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For the Upcoming Midterm Elections, Democrats Are in Trouble



2022 Midterm Election in United States of America | For the Upcoming Midterm Elections, Democrats Are in Trouble | featured

Yet another new poll continues to confirm that Republicans remain poised to trounce Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. Numbers suggest that the GOP is now enjoying support from groups traditionally aligned with the Democratic party. 

NPR and Marist conducted the poll between April 19 to 26. It involved getting responses from 1,377 adults with an error margin of +/- 3.7%.  

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NPR/Marist Poll Shows That In Upcoming Midterm Elections, Democrats Are in Trouble

US midterm elections | NPR/Marist Poll Shows That In Upcoming Midterm Elections, Democrats Are in Trouble 

According to the results of a new NPR and Marist poll, Democrats are in a lot of trouble. A traditional Democrat group, Latinos are now swaying toward the other side.

The poll showed that 52% of Latino voters are now likely to choose a GOP candidate in their district elections. In contrast, only 39% of Latino respondents said they will vote for a Democrat.

Latinos traditionally preferred to vote for Democrats. However, recent poll data shows that the group is now pulling away from the party over the last few years. 

In addition, younger voters are now also drifting to Republicans and away from Democrats. 55% of voters aged 30-49 supported President Biden in 2020.

Also, 59% of 18-29 old voters went for  Biden. Now, 50% of voters under the age of 45 years say they will support a Republican candidate. 

More Independents Will Also Vote Republican In Midterm Elections

In addition, Republican support is also gaining among another traditional Democrat bastion: independents.

Currently, 45% of independent voters, or those who do not align with either party, will choose Republican in 2022. Meanwhile, only 38% of independent voters say they will vote Democrat in the midterm elections. 

These groups might help propel the Republican party back into power in the House and Senate. Overall, 47% of respondents say that they will choose a Republican candidate in the midterm elections.

In contrast, only 44% of voters say they will back a Democrat candidate. 

Democrats Trail Republicans By 3 Points 6 Months Before Midterm Elections

Democrats historically outclass the GOP in congressional elections. The NPR and Marist poll showed that this is the first the GOP led the surveys since 2014.

A few points lead to mean doom for the Democrats. Currently, they lag behind the Republicans by three points. There are only six months to go before the midterm elections.  

Unfortunately for Democrats, President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are helping bury them. Only 41% of voters currently approve of the way Biden is handling his job. At 51%, more Americans disapprove of Biden. Out of those not in favor, 37% strongly disapprove.  

Democrats Are Faltering Due to the Worsening Economy

The main reason for the drop in confidence for Democrats is the economy. 42% of voters think that Republicans can handle managing the economy better than the Democrats.

Meanwhile, only 26% of voters say that Democrats can do better. When it comes to inflation, voters also seem to trust Republicans more. 41% of respondents say they trust the GOP more to bring down inflation.

In contrast, only 20% of voters say that Democrats can do it better. In addition, voters seem to prefer Republicans in managing crime, national security, immigration, and gun rights.

Watch the PBS NewsHour video reporting that new polling data suggests a struggle for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections:

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Do you agree that Democrats are in big trouble this coming midterm election? Why is there a drop in Democratic support in various groups such as Latinos, younger voters, and independents?

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