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The First Step In Nationwide Gun Bans



  • Starting on Friday, Jan. 1, Californians concerned that a family member could become violent will be able to petition courts to temporarily seize their guns.
  • Relatives concerned that a family member presents a danger to themselves or others will be allowed to petition the court for a gun-restraining order
  • After three weeks, the individual may challenge the restraining order.
  • The state will enact two more firearms laws on January 1: pellet, BB, and airsoft guns must be brightly colored, to help distinguish them; and concealed carry permit holders will no longer be allowed to bring their weapons onto school grounds or college campuses.

California will become the first state to allow citizens to petition a court to temporarily seize family members' guns if they fear a danger to themselves or others.

Starting on Friday, Jan. 1, Californians concerned that a family member could become violent will be able to petition courts to temporarily seize their guns.

Law AB-1014, signed by Governor Jerry Brown in September 2014 after Elliot Rodger fatally stabbed and shot six people in Isla Vista that May, is the first of its kind in the nation. While gun-control advocates and mental health specialists have supported the law as a key to preventing suicides and murders, gun rights' supporters have questioned whether it adequately protects gun owners, who do not need to be convicted to have the court approve the seizure.

Relatives concerned that a family member presents a danger to themselves or others will be allowed to petition the court for a gun-restraining order, permitting officials to seize their weapons and prevent them from buying new ones. After three weeks, the individual may challenge the restraining order.

California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States: The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence grades it #1 in gun laws, and #42 in gun deaths.

The state will enact two more firearms laws on January 1: pellet, BB, and airsoft guns must be brightly colored, to help distinguish them; and concealed carry permit holders will no longer be allowed to bring their weapons onto school grounds or college campuses.

Law AB-1014 is similar to existing laws in states such as Connecticut and New Jersey, which permit law enforcement to petition to seize guns if the owner is deemed a threat, particularly in domestic violence cases.

California is the first state to allow family members to make a petition. The state already permits licensed therapists to recommend a gun seizure if they believe a patient is dangerous. The state also prohibits people with violent criminal records, or a history of involuntary admittance to a mental health facility, from owning firearms.

“It's an opportunity for mental health professionals to provide an analysis of a person’s mental state,” Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief Michael Moore told Southern California Public Radio, saying “It’s a short duration and it allows for due process.”

But others are concerned that gun owners are not always given a chance to explain themselves in court before a judge approves the seizure, and worry that the petitions will be abused. Although some mental health experts applauded the law, many cautioned that predicting which individuals may become violent is an imperfect, if not impossible, science.

Other opponents have doubted the law's power to prevent attacks. “Every one of us wants to prevent a mass shooting,” California assemblyman Tim Donnelly told The New York Times in 2014:

The question is: Would this bill stop that? I don’t believe you can ever stop that with laws. I don’t believe you can legislate evil out of the hearts of men.

According to polls, 44 percent of Americans believe it is likely that the government will try to seize all privately-owned guns “over the next generation.” Many of them fear that legal seizures, especially for people who have not yet committed crimes, will give the government too much power.

Defenders point to the Isla Vista rampage, near Santa Barbara, as evidence that family members often spot problems first, and should be equipped to prevent tragedies. Before releasing a 140-page manifesto immediately before the attacks, a document detailing his sexual frustrations and fury at women who had rejected his advances, the 22 year-old Mr. Rodger had uploaded threatening videos online.

“Start envisioning a world where WOMEN FEAR YOU,” he posted to PUAhate, a website for men critical of so-called pick up artists, which was taken down after the killings.

Rodger's parents, who say they had attempted to manage his mental disorders since childhood, found the videos and alerted law enforcement in April 2014. But police decided he did not present a threat, and that they did not have a basis to search his apartment, where he kept several guns and knives.

Source Christian Science Monitor; Original Article Can Be Read HERE

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  • ban california fence it off make them have visas and passports to enter the rest of the USA.

  • BEB says:

    Any police action against private citizens, including seizures, is unconstitutional especially without a prompt due process and immediate recourse to an appeals process and/or or court relief.

  • K. O. Fuses says:

    When people are asleep, the do not deserve
    anything better!!!

  • James Moorer says:

    If enough good people speak up and raise enough h*** it could be done away with… any such plans to do so in any other state needs to be addressed before it goes that far.. the left is determined to disarm us, they are being lied to .. there is no ” gun violence ” only people violence!

