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Border Crisis

Private Donations To Texas Border Wall Reaches $54 Million



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Private donations to continue building the Texas border wall kicked into another gear last few weeks. By the end of August, private donations totaled $54,260,182 to build a wall separating the state from neighboring Mexico. A month ago, donations were at a measly $1 million. 

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Surge in Donations For the Texas Border Wall

The Texas Tribune reported the surge in donations for the Texas border wall. From its $1 million initial balance, funds rose to $19 million by the middle of the month.

By August 31, total donations broke $54 million. It remains unclear what caused the sudden surge in donations.

The funding from private donors started in June when Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott announced his plan to revive the border wall.

Previously, President Joe Biden issued an executive that paused all construction and funding for the border wall. Abbott then later said he will solicit private donations to continue building the Texas border wall and the state would put down a $250 million initial funding. 

Secure The Southern Border

Renae Eze, press secretary for Abbott, issued a statement. “We are grateful for the outpouring of support from across our state and the entire country as Texas fills the gap created by President Biden and steps up to secure our southern border,” she said. 

“Cartels and smugglers are profiting off the chaos as they overwhelm and divert our nation’s resources so they can smuggle drugs, weapons, criminals, and other contraband across our border.

While the Biden Administration may not prioritize the sovereignty of our nation or the safety of our people, Americans clearly do,” she added.

Democrats Oppose the Wall

Republicans emphasized the importance of the Texas border wall between the US and Mexico. They insist that the wall can deter migrants from crossing illegally into the United States.

Meanwhile, Democrats and migrant rights advocates think otherwise. They see the building of a wall as an inefficient waste of resources.

“The border wall has done nothing but militarize border communities, destroy precious environmental habitats, and desecrate Native American sacred sites. After such abuses of power, canceling the contracts and repairing the environmental damage is the least we can do,” said Representative Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) in April. 

Last June, Representative Filemon Vela (D-TX) criticized Abbott and former President Donald Trump for plans to revive the Texas border wall. He also called the two out for visiting the border and highlighting illegal immigration.

“Let’s make one thing clear: the narrative of a violent and insecure border region is blatantly false. The border is not a war zone, and the wall Abbott and Trump are trying to get Texans to pay for is not only a waste of their hard-earned money but also an un-American symbol of hatred that separates and intimidates our communities, harms our wildlife, and encroaches on landowner rights,” he said. 

20-Year High in Attempted Crossings In 2021

However, attempts to cross the border remain unabated since Biden took over as President. In fact, attempts to cross the US-Mexico border hit a 20-year high last July. around 212,000 migrants tried to cross the US border illegally. The numbers are 13% higher than the recorded attempts during the previous month.

Watch the CBS This Morning video reporting that Texas Governor Greg Abbott proposes reviving the border wall with Mexico:

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