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MSM Vilifies Kyle Rittenhouse, 17-year old Who Wanted to Help the Police



Kenosha, WI is a lawless place these days. Following the Sunday afternoon shooting of 29-year old Jacob Blake by police officers, the city has been taken over by mobs and rioters. Businesses, police cars, and public works vehicles have been lit on fire and windows broken. Now, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who was trying to help the police, has been charged with murder after being chased and assaulted by an angry mob.

Kyle Rittenhouse came to Kenosha from Antioch, Ill. in an effort to offer support to Kenosha police officers. Rittenhouse brought his semi-automatic rifle and joined others who were helping to protect a dealership. He appeared in multiple videos filmed by reporters. He took no issue with identifying himself. Rittenhouse was also being clear about his intentions to support the local police force as things spiraled out of control.

The Problem With The Media's Depiction
The media is painting Rittenhouse as a gun-crazed, police-obsessed high school dropout. He posted in support of “Blue Lives Matter”on his Facebook page. Also, he started a fundraiser for Humanizing the Badge, a nonprofit that seeks to build police relationships with their communities. He attended a Trump rally and owns guns, which he knows how to use. Kyle Rittenhouse sounds like a lot of Americans, actually.

In the video footage that is being shared on major news outlets, editors are deliberately cutting to the moment that Rittenhouse begins shooting in defense of his life; they very carefully are removing all of the very clear footage that shows everything that happened to him prior to opening fire:

  • He is chased from his post at the dealership by an angry mob.
  • A molotov cocktail is thrown at his head.
  • He is punched.
  • He is kicked when he falls to the ground.
  • A Glock is pointed in his face.
  • He is hit in the neck with a skateboard.

Kyle Rittenhouse fired 1 shot after a protester fired his gun nearby. He then fired 4 more shots as rioters descended on him. Videos recorded at least 16 gunshots at that time; who exactly fired the other 12, and why are they not under arrest as well?

Was Kyle Rittenhouse Looking for a Firefight?

Before you read the MSM accounts of a police-idolizing, gun-toting, Trump-loving lunatic who was possibly a white supremacist and definitely out to murder innocent Black Lives Matter protestors, consider this:

Kyle Rittenhouse wore no protective gear.

Kyle Rittenhouse had no additional firepower on his person: just 1 magazine holding 30 rounds.

Prior to the incident, a video showed Rittenhouse providing medical assistance to protestors.

At the time that Kyle Rittenhouse fired his weapon in self-defense, he knew that there would be little or no police response available to help him.

Was Kyle Rittenhouse looking for a firefight? The facts say no. He was in no position to defend himself for a prolonged period of time. He was minimally armed. Also, Rittenhouse only drew his weapon after rioters descended upon him and a gun was pointed in his face.

You will have a hard time finding the full video footage that led to the unfortunate shootings in Kenosha, and that is intentional. The MSM is hell-bent on destroying Kyle Rittenhouse’s life, and dismantling police forces throughout the country. If you support President Trump, if you believe that the police offer a valuable service to our country, or if you support the 2nd Amendment, be prepared to be labeled a “lunatic,” a “radical,” and an “extremist.”

The facts show that Kyle Rittenhouse was running for his life and opened fire only when his life depended on it. And there’s a video to prove it – but good luck finding it as the MSM buries it.

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