  • Artie says:

    Totally disagree with this leftist crap! Stand up for the 2nd Amendment & our Constitution! Do not let this lawless president get away with running rough shod over our Constitutional laws!

  • Martin says:

    This is the first step towards government objective to disarm America. Once completed, we can expect martial law…and likely a coup d’etat…dictatorship and control of the UN.

  • Ron Camden says:

    It is a violation of our Constitutional Rights It is like a Declaration of War

  • gary says:

    This has been obumbas , plan all along. ban guns, marshal law, one world order, and if u don’t believe that, then your a special kind of stupid, or a liberal islamocrat, just saying…

  • Cliff says:

    We have a treasonous so-called POTUS and attorney general. What is going to stop the other democrats from ignoring the Constitution and pushing their personal agendas? Bought and paid for by Soros and Bloomburg.

    • Tim says:

      The only thing that will stop them is to do exactly what the founding fathers intended, and that is to rise up defend our rights and replace the tyrannical government with another. Just as the Constitution states. This will I’m sure cause a multiple defense front from at least 2 directions considering our promised aggression from our radical muslim jihadist. But we’ve done that before my American brothers, and we can again. We need to become reunited, one nation under God. Not divided as the Odumber administration would like us to become.

  • James Gertz says:

    Support our 2nd Amendment rights. Criminals can always get guns even if we can’t. Vote Republican.

  • Thomas Dye says:

    Our gun ownership is protected under the second amendment and should not be infringed by a lawless Muslim president !

  • john says:

    this is a political maneuver for the white house to implement on the rest of our nation, into a dictator ship regime. the government could never in all its political moves do away with crime of any sort.e.g. weapons can be obtain in so many ways.

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright says:

    Congress shall make no law…….infringing the right to bear arms….
    It says NOTHING about Jerry Brown though! He for SURE can do it! And we all know that “mental health professionals ” are so good at their “profession”, that people get HEALED from their incredible expertise! So why wouldn’t we allow them the power to circumvent our Constitutional Rights? Come get our guns, you liberal devils! American Patriots will make you pay DEARLY, and that is no threat, but a promise.

  • A.J. Gearhart says:

    To deprive someone of their constitutionally protected rights is nothing more than a sickening attempt at disarming the American public. Any where and anytime these rights are infringed on … the violence grows to a greater extreme … Any resource confirms this very issue. That is except … the leftist media-machine … where any liberal, leftist. progressive agenda seems protected even moreso than our very Constitutional Rights\.

  • Robert says:

    What right does calif. to do this, NOT right

  • Name says:

    Unconstitutional. Don’t let them take ur guns.

  • Keith says:

    Never work. They are going to find how many bad guys will have guns and they may find out good

    uys go bad. Because of the law.

  • gordon hillman says:

    we do not want any of these muslins in our country they hate us what idiot would want them here o yeah the democraps

  • Betty Surratt says:

    What do you want us to become like the Jewish people who couldn’t defend themselves against Hilter. I think this is a bunch of BULL SHIT. It is are right to bear arms.

  • dean cisna says:

    right to bear arms

  • George Jones says:

    It is our right to have and own guns. Our government is almost communist and destroying our country so we need guns to protect our families. They are going to start a civil war and we need to be ready.



  • Dee says:

    The system is going to far there is really no freedom like they claim it is a slick form of communism.

  • W.D. Heater says:

    The leftists will hang their hat on anything to disarm the Aemerican people. Constant vigilence is key to preserving the 2nd. Amendment.

  • sulla says:

    Until people who really believe in the second amendment band together as a force to be respected, we will be picked off one at a time. How many of us would go to jail as a group or individually over this issue; if not all of us, we will loose. They are counting on most of us being cowards. I hope they are wrong. Isn’t it strange that as obama brings in tens of thousands of muslims, who can’t be vetted, he wants to remove our only means of protecting ourselves.

  • John Dressler says:

    Read my post.

  • David Christian says:

    Why do responsible law abiding citizens need assault rifles anyway, if so maybe they need join the military or law enforcement.

