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Missouri Lawmakers Consider Banning Transgender High Schoolers from Competing on Teams That Match Gender Identity

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Football team | Missouri Lawmakers Consider Banning Transgender High Schoolers from Competing on Teams That Match Gender Identity | Featured

Missouri lawmakers are considering a proposal that would ban transgender high school students from competing on teams that don’t match their “gender at birth.” The bill was introduced by State Sen. Cindy O’Laughlin, R-Shelby County, who said that “transgender athletes have an unfair advantage over those who are naturally born male or female,” as reported by KY3.

“It is a known biological fact that males are born with categorically superior strength, speed, and endurance,” O’Laughlin said. “It has nothing to do with any other issue than trying to create a fair playing field.”

The current Missouri law states that transgender athletes who want to play on teams that do not match their assigned gender at birth must apply to the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA). They must submit medical records and other relevant documents, and transgender women must show proof that they have been on testosterone blockers for a year and must remain on them.

Those who oppose to O’Laughlin’s proposal argued that Missouri’s current laws already provide a fair vetting process.

“They have provided fair and inclusive parameters for inclusion in sports,” Jennifer Mock, a mom of transgender athlete, said. “These parameters allow my son to play the game [of hockey] he’s always wanted to play with his childhood peers.”

According to Dr. Tom Jackson, a licensed chiropractor in Missouri, “I can tell you as someone who does train and treat transgender athletes on a daily basis, even professional ones, that they have no distinct advantage in competition.”

A transgender athlete who was born a girl but identifies as a boy said: “Putting me on the girls activities won’t make me a girl. This bill will force me on the girls teams where I end up beating every single girl on my high school cross country team in every race, and I’d have placed 28th in the state as a freshman.”

KY3 reported that there is “a similar bill in the Missouri House that would also restrict transgender athletes, and bar girls from playing high school football.”

“Neither the House or Senate versions have been voted out of committee. If either is approved by the General Assembly, it will be put to a vote of the people,” the report said.

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  • Avatar ADowns13 says:

    Good for Missouri. It is about time lawmakers are standing up to this nonsense.

    • Avatar Leslie Fish says:

      I can think of a couple of other solutions. First, declare a third sex — “other” — for the trannies to compete in. Second, let’s start raising our kids with the same diets, exercise, hygiene, and expectations; if there’s less exaggerated difference between the sexes, kids won’t be tempted to try to become the opposite sex; claiming that you’re a “girl” won’t get you out of exercising, and claiming that you’re a “boy” won’t get you out of washing thoroughly.

  • Avatar Theresa Raterman says:

    The genitalia you have should determine your sex. A female grows a penis then she becomes a male. Boy gets his penis cuts off and is given a vagina then he’s now a girl

    • Avatar RDB says:

      Theresa, where did you get your education? No matter what a person does too themselves. A man is a man. A women is a woman. These that do the things they do are no more than homo and lizos. If you don’t understand. Then read the word of GOD. And if you still don’t believe. Then may GOD have mercy on you.

    • Avatar Viper says:

      So John Wayne Bobbit would have been forced to use the women’s room when he was fitted with a spigot before his reattachment surgery?

    • Avatar IMHO62 says:

      Theresa, Genitalia is only an expression of your sex which is determined by the X or Y chromosomes found in every cell of your body which determines the hormone balance and its influence on that body. Once you can change those chromosomes then people could truly be a “different” sex, otherwise changes through chemical sterilization/castration and body mutilation is only an illusion or dare I say a delusion.

  • Avatar Deb goatlady says:

    RDB Perfect Answer.. Here’s the thing.. MY GOD does not make mistakes.. if he created you a woman you ARE a woman, if he created you a Man YOU ARE a man.. all this nonsense of changing genders, men wearing buns, men not being allowed to act like men while today’s women are harsh and mean.. and wear purple or green mohawks is disgusting.. This current generation is so messed up it isn’t even funny.. they can’t think past their tats and piercings.. what a MESS and yes.. May GOD have mercy on your souls.. AND ADOWNS13 Yes.. Let Missouri be the one to follow in this.. Lord knows part of the country following the east and west coast idiots are traveling down a road to insanity.. MAGA! 2020

  • Avatar Joan Freda says:

    Finally a voice of reason in an otherwise mad, mad, mad world!

