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Mexican President Blames Biden For Border Crisis



Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of México attend his every morning press conference in Palacio Nacional-Mexican President-ss-featured

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador blamed President Joe Biden for the ongoing border crisis between Mexico and the US. During a press conference last Tuesday, Orbador laid the blame squarely on the embattled US president and his migration policies. He said that President Biden's policies created expectations that migrants will receive better treatment. And this has caused Central American migrants, and also from our country, wanting to cross the border thinking that it is easier to do so,” he remarked.

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Mexican President Warns of Worsening Border Crisis

Newsweek reported that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki briefed reporters Monday that the US sent envoys to Mexico and Guatemala to find a solution to the crisis. However, Obrador appeared to side with Biden’s Republican critics. Both noted that the number of migrants surged when Biden deviated from former President Donald Trump’s hardline policies. 

Ultimately, Obrador argued that Biden made things worse with his new policies. Specifically, the policies allowed smugglers and traffickers to convince locals that the often dangerous route is now easier to cross. Emboldened with the news, migrants fled their countries in an attempt to reach the US. The Mexican President also stressed his country’s sovereignty. He said he wants to work in a more coordinated manner with the United States to curb the flow of migrants showing up at the US-Mexican border. 

Administration Blames Trump 

Meanwhile, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas passed the blame to Trump. He pointed out Trump's disruptions to the immigration system and claimed this is what caused facilities to overflow with migrants. With Trump dismantling the entire migration system, the Biden administration had to rebuild everything. Hence, they are now struggling with the surge in migrants and unaccompanied minors.  

By Tuesday, the number of unaccompanied minors held in border detention facilities is around 300 percent higher than previous counts. To help address the crisis, the US government is looking more at Mexico to handle the problem. Reportedly, the Biden White House is looking at vaccine distribution initiatives to help with the talks with their southern neighbor.  

Trump Fires Back

However, Trump didn’t take the accusations sitting down. He went on the offensive and proudly laid out his accomplishments in controlling the migration at the borders. In an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Trump said his working relationship with Mexico and his border wall acted as deterrents to illegal migration. He said his administration “did a lot of things,” but now the Biden team eroded these efforts. “Today, they’re coming in from all foreign countries. … They’re dropping them off, and they’re coming into our country, and it’s a disgrace. They’re going to destroy our country if they don’t do something about it.” the former President noted. 

Blaming Biden

In addition, Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy held off migrants from staying in the US before their migration hearings. Trump said that terminating this policy led to the surge. During the Lisa Boothe podcast where he guested March 22, he said things will get worse. “We had it in such good control two months ago, three months ago. And then he made the statement that you want to have, you want to come in. These people came along, and they just ended everything, and now they’re going to be flowing in by the millions — already started very substantially. Nobody’s ever seen it. As bad as it is now, it’s really good compared to what it will be in a few months.” Trump said.

Watch the Golden State Times video reporting that Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is blaming President Joe Biden for the border crisis:

Do you agree with Mexican President Obrador that the Biden administration is to blame for the current migrant crisis?

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Do you agree with Mexican President Obrador that blame for the border crisis lies on the Biden administration? Also, what could the US do to help stem the flow of migrants? Let us know what you think about this crisis. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Cindy Somero says:

    President Biden is so busy with his whole agenda of trying to make Trump look bad when it’s not gonna happen, what he has done with the immigration alone not to mention all the other things that he is rewritten, shows what kind of president he is going to be for the next four years I pray for America, he may be our president but I know I didn’t vote for him but I will not be disrespectful but I will say it like it is but it could be worse we could end up with his vice president which might happen because I think they’re just using Biden as a puppet so I’ll pray for him and I’ll praise of the four years go by fast and I know President Trump will be back to make America great again.

  • Edward C Schultz says:

    We need Trump back a true American

  • Gordon Jeffrey Olson says:

    All the “smart” technology (drones, motion detectors, infrared cameras, etc.) that Biden thinks is the answer to border control will not work. It only helps in detecting and counting the illegals. It does NOTHING to keep these people from actually crossing into the USA.
    I wasn’t a believer in the “wall” a few years back. I am now!
    If you REALLY want to control illegal immigration we need the smart technology, a return to Trump’s immigration policies and WE NEED THE WALL!

