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Michael Phelps Has The Midas Touch



  • Michael Phelps is back and is already winning gold.
  • On Sunday Phelps competed in his first relay of 2016 and took the gold with ease.
  • After his performance over the weekend, it is assumed that the remaining five gold medals will be a walk in the park for the “God Of The Water”.
  • If Phelps wins all six gold medals this year that will put him up to 70 gold medals in his swimming career.

The Earth seemed to tremble as Michael Phelps walked up to the pool at the Rio Olympic games. The patrons were silent with respect for the “God of the water”. Michael Phelps stepped to the edge of the pool like an ancient warrior facing his greatest enemy. How many medals could he possibly acquire from his old this time?

Michael Phelps has won gold medals every year since 2001 (excluding the year he took off for retirement). At age 15 he won his first gold medal in 2001 while breaking the world record in the 200-meter butterfly. The next year, 2002, he won three gold medals. 2003 he claimed four gold medals. Then, in 2004, he put six more gold medals under his belt. 2005, he acquired five more gold medals, as well as in 2006. In 2007, he took home a gold medal for every category he competed in, a whopping seven. He did the same thing in 2008, taking home eight gold medals. Then, five in 2009, and 2010. In 2011, he took home four gold medals (as well as his first bronze medal). In 2012, he again took home four gold medals. He then tried to go into retirement in 2013 but quickly came back to compete in 2014, winning three gold medals. Then winning three again in 2015. Now it is 2016, and Michael Phelps has claimed his first gold medal.

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64 gold medals in 15 years, makes him the most award-winning Olympic athlete of all time. His performance this year at the Rio Olympics shows us that he again is going to have a year of gold.

The reason Phelps, King Midas, is in quick succession for more gold is because he broke his last record. He clocked in at 47.12 seconds. That is faster than his record breaking time back in 2008 when he took home eight gold medals.

Everyone seems to view Phelps with eyes of bewilderment and awe.

The French competitor Fabien Gilot, the silver medal winner, said of Phelps, “As fast as my teammates were, the extraterrestrial that is Phelps was faster.”

James Magnussen, the Austrailian bronze winner said, “It's always great to see a fairytale like that unfold in a race you're a part of.”

It seems the once party animal Phelps, has turned over a new leaf of his career. The now 31-year-old, after being banned from the world championships last year because of a second DUI, has given up drinking and started a new life.

Even his fiance and newborn son, Bommer, were in the audience on Sunday, a symbolic new start to the Phelps legend.

Yet, after Sunday those six gold medals seem to be waiting on a platter for King Midas's golden touch.

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