    • 2004dxone says:

      You might want to question why the government would want to restrict the Bill of Rights? If you haven’t read it lately, Search and Seizure, Due Process, and Speedy Trial are Restrictions placed on the Government, not on citizens

  • george levy says:

    My 2nd amendment rights are being taken away !

  • Ron Haave Sr says:

    I’m sure that99 percent of us honest gun owners know that most of those bastards inWA DC and Hollywood who are trying to take our guns all have people with guns protecting them and their familys I for one demand the same rights Ron Haave Sr

  • Ron Haave Sr says:

    I’m sure that99 percent of us honest gun owners know that most of those bastards inWA DC and Hollywood who are trying to take our guns all have people with guns protecting them and their familys I for one demand the same rights Ron Haave Sr

  • Charles says:

    That is against the constitution. The residents of California should raise H*ll

  • Delfin J Beltran MD says:

    1- Both Barry Soetoro Obama and the Democrat Party are a dishonest front for the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.
    2- There is no valid proof in existence to support the valid candidacy for President of US, thus Barack Hussein Obama should be subjected to trial of its probable crime. This is essential to preserve our democratic, free society and subject the perpetrators of that crime to the laws of our Constitutional Society. My discussions of this problem with members of Congressman Pompeo’s staff indicated that Impeachment is not mathematically possible and Fraud conviction could carry through to the erasure of all fraudulently committed Obama actions, including his Socialized Medicine Law.

    2. In 1934 when FDR had Edwin Witte’s Old Age Insurance Bill and the copy of Germany’s healthcare takeover with their original ‘Government Healthcare Program Law’ the Democrat Party running the Legislative Branch of US Government declared, ” The Public is ready to accept Social Security, but if we introduce Government controlled Healthcare, the will realize that ‘WE ARE SOCIALISTS’ “.
    3. The day before I received my MD, Class of 1953, at University of Wisconsin, Madison, Professor of Economics U.W., Edwin Witte spoke to our graduating class regarding the future of medical care and our role as practicing physicians

  • Shirley Lynn says:

    You will be taking gun from the good people and the guns will be in the hands of the lawless and people will have no protection. This is crazy it is not helping it is controlling the people. They are not concerned about the American people.

  • dennis lavia says:

    BULLSHIT!!!!!!!no legal cause no seizure and hold.just preparing to take control for when a disaster, which will happen sometime,and take control of citizens so no one can retaliate and protect more way to disarm america.and i dont even have a gun………yet.

  • charles seng says:

    This is illegal according to the constitution and the police should be fired upon for illegal acts against US citizens, civil war is coming and the government better make sure they have enough brainwashed military people to try, just try..

  • cindy miller says:

    2nd amendment….its our rights and they are trying to take them away. that is just wrong.

  • Dave says:

    I disagree because we ourselves might need our own guns to defend ourselves from the terrorist!

  • Ray Marquez says:

    Being from Colorado if we had had that law into effect we might not of had Columbine, Aurora Theater shooting, and others that may have been due to mental illness.

    • Muscoe says:

      I agree with you Ray. They should outlaw and ban illegal drugs also so that there wouldn’t be any in Colorado! If they would just take all the guns there would not be any more murders in Colorado. Anyone who doesn’t believe a person should own guns should move to Colorado and we would have the perfect state! All rainbows and lolly pops.

  • bob marttin says:

    beginning of the end of the usa

  • Sharon says:

    Obama and his band of fascists hard at work in America so what are Americans going to do sit and let that fascist terrorists Obama take your weapons without a fight?

  • Artie DeLuca says:

    Fight against the lawless president from destroying our Constitution & our Bill of Rights! He’s been doing this for the last 7 years!!

  • Samue P.Castrale says:

    End the crazies

  • tom says:

    are you crazy ill never give my guns up there taking for know reason ? you better watch who you vote for

  • Rick says:

    We have a right to bare arms to protect ourselves. This is crazy .

  • Elizabeth says:

    This is just a step to completely take us over. Socialist is already here. Everyone knows the next step is communism.

  • Victor Orsetti says:

    WE have the 2nd amendment in our
    constitution, that’s why!!!!