  • The Kat says:

    Article Quote: “Meanwhile, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas passed the blame to Trump. He pointed out Trump’s disruptions to the immigration system and claimed this is what caused facilities to overflow with migrants. With Trump dismantling the entire migration system, the Biden administration had to rebuild everything. Hence, they are now struggling with the surge in migrants and unaccompanied minors.” This current administration is nothing but a pack of liars. This cat knows good and well Biden is the one to blame for dismantling the immigration policies President Trump had set up. Biden told the illegals to come on in! Now look at what a mess we have on our hands. Biden has done absolutely NOTHING GOOD for our country since he has been in office. When are they going to tell the truth about how they stoled the election?? President TRUMP is the true President, not fake Biden and the rogue administration up there now. Obama is running things from the shadows and having Biden sign off on EO’s since they installed Biden as the FAKE president. They are destroying America as we know it and if WE THE PEOPLE do not rise up against these marxist/socalist/communist we will not have a country anymore. That is their goal…to turn our country into a 3rd world country and bankrupt her so they can RESET and run it in the ground completely. Socialism is here and if we do not rise up against this government we currently have, America is gone. Looks like our answer is with the “Convention of States” – this is our only hope at this point. If you don’t know what this is, then look it up.

  • LINDA says:

    Impeach Biden, Harris and Pelosi together and get Trump back in his rightful place. The Democrats cheated big time to get Biden elected and it needs to be corrected.

  • Wayne says:

    Totally agree , Biden’s immigration policies have created the crisis at the Border !!!

  • BILL says:


  • trump4Prison 2024 says:

    trump lawyer is arguing No one was stupid enuf to believe her rigged voting machines claim in the 1.5 billion dollar lawsuit against her.No one is Crazy enuf to believe her when she says the election was stolen.Haven’t u heard?

  • jerry primo says:

    FINISH THE WALL… Finish The Wall… Period. Then we can work on the other issues. Starting with Hearings for those who want to come and figure out what to do with Illegals that have been hear for over three years. As you build a house you need a strong foundation (the Wall). Then you can start to correct the other issues. Sound simple,,,, Time for Politian’s to just do what is correct for the American citizens. We can correct this easily, just need a starting point (the wall). Then you need to follow the laws on the books already. Enough spending money that the USA does not have. How many Politian’s are willing to take four or Five immigrants in to there house to support. I am sure you could not find three that would do that. Ps Last point what about minimum wage issues that the Politian’s want and E-verify law for employers.

  • Timothy says:

    Really I wish I could select more than 1 answer in surveys because my thought are usually more than only 1 answer. America has got the least qualified and most controlled president and Vice President in history. Their policy’s and executive orders are destroying our country!!!

  • Gary says:

    Trump and Mexico were working together to correct the problem. it was under control before Biden and Harris decided they could do things better. any thing to change what Trump has corrected. 2024 Trump can once again correct the Dramatics bull shit. The real issue is hows going to pay for all this. THE TAX PAYER. use.

  • Honest says:

    All Demos try to play the Blame Game while lining their pockets~

  • Alfred Gonzales says:

    These two fools need to step down already, They haven’t got a clue on how a great country should be ran. Then again its all about power. American people a the least they care about, more votes by bringing in the illegals , more & more spending for a system that won’t work. Bringing in more drugs, crime. Impeachment time, biden , harris , yes lower case , Get out of our great country. All you dems, not needed. Trump cared and was doing a pretty dam good job. Now you democrats are tearing it all down cause of hate for one man. At least he has a set..

  • Mary Jo says:

    Let’s get real. It is obvious what is happening. They want to destroy our country. Why? For power and money. They are evil. We have to fight back, and now. Everyone knows the election was stolen (bought and paid for by those that have lots of money, China, the elite, U.N., etc.) Of course Biden is the guilty one. Who ever is controlling him had it planned all along. Good way to ruin the country. How so many people were paid off is beyond me but they did it. I’m ashamed of so many of the people of this country.

  • Richard Manfredi says:

    The President Obrador of Mexico is absolutely correct. President Biden created this problem , let him solve it.

