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Mobile Apps Help Those Who Are Unemployed Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

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Mobile Apps Help Those Who Are Unemployed Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Mobile apps have recently helped people find temporary work while many businesses close. While early estimates suggest that at least a million workers could lose their jobs in March, an app called MyWorkChoice and other similar apps may be the solution to finding temporary and permanent employment.

Fox Business reported that MyWorkChoice connects jobseekers with business owners and gets new employees trained for work in as little as 24 hours.

MyWorkChoice CEO Tana Greene said: “You’ve got all of these displaced people because of [COVID-19], but you also have a huge demand for supplies. It’d be such a perfect world if people knew about [MyWorkChoice] and were able to get back working within 24 hours.”

Greene explained that MyWorkChoice is designed around its clients. As more and more businesses need workers to fill temporary jobs, her app connects these employers with potential employees in nine states.

“Demand has spiked in the past week or two” because of COVID-19, she said. “We can have 200 to 400 people ready in about two weeks because of the technology. You couldn’t do what we do today 10 years ago.”

“It’s all demand now. Once we get that, we’re a go,” she said.

Applying through the app is relatively simple. Applicants apply through the app or website, go through a background check, and do a phone interview with one of MyWorkChoice’s call center workers. Greene explained that once workers are approved and start the training process, they start working.

“Right now, we can process and get someone into work within 24 hours,” she said. The company’s eventual goal is to get people “from couch to check in an hour.”

According to Fox Business, “connecting businesses and workers looking for temporary or permanent jobs is a relatively recent trend that other companies are starting to pick up on.”

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