained that the role of the Department of Justice is to enforce the policies of the administration, given that they are in line with the law.

However, he did say that the Supreme Court only had only given “a little indication” regarding the Second Amendment. This is in reference to two Supreme Court cases affirming the fundamental nature of the rights granted the Second Amendment.

He later mentioned, however, is controlled by the said precedents in the Supreme Court.

Biden and Gun Control

Gun control is one of the main concerns of the Biden Administration’s political agenda. This has been evident ever since the president started his campaign for last year’s election.

With this, there are some measures included in Biden’s plan. These include the following:

A ban on the manufacturing and sale of “weapons of war,” which assault weapons and those with high capacity magazines.

Limiting Americans to only make one firearm purchase every month.
Stopping sales of firearms and ammunition online
Pushing for the program that would ensure firearms sold in the country are all smart guns.
Pushing to require gun owners to “safely store” their firearms.

Currently, the Supreme Court has yet to determine whether an assault weapons ban is constitutional. However, it has already made a ruling on safety restrictions at home.

Additionally, many states already require gun owners to keep their weapons safely and out of reach for minors. However, there is still no federal law that mandates this.

Meanwhile, the White House has confirmed that the president may use executive action to push forward his gun control agenda.

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  • JJ Johnson says:

    Don’t need this radical 👎🏼

  • Sherm Mead says:

    There are already enough gun laws on the books, we just need to have law enforcement punish those that break the laws to the fullest extent. Law abiding citizens are going to be punished across the board as a result of the few who have broken the law. Don’t allow these socialist actions and laws take away American Freedoms from the citizens that have sworn to protect America and family.

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