  • Anonymous says:

    we have laws and a constitution in this country that is for everybody. Why are they not enforced by those in positions of power. They should apply to everyone equally including the President of the United States and all of Congress as well. The Dems have made it so that the lawful people are persecuted and the criminals are set free to run rapid. Its hard to believe that there are so many people in this country with out any common since enough to see what’s going on. VOTE TRUMP

  • Branden Oconnell says:

    Ahahahahaha your all retarded

  • Kerry woods says:

    It all belongs to slow joe biden border policy if it works screw it up the democrats way

  • Melody LaForce says:

    We all know Biden did not win the election. If he were a real leader, in the beginning he would have demanded a re-vote, or at least had all the proof investigated of fraud. He n the “SWAMP” just slithered in like the snakes they are. And all they have done to ruin our country do far is disposable. Obama needs to quit puppeteering Biden. Trump showed things good for our country could be accomplished that Obama and Biden FAILED TO ACCOMPLISH. We had the best President in history. Now “WE HAVE THE WORST”.

  • Mike says:

    @Brandon O’connell…ha…ha…ha…your still in your mom’s basement! I have seen you posts before and you are outgunned once again! China Joe is a freaking idiot letting his handlers trying to bring back a problem at the boarder that was years in the making. The problem was well on its way being solved under President Trump and now it’s a freaking mess of distruction in which YOUR party once again created a mess! This is what happens when you steel am election. More to distruction follow with this current administration, hang on tight!

  • Melody LaForce says:

    Passing a bill against voter I.D. just “PROVES” they didn’t win honestly. And they want to cheat our country again in the years to come.

  • ROBERT A. ABADIE says:

    TO DO SO

  • David says:

    Branden, when the consensus varies from your unintelligent thought process, typically one with a brain wonders, hmmm what am I missing? Not you, typical leftist, only “your” opinion is the correct one, and then name calling. “You’re” clearly not capable of that. A remedial english class would also help you. Fact of the matter is, the border is a mess, downright crisis, jobs are being lost by the thousands, toy potatoes are offensive, we’re paying almost 90 million to house illegals entwring the country “illegally” actually Bozo announced yest they’re going to go back to Trumps border policy.” Too funny, and too late! The travel ban was lifted and he opened the border to one and all, including the covid infected! Even the democratic mayors along the border towns are complaining. I thought this was a deadly pandemic? US tax dollars being used for Pakistans transgenders, US tax dollars being used for foreign abortions. The left loves killing babies for the parts they sell. US tax dollars will now be used to pay for sex changes for military personnel, because you know, that’s an important part of the military. And Xidens sucking on XiXi for that oil/money. Overall, within two months Xidens doing far worse in every way possible.

  • Guest says:

    Biden is so worried that Pres Trump was doing a great job that hes cancelling all his good works. See where Joe is now. the worst illegal Pres in history. The deep left all need to go. They have done so much damage our kids and grandkids will never know the freedom we so lived by. Gos bless us all.

  • Chad says:

    Higher gas prices, crisis at our boarder, kids in containers and cages, mass shootings, close down pipelines and laid off 1000’s of jobs, higher food prices, higher income taxes, trying to pass crazy gun laws, that will absolutely accomplish nothing, 1.9 trillion dollar covid bill, which only 9% of it actually went to covid the rest is gift money for the dems pet projects, trying to pass another 3 TRILLION dollar bill again… for claimate change and other pet projects, at the China meeting in Alaska last week, China called America weak and this current administration did nothing about it…Can ya all see a pattern here, and not even a 100 days in office.

  • Mary says:

    Wowwww!! People are finally opening their eyes!!
    Everyone knows that Biden and his administration are trying to destroy our country!! The American people know and see right thru their sick plans..blaming everything that happens on the American people.. if they don’t like it here then go live in China!! But stop bringing Communist China’s sick morals and values here!!!!!!!!!
    I thank GOD for sending President Trump to us for such a time as this.. to warn us on what was to come, to what is going on behind the iron curtain.
    Please Lord heal our Nation!! In Jesus precious name ..Amen!
    BTW.. Trump is STILL my President.. cheaters don’t count.. Ugh!
    Lord Help Us Pleasssseee!!!

  • Carlos A Montalvan Sr says:

    It is very obvious that is Mr. Biden’s fault. unfortunately the convenient blindness and normal politicians behavior of blaming somebody else on their own faults is something that will remain unchanged in their minds, forever and ever.

