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Milwaukee Sets Itself On Fire To Protest Death Of Violent Criminal



Milwaukee erupted in flames over the weekend as a predominantly African American crowd rioted, burning, looting, and attacking everything in their path.

It all flared up after police shot an armed black man who was running from them. The officer who shot the man was also African American and had ordered the suspect multiple times to drop the weapon before he opened fire. It also turned out that the gun was recently stolen. Despite all this, a crowd, largely emboldened by Black Lives Matter, took to the streets burning and looting everything in their path.

The rioters threw rocks and bottles at police and at one point even opened fire with a handgun. One officer was critically wounded after he was hit in the head with a brick while sitting in his police cruiser. The rioters also destroyed and burned multiple police cars.

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They burned and looted a total of 6 buildings, including a bank, a gas station, and an auto parts store. The Milwaukee Fire Department was unable to put out the blazes due to the gunshots from the crowd.

The riot was also less than friendly to members of the press, several of which report having rocks and bricks thrown at them, being told to leave, and one cameraman being knocked to the ground and punched several times.

After all this, the Police only made 3 arrests. If this riot demonstrated anything about the police, it seems to be their level-headedness and overly understanding attitudes towards the violent crowd.

On Sunday, Sheriff David Clark responded to the attacks.

I guess this is how you protest violence in your neighborhoods, by destroying the neighborhood and causing as much violence and mayhem as humanly possible.

On Sunday, Governer Scott Walker called in the national guard to assist the police in any way. For now, things have died down, but when the Black Lives Movement will riot even over the death of an armed robber than peace will not last long.

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