  • Avatar 11B10Grunt says:

    Transgenderism is opening doors of debate in just about every realm of western society. People have to ask what bathrooms are they to use now and can a once man-altered to a woman compete with female athletes. This issue is dividing America and is bringing sharp debates from the devilish Democrats and the righteous Republicans. The transgender issue is things that are against the laws of nature. It is against the normal order of things and this is seen in the sports areas. In a paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, a study was done to prove that suppressing testosterone levels in men trying to be something they are not is not enough to suppress the strength advantage that they have over little girls. They are bigger and faster and very much stronger than the little girls that they are competing against. And of course, the devils called Democrats in the House are downplaying the significance of such findings because they just don’t care about the people that are going to be hurt by these freaks trying to be something they are not. Surprisingly no one has ever seen a transgender woman trying to be a man ever join a football team. It is ludicrous that a freak of nature has to try to prove something he is not by roughing up little girls in a sports event that is not something that he should be participating in. But the devilish Democrats want people to believe that they are all equal. Science and just plain common sense have proven that there is a natural difference between men and women, and they are not all the same. The dorky Democrats believe that men trying to be girls do not have the advantage of true girls. This study proves once and for all that they do have an advantage. Just because a man puts on a dress does not make him a woman. There is nothing in all creation that will change the fact that he is a man. The paper makes mention that these men have an “intolerable” advantage over women. There is nothing that is going to change this fact. The sad reality is that the Democrats will reject the proven truth and still hold on to their lies like they do with everything else that is false that they hold to. The paper goes on to point out that hormone therapy is still not enough to make the playing field equal between men and women. There are just too many differences. A man’s muscle mass returns to normal at times because of muscle memory. There is nothing that will ever change the truth that a man is a man and a girl is a girl. Genetics cannot change and there is nothing that the doctors can do to change the sexual identity of a man or a woman. A person can put on a costume but that does not change who they are on the inside. All that transgenderism proves is that a person is living a lie. The Democrats want to force people to accept the changes and make things unfair for everyone else. They have tried to pass an equality act that would make it illegal for schools to keep men from competing with women in sports.Ilhan Omar is a supporter of this kind of legislation. She does not believe in the science behind the report. The country would love to Omar compete on a pro-football team after making such remarks. She holds that there is no advantage present. One day on the team and she would see that she is completely wrong on the matter. The devils in the Democratic Party are trying to feminize men while at the same time hurt womanhood. For a man to compete physically against a girl is just ridiculous and should never happen. President Trump is sure to veto any such bill coming from the Democrats. There is no reason or proof that men are equal to women. There is just too much physical proof and evidence that proves that they are not the same in many ways.

    According to new research from Boston University shows, what most of us knew already, that people who believe themselves to be something that they are not, even when relating to sex, have high rates of mental illness. While the correlation between the denial of one’s own nature and mental illness shouldn’t surprise anyone, what might is the rate. As high as 78%. Sarah Ketchen Lipson of Boston University’s School of Public Health told Reuters that her analysis of 2015-2017 data from the Healthy Minds Study showed that students who identified as trans, non-binary, or “genderqueer”, were four times as likely to suffer from mental illness as someone of their gender that does not. This sort of data should be enough to slam the brakes on every one of the real-time social and psychological experiments being conducted upon our culture and our children in the name of exclusivity or diversity or whatever the left is pushing lately. Sadly I don’t think Lipson’s words will have much effect on the vacuous parents that advertise their level of woke through their non-binary middle schooler on puberty blockers and anti-depressants. They will still insist that they are not forcing this abuse on their child for social points among their fellows, they will confidently assert that their child wouldn’t be a cutter if it weren’t for all the terrible conservatives judging and oppressing. Untreated mental illness, psychological suffering, and depression are not the sorts of things we should want for any part of our population, however small. But those identifying, or being identified by their parents, are not the only ones that suffer. Critics of ANTIFA will have their lawfully owned firearms confiscated through “red flag laws” while social justice warriors demand that we allow transgenders in the military, an occupation with already all too high suicide rate. I’m sure our combat readiness will not be affected by units being forced to make time in the training schedule for trans-awareness classes. School-aged girls will be forced to compete against, and share showers with, boys claiming to be girls. Losing scholarships because they are unable to compete with males, or dropping out because they don’t want to shower with boys that are more than likely mentally ill. These examples are not the extreme, they are just the beginning. These examples aren’t even hypothetical, they have already happened here, not to mention the insanity that takes place in Europe and Canada with this. Kids being suspended, people being fired, and even arrested for not using the “correct pronoun”. This is literal insanity, brought to you as usual by the left.
    “Transgendered” who make up less than one percent of the population, and the other perverts now rule the rest of us by demanding that we accept them as our rulers and have coerced us into allowing them to brainwash and recruit our children into their perverted lifestyles. NO ONE RULES OR TELLS ME WHAT I MUST ACCEPT YOU WILL NOT MAKE ME DANCE TO YOUR “SICK DEMENTED PERVERTED LIFESTYLE! YOU NEED MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING NOT CODDLING BY THE demoRACISTS! And one more thing if you think that they will protect if the mooslims should take over your sadly mistakened.The scum will give your names to them and then you will be TERMINATED PERMANENTLY! Get your head out your ass and codsack out your mouth and get some counseling for your own sake cause demoRACISTS could care less about you.

  • Avatar A FREE American A FREE American says:

    About time a state is Steppin up do the right thing

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