  • RazE says:

    This is a disgrace and those who voted for Biden can thank your president for it. I knew he was going to destroy this country and he’s well on his way to doing just that.

  • Ronny Wheeler-King says:

    We need TRUMP !!

  • Danya Heaton says:

    We can’t wait for Trump in 2024, it will be to late, there won’t be any thing left
    for him to fix. Something needs to be done now…

  • Tina Roberts says:

    Maybe Biden’s brain still works, maybe not, but the folks around him who are running the show are basing their actions (now our government’s actions) on the Cloward-Piven strategy. The “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.
    So, the basic situation is that they think they will end up being the masters of the plantation which used to be the U.S.A. and the working class will be their slaves. The plan to get there is to destroy (yes DESTROY) the country financially and then they will have a clean slate to build their socialist utopia (tyranny) and create a new version of the Soviet Union. Of course many of us know how that ended, but these fools think they are smarter than anyone else on the planet and somehow they will be successful with a system that has failed countless times before. Note that the worst part of this is that they are currently in control and their number one goal is to DESTROY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ALL OF ITS FOUNDING PRINCIPLES.

  • Calvin Johnston says:

    One might note that the reason socialism always fails is human psychology. When you give everyone the same thing it sounds good but there are lazy people and ambitious people. The lazy folks do the absolute minimum necessary to get their share. Soon the ambitious folks who are doing most all the work get frustrated and angry. They think, why should I work my butt off and end up with the same as the lazy schmucks. So the ambitious folks imitate the lazy folks and necessary work doesn’t get done. The products that are produced are poor quality and low quantity. Soon everyone is going hungry, except of course, those in charge. Eventually, all the working class is so tired of the crap, so frustrated and angry that they either rebel or just refuse to do anything and it all falls apart.
    In other words, socialism is like reverse Robin Hood. Those in control take from the poor and give to the rich. When the poor no longer have anything, the system collapses.

  • Ramirez, Jr. Alberto says:

    I think the Mexican president, ough to start cleaning his own backyard. And close the border between them and Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.. them move to the border between us and them clean out the alien smugglers and drug smugglers. But Mr Mexican president be sure clean out the corruption in your law enforcement and yourself.

  • Luz Puello says:

    finish the wall and start to obey the law!!!

  • Aida says:

    Someone needs to arrest Soros too. That guy is the poster boy for treason, endangering our national security paying for, and promoting this border disaster. As despicable as anyone can be.

  • Patriot Jo says:

    I am agreement with so many of the above people. We KNOW that the Democrats stole the election in November and the runoff election in Georgia in January. Kudos to Aida for saying that Soros needs to be arrested too. His money put a lot of crooked District Attorneys in office. California right now is trying to recall two of them – George Gascon in L.A. and Chesea Boudin in San Francisco. I am outraged that Biden has approved $86 million dollars (our tax payer money) to put ILLEGALS in hotels for up to 6 months when we have American citizens, some with kids, living in their cars, living in homeless shelters or tents. Are they being offered a hotel room? President Trump put American and Americans FIRST, Biden/Harris are putting American and Americans last! I pray every night for our border patrol workers and for our country. It is appalling that the Press are not being given access to the border. American citizens deserve to know what’s going on, especially since it is OUR tax payer money that is paying the bill. I just hope that each and everyone of you who have commented are letting your Senators and Representatives know how you feel. I am. We need to speak out. I miss President Trump.

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    Did all the people who said they would leave the country when Trump was elected come back now?
    Oh wait, no one really left, until now….

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    You elect a clown, you must expect a circus!!!

  • frank samlow says:


  • Chuli says:

    I have family in Mexico, they have dealt with this before and they tell me how this flux of people coming in is difficult to stop. They were given funds by Soros and other rich men to help them along. They refused food put out by those who thought they would be hungry only to have them tell those who made the food that it was for pigs. Our current President gave a green light for them to come, then the smugglers, and drug dealers rubbed their hands together and shouted with joy.
    Last time there were many who were attacking their agents on their southern border. I guess the Mexican President let them through because he didn’t want what happened before (killed police officers, border officers and anyone who stood in their way) to happen again. The Mexican President didn’t invite them OUR President did. He is responsible.

  • Anonymous says:

    Trump 2024, I hope.

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