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Border Crisis

Record Breaking Migrant Numbers Double to 8,000 in 24 Hours



Record Breaking Migrant Numbers Double to 8,000 in 24 Hours-ss-Featured

In a single day, the number of migrants in Del Rio, Texas, who are waiting underneath the International Bridge, has doubled. Now, there are more than 8,000 of these people, most of whom are from Haiti. Sources say that the situation there has overwhelmed Border Patrol.

Fox News has released drone footage, showing the sheer number of migrants who are under the bridge, just waiting for Border Patrol to apprehend them. The number of people has surged in a single day.

The numbers were sitting at 4,000 on Wednesday. However, when Thursday morning came, the count has drastically gone up to 8,200. According to a source, as reported by Fox, Border Patrol has become overwhelmed by the situation and that it is “out of control.”

Additionally, a source from law enforcement revealed that the majority of migrants come from Haiti and that more people are arriving at the said area each minute.

This is just the latest chaotic border situation that’s currently happening all while the Biden administration struggles to handle the migrant surge. The border crisis has overwhelmed authorities, with Republican Party members blaming the current administration’s immigration policies as the cause of all the chaos.

Number of Migrant Encounters Breaches 200,000 for the Second Month in a Row

On Wednesday, Customs and Border Protection announced that they have encountered 208,877 migrants in August. This shows a small decline from July’s 212,000 encounters. However, for the second month in a row, the figures have breached the 200,000 mark.

Around 44% of the said number of encounters ended in expulsion based on Title 42 of public health protections. However, among the 86,000 family units encountered last month, only 19% were expelled.

The current administration has repeatedly laid down the blame on the Trump administration for stopping legal means of getting asylum. It also pushed for a plan that focuses more on tackling the “root causes” of migration, such as violence, poverty, and corruption.

Meanwhile, members of the Republican Party have blamed the Biden administration’s decision to roll back on immigration policies made during Trump’s administration, such as the border wall construction and Migrant Protection Protocols.

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  • Kelly says:

    Just another way for the Democrats to cheat for votes! Win the Senate, get rid of Pelosi, Schumer, Schaffer and the little midget, impeach Biden, prosecute Hunter and get President Trump back in office is our only hope! We will continue to build the wall as Texans!

  • David says:

    Bravo! Good job! I’m so glad we have a transparent government prioritizing the immigration policy, and not playing politics with a pandemic. I’m very glad both sides have united to handle this dire situation. I’m also happy to hear the white house has clarified that this virus is very deadly and EVERYONE needs to get the shot, unless you are a congressman/woman, work for a congressman/woman, or you receive welfare, or you are a /illegal immigrant/migrant to the US.

  • Donald J. Shaw says:

    There is no room for everything in this USA as you name it anything such as lack of jobs, more tax money, more crimes, etc. There are way too many people and too crowded here as 3rd largest population on this planet impossible. This is a real big mess. It doesn’t matter that any country have no room for anybody because of too many people everywhere and regardless. Where will they go? They have nowhere to go anywhere on this planet and even any bad evil government from their countries. That’s the problems. It is very sad for them.

  • Conservative justice says:

    Most of the migrants at Texas border in Del Rio come from Haiti! My question is how in the hell are they getting off that island and getting here . Mexico says they have enough dealing with Honduras, Guatemala and their own country. Cant deal with or hold Haitians in there country because they are nit from South America. Biden won’t deal with it because he’s an idiot ! He stopped the planes from taking them back for being illegal no matter the reason so they heard this and new if they get here and get apprehended they would be released in the USA and given a court date that they won’t honor and here they stay . Dems probably paid to fly them here . After all there is another 10-15 million votes for them after all is said and done between them and all of Mexico and South America

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    I’m sure they are all wearing masks, and have been vaccinated, this shit is crazy! The worst president and vice president ever. Treasonous

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