  • michael koeller says:

    During my 31 years in the Army National Guard, repeated statements have been made that the reason the Axis powers did not invade America/Usa was everybody had a gun. Disarming is killing by the government since the terrorists and criminals do not give up their guns. Government saying death to all citizens. Keep your guns or die by machette. African countries have disarmed citizens and rewards are given by rebels, bring me the arms of a 10 year old male and get one year pay in advance. It is on its way here. Americans are responsible for settling their own lawless states and that must continue. No matter who…750000 killed in the civil war. 11 million killed in WWII, whats next if politicans do not do their job?

  • Tom says:

    The government should be looking for ways to get the guns out criminals hands, not law abiding citizens!

  • GR Arnold says:

    Communist domino effect.



  • Maycott, George says:

    It is a new way to have ex wife’s, pissed off relatives and other relations get some type of get even satisfaction with out due process. Even angry neighbors.

  • Stephen Meadows says:

    It’s called the US Constitution!! 2nd amendment has not been repealed. Now California will become the crime capital of the world! A gun free state to pillage.

  • Ralph Caruso says:


  • Roy Tweedy says:

    Because the family members should move all guns from there home place them in a safe place away from that person. , or release there guns to other family members. If some one in there home, or family has the ability to be a Danger to them selves, other family members, and other people. Tell the authorities that this person needs to be taken where he or she can be taken care of, and treated as needed for there problems.

  • James says:

    The Constitutional given right. Not to be controlled by State Governments.

  • Jackie says:

    They want to leave us as sitting ducks, for any one to kill.

  • Wayne Buck says:

    The American people aren’t doing anything to stop the person they put into the office of President.So when their guns disappear,they can’t ‘CRY’ about it .

    • mona callender says:

      We elect people to do just that. And they haven’t. So we the people your right are at fault… lets see how many stupid people vote these same people back in, in 2016. We have term limits only we don’t use it.

  • David Stroud says:

    This is a blatant violation of the second amendment of the Constitution. How can they do this ?!

  • Bonnie Little says:

    This goes against the Constitution of the U.S. and pits people, even family members against each other in an attempt to have civil war.

  • Hank Jasek says:

    Constitution gives us the right to bear arms.

  • paul ostoich says:

    1 . if the liberal courts enforced the laws on the books we would be fine.
    2.we already have a federal insta -check program for firearm purchases.
    #. whats to stop people making false reports because they have a score to settle, or they just don’t like you. it is nothing more than a first step witch hunt to disarm legal firearm owners. whoever enacted this should be exiled
    to live in north korea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glenn Yates says:

    Make no law……………….

  • charles says:

    No one is going to take my guns, I will fight to keep my guns, if I must give my life to keep them I will, I wont live in a country that wants to take my guns.

  • 2004done says:

    I think CA would be better off removing mood-altering/ anti-psychotic drugs, cars, motorcycles, knives, hammers swimming pools, cold medicines and know-nothing politicians before violating our Bill of Rights.

  • William Rowe says:

    Sounds like another “Governor Moonbeam” move. You know: Like taking water rights away from food producers to protect some dumb microscopic snail that no person ever sees, hears, or uses. I get the point, though. I’m sure it’s assumed that after a 3 week waiting period, the gun owner will probably give up on the idea of owning a firearm. And, for some of those who don’t really believe in our Constitution, that assumtion is probably correct. This is just another method for dumbing down America and putting people to sleep thinking that the government will surely, ultimately, take care of them. L.O.L Oh, yeah. They’ll be taken care of alright. Right into the refugee camps after the fallout when government completely destroys the American citizens ability to be free and independent. Just read Sol Alinsky’s 8 point plan for turning America into a socialist, government controlled state where the people are ruled by the government instead of the government being ruled by the Constitution. Wake up, America !!!!!!!!!

  • Curtis says:

    I don’t believe that just the criminals should have guns.

  • curtis says:

    We don’t want to be a POLICE STATE

  • george says:

    they will have to pry my guns from my cold dead hands-hopefully it won’t come to that when guns are banned only criminals will have them I hope california is the first and last to experience that first-hand

  • John ichenko says:

    Better be a good resend to do this.

  • Chuck says:

    Everyone should be allowed due process before a right is suspended. Currently the mental commitment process requires two psychiatric professionals to examine the patient and attest that the person is not capable of rational thought and is a danger to himself or others. If a person is so bad to require a gun confiscation then that person should be committed in the first place.

  • JERRY says:

    This is how they always do it , start small then go big .

