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M&M’s to Release Classic and Peanut Mix – Three Flavors in One Bag

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M&M’s to Release Classic and Peanut Mix – Three Flavors in One Bag

The new M&M’s Mix contains different flavors in one bag – a definite treat to candy lovers.

It is available in two varieties – Classic and Peanut – and “offers the perfect combination of flavors and textures,” reported Food Sided.

The Classic variety has three traditional M&M’S flavors: M&M’S Milk Chocolate, M&M’S Milk Chocolate Peanut, and M&M’S Peanut Butter. On the other hand, the Peanut variety includes M&M’S Milk Chocolate Peanut, M&M’S White Chocolate Peanut, and M&M’S Dark Chocolate Peanut.

M&M’s posted a teaser on Instagram with the caption, “We’ve been mixing something up. Think you know what it is? Give us your best guess.” However, candy lovers will have to wait as this exciting treat is reportedly hitting stores in April 2021.

The bags will come in 2.5 oz. and 8.3 oz. options for $1.99 and $3.99 respectively, reported Fox Business.

“Whether you’re snacking for yourself, setting up a small gathering at home, or adding a few sweets to the kids’ lunch boxes, the combination of M&M’s flavors is sure to be a hit, and you won’t hit flavor boredom after a few candies,” wrote All Recipes.

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