  • Delfin Beltran says:

    Dishonest politics seeks to Socialize US and as the NAZI party did in Germany following the prior central Government Control of Education,( teachers taught equality over individual identity); Labor (Group identity = Equal pay for equal work ); Health Care ( medical equality through defined benefit for defined disease replaces individualized care for identified disease or disability)

  • charles says:

    Well, I guess the shit is about to start. Our Nation has went to HELL in a hand basket,I am waiting to see the repercussion on this one.

  • Ken Cartwright says:

    In my world there is still a 2ND Amendment i`M SICK TO DEATH O9F THESE COMMI`S THINKING THEY CAN CHANGE THE LAW.

  • Mickey Jones says:

    First of all, we are talking California. There are too many gun activist in the US for them to take all of our guns. We would fight them tooth and nail if they tried to. With the NRA and other orgs., the lawyers and Politicos on the side of the 2nd Amendment it would be years before they finished in court and by that time all the guns would be hid or sold or moved, We wo


  • Gary Arthur says:

    This bill must be fought tooth and nail. Sad to say but if people care , those guns will be taken out of many ‘ COLD DEAD HANDS’. Never will a insane bill like that be accepted.

  • Lana says:

    Those people need to get a life so they can stay out of ours. They are getting crazy with this gun control. Guns don’t kill, people kill. What about bombs and knifes? Machetes, Ice picks, cork screws, forks on and on. Are they going to ban all that? It is completely out of control. The whole country shouldn’t be denied over some lunatics. They are the ones who always get weapons. One Muslim went crazy and tried to kill people with a Sword. Day before yesterday!

  • J.O. says:

    What the hell is going on in this country.
    It’s the 2nd amendment that we can own firearms. Take our firearms away from us and watch the crime rate and house thefts go straight up.
    Our piss poor leaders are the cause of this.
    And you know that they all have firearms on them at self carry and their home stocked up also.

  • Ken James says:

    Look at the history of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1939 and see if you don’t see the similarities.


    I am a grandma with 6 grand kids to small to know the difference I am not going to let any NON AMERICAN laws to take my weapons to protect and feed my little ones. The government needs to realize they are disarming sane people and feeding the insane. The enemy already has weapons more than a shot gun or hand gun they have rocket launchers, grenades and the internet to create bombs and mass destruction weapons. Maybe the government needs to focus
    on internet feeds that encourage, promote and teach. I legally purchased my weapons how is it the others can get weapons without being checked out???????? Maybe the government need to start with the felons and set a law to check and surveillance for 1-2 years on foreigners, they don’t like it then they can go home. But don’t take my rights away from me because I was born here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

  • Greg says:

    What happened to the 2nd amendment? Just suppose a family member doesn’t like the family member & that party has a firearm. He or she has to give up their gun because the other family member is mad or upset with them. I can see if the one family member has a mental condition. That can only determined by a doctor & the doctor must submit a legal document stating so. Then the courts have the right to seize the firearm.
    What’s going to be next the government has the right to take guns away from law biding citizens?
    As I probably stated before but I don’t think we have a bill of rights or a Constitution anymore. The government thinks they can change laws to their benefit. Our forefathers must be rolling in their graves. There has to be changes in the government. The government feels their above the law & can manipulate the private citizen.

  • Gary says:

    The law must allow for individual case-by-case bases, but laws are not written like that because it’s cost prohibitive. I disagree with conceal-carry licensees not allowed in gun free zones, because a gun-free zone is one of the first places a criminal is going to look for. There ought to be squads of conceal carry licensees who could patrol gun free zones on a volunteer basis. Want to volunteer some time? Go patrol the gun free zone where you kid’s school is.

  • Lyle Cammerer says:

    They want to take the
    Guns away from every one so they can control the state

  • Paul Bozeman says:

    I am proud to say that I do not believe the state in which I reside would allow such a law to be passed. I am a Proud resident of the Conservative state of Alabama!

  • Mark says:

    We do not deal in preemptive law in this country! Period! Besides I foresee many people never getting their guns back…..

  • Les Opie says:

    Once the left get our guns then they can do what ever they want with no one to stop them, we then have a police state

  • lorna hornbeek says:

    The first step to gun confiscation begins by taking weapons away from some of the people; little by little, others will be affected.

  • Jason says:

    I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was born and raised in California. I miss my home state every single day I’m out here in this nasty, god forsaken desert. However, when I hear how strict the gun control laws are there it just makes me so angry! I have been trying to move back because all of my friends and half of my family are there. Not to mention it’s just so much more beautiful there. It’s funny but even the people, the way I remember it, we’re so much nicer. But if I can’t protect my self or my family because the state has such idiotic people running things that make it next to impossible to own or let alone carry a side arm!!! I guess I’ll just have to settle for visiting until hopefully someone with brains straightens things out.

  • cecil stanley says:

    Why not ! Obama is destroying America from the inside out !!! He is a dictator!!! How does he get by over riding the constitution ?

  • noname says:

    who do these politicians think they are

  • what else would you expect from the land of fruits & nuts

  • Truthseeker says:

    It’s one step closer to a complete confiscation. I was just about to take the plunge for my wife and myself and spend the $600.00 for the courses and permits for CCW. I’ve considered this for years, being an avid hunter and owner. However, after this I’m again having second thoughts because, in my opinion, it wont be long before they target gun owers for confiscation and the first they will come for are CCW permit holders. Virginia no longer accepts out of state CCW permits. At least their permits are reasonable and easy to get. $19.00 for the course.

  • David Chow says:

    I think if we let the Government ban guns, only criminal’ s will have them. I disagree with the fact that they should ban guns. I do agree that criminals should not be able to own a gun, but a true American should not be left unarmed.

  • Anthony Shannon says:

    Our family history goes back to the war between the states. Every generation has had a Shannon in the service, every war ever fought, and this was done out of duty to our country. My family has had myself and brother come back with PTSD. We were never diagnosed with this problem until 40 years had gone by. Senator Grassley stated that all veterans that were forgotten or fallen through the cracks deserved to be compensated for the total lack of care given by the VA. I’m still waiting on his letter to accompany my “new” claim that the VA says it never received it. The DAV in Iowa settled for 10% for “worry” instead of caring that I had NO imput on this bullshit, right Dave.
    We put up with race riots and terrorists in Germany that was going on before we ever arrived there and was still going on after we left.

  • Name says:

    Somehow this law seems unconstitutional, under illegal search an seizure

  • Rita Hostutler says:


  • larry stoner says:

    it is illegal to confiscate guns unless they were used to commit a crime. this action voids the 2nd amendment how can a state override the federal constitution? I thought the states had to vote to undo an amendment to the federal constitutuon

  • David Blakeman says:

    Hitler would be proud of our politicians.

  • Amalya Christy says:

    If I have purchased my firearms legally, with full background check, and I am trained how to responsibly fire them, there should be no reason to confiscate my guns. If I cannot use my knowledge of firearms and how to use them, to protect myself, my family, and other bystanders from criminals using guns, the government might as well turn their backs while the criminals kill all unarmed people, because that is what is going to happen when they know they will not be confronted by a law abiding citizen carrying a gun. States that have concealed carry have less gun violence than states that do not a concealed carry provision.

  • Markco A Velazquez says:

    The Constitution protects USA citizens from the Government taking our guns we have the right to own guns to protect USA citizens from our Government.

  • david says:

    i paid hard earned money for my guns some i have had since i was 10yrs. old and never shot anyone.

  • Ron Drye says:

    The second Adminment to the Constitution allows us to keep and bear arms in case needed for the protection of citizens.

  • Thomas Dietrick says:

    On television the President said citizens do not need to arm themselves,the government will protect you,this from a man who gave arms to Syrian rebels.Wake up He is our worst enemy a muslim & we need to arm ourselves. Wake up Congress for you will bear the burdens of doing nothing to stop a Traitor/President Impeachment NOW

  • jerilynn sweeney says:

    They cannot override the 2nd amendment. Congress must get involved.

  • John Grychak says:

    Obama is not the King, he cannot override the constitution, unless our sick congress allows him to do so, as they have so many times already. What is the answer? For one, Term Limits are needed, with Mandatory Retirements also required, and I mean ASAP. This would be a great start, to making America great again. The one thing I’d like to see is, Obama Jailed for treason, what a great legacy, “The first President, Jailed for Treason”. What a headline that would be.

  • C Petty says:

    Regarding Canada and California
    Nations tend to pass the same laws but not necessarily at the same time. The trend to rid populations of guns is a step wise action. First get licensed to sell or buy; next register to own; then register to carry; in some places courses to show competency; then register ownership. After the government knows who owns them then they start confiscating them based on reasons other than law. After the government confiscates the guns then martial law and dictatorship.

    Soviet Union-1929
    Communist China-1935

    These are just a few of the countries and the dates they implemented gun control. In most cases soon thereafter ethnic cleansing or other titled reasons were used to rid a class of people. In Cambodia it was the educated ones eliminated. In others it has been Christians.
    In this country recent veteran returnees, gun owners, and evangelicals were put on a list of terrorist suspects.
    In the 20th century alone over 70 million have been killed by their own governments after implementation of gun control. In fact 4 times as many killed after gun control than all international wars.

    Subject: Canadian gun control

    The actions reported in Washington Post this morning show that Mr. Obama is dedicated to denigrating the USA citizenry to a posture unable to resist martial law take over initiated by the Democrats and other nefarious individuals like Soros. One can only presume these actions represent the desires of enemies of the USA to obviate Western freedoms. This year (2016) it extremely critical to the freedom of our nation. I urge you to think critically during decision times.

  • Christopher B Helms says:

    Because it’s UnConstitutional. It violates the 2nd Amendment and the 4th Amendment.

  • Robert Cozby says:

    I don’t believe the public has the ability to determine if a person is relly a threat to themselves or society. Also there is nothing in the bill to assure that a gun owner can get a unbiased trial to get his guns back. This is just another attempt to take away all guns from law abiding citizens. If you stop the carrying of guns on school property, by law-abiding citixens, all you do is tell the criminal that here is where you can cause havock without facing an armed citizen.

  • Richard says:

    Too many feds in washington eating fruitcakes.

  • Roy L. Richards says:

    They are trying to close in on us a little at a time State by State and we are sitting by and letting them do it. It is a mater for all of us and we should all be standing together to stop this kind of anti American propaganda all of us that are able and can should go and protest in big numbers and show our support for them. It concerns us all. Avery concerned American, Roy.

    • It really strange that americah has such a strong obsession with guns. The first thing they holler is the second amendment.well when this amendment ratified? At the time this country was still young with rustlers,gunslingers,train robbers.we have suspense to have come a long way since then or have we? You know who else agrees with you about gun rights,every crackhead, drug dealer, crook and robber.i,m african-american,I see the results of gun violence everyday. I wonder what you would think if all of a sudden african Americans start buying,d probably have a different idea.or how about the native Americans who had their land stolen from them and their little babies killed with smallpox put in their.what if native Americans start buying guns en-masse,especially the military weapons like the ak-47,uzi, or military weapons,I guarantee you that everybody that’s hollering second amendment would have different thoughts,

  • Richard says:

    Because of the second amendment,does someone in California, or our gov`t have to have someone use a 2×4 on their heads in order to knock some sense into it?

  • artha Tucker says:

    The second amendment guarteens us the right to have guns or carry them. Tell Obama and those sorry senators and congressmen to o out and findwork than wat they are doing or not doing. They are letting Obama make a doormat out of them. If they don’ have no more backbone than let Obama do whatever he wants to do. They should resign and find other te of work that don’t requjire a backbone. I’m so sick ad tried about how they have let Obama do whatever he wants.

  • Name says:

    it is a violation of the 5th amendment – equal protection under the law.

  • phil says:

    “shall NOT be infringed”

    where does the 2nd amendment say this is OK ?

  • john d says:

    The intent is to disarm all law abiding citizens while allowing the elite to live in gated communities with ARMED guards.

  • Daren Theige says:

    If the the weapons can only be seized for 3 weeks I hardly see this as any threat of a Nationwide gun ban. As usual Conservatives always jump to the craziest of conclusions!!!!

    • Mayla Smith says:

      It doesn’t say that the weapons are only seized for 3 weeks. It says after 3 weeks the VICTIM can ASK for a hearing to TRY to get their guns back. Read the whole thing before you criticize someone. I can think of way too many scenarios where it’s just a pissed off person, they say family members, but do they make them prove who they are? It’s supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but this is assuming guilt. I actually know someone that will call the authorities on a family member if they see this law. Not because they have any reason to think someone might get violent, but because they were exposed for the child-abusive dicks that they are and it pissed them off. Think, you may know, probably know at least one person like that. I know several, this law scares the hell out of me and I don’t even own a gun.

  • John McFerrin says:

    For them to take my gun, I will have to be dead.

  • chester parsons says:

    This is still America of which is governed by the constitution and there contains the second amendment and no one person should have the right to by pass the congress and reform the laws again by which we have lived by for over 200 years. Taking that which belongs to law abiding American and leaving us defenceless in our own country is uncomprehendingly stupid.

  • Floyd Hale says:

    It is unconstusional , They are trying to take over our contry

  • Joanne Hammond says:


  • Randl J. Spear says:

    The problem with gun violence is not the item used, it is a problem with the heart/mind of the offender. We need to bring God back as the foundation of our society, beginning with our public schools where He has been declared “unconstitutional”.

  • Ralph Amadeo says:

    Mr. Trump is my kind of leader and to hell with all those who disagree

  • Earl Standing says:

    The nuts are running the asylum. It’s not going to cure anything. It will have everybody watching for any little thing to snitch on

  • Neil Bates says:

    How come this obomination hasn’t been assassinated by now? I just don’t understand

  • Joseph Bailey says:

    Any good American , should have the right. We the PEOPLE. If they want to seize gun look for all the people with that has a record that is not or suppose to be around firearms.

  • Phillip Pooley says:

    guns do not kill people people kill people!!! Take any type of gun load the gun take the safty off set the gun on a tsble, or the floor, or a chair, and theen tell it to kill any body and watch what happens, nothing because a gun can not think for it self.

  • Doug says:

    look at Chicago has the most gun laws and most deaths, look at Hitler took the guns from the Jews then kill them, Our president heats Christians and Jews if he had his was he would kill all them

  • Orville Smith says:

    I’m not sure what I’m agreeing with, but the Second Amendment is the law. How do we punish violators, or better yet, how do we prevent violations? Is a violation by an active duty member of any US Military Service, including Commander-in-Chief

  • Orville Smith says:

    You interrupted me. Add this to my last sentence.

    You interrupted me. Add the following.
    punishable as a Court Martial may direct.


  • Wade Krum says:

    Plant the seed and test the resolve of all legal weapons holders. Obama’s parting legacy, to cripple our great nation by attacking the one amendment that stands between a nation of free individuals or subservient slaves. Pick one of the most Democratic states with a proven history of attacking individual’s right to own legal firearms. The shedding of tears at the Presidential press conference pushing more stringent gun laws was a nice touch. A possible “Oscar” for the most phony display of caring in a dramatic public forum. The time is close at hand when this issue will come to a critical showdown. When law enforcement officers start entering people’s homes who are legal weapons owner’s and seizing their weapons this could create an outright blood bath. Hopefully it will never come to this, but the signs of this very possible undertaking have been evident for quite some time now. Why does DHS need millions of rounds of ammunition? The federal government has in its generous nature been providing law enforcement agencies across the nation with armored personnel carriers. We need only look back in history from approximately the 1930’s on to see what has happened to a previously free nation when it has relinquished its weapons to the government. If my history serves me right this was one of the contributing factors leading to the Revolutionary War and the subsequent birth of our nation. I pray it doesn’t come to this, but I for one could never see the millions of legal gun owners just throwing up their hands and saying “Sure come on into my home and take away my 2nd amendment rights”. Let’s not let the few “sheep” take away the sheepdogs ability to protect themselves and the sheep when they hopefully come to their senses and realize the only thing guaranteeing our freedom is the ability we have of fighting back against evil. I swear to protect the freedom of my country from enemies both foreign and domestic. I will stand by my brother’s and sister’s in defending my legal right to bear arms.

  • Mark Dobish says:

    It’s simple when Guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns

  • Charles Morrow says:

    Only idiots expect criminals to give up their guns so taking them off honest citizens only means that only criminals will have guns & as the police are having problems now it dosn’t take any body with common sense to tell how many more people will get killed or robbed while the politions keep their protection-

  • Bob Wood says:

    This ban will only prove to be as successful as other laws passed by the California legistration. In the past, many of the policies in CA have come back to create more damage than good. If other states follow CA’s lead, the country as a whole is doomed..

  • marvin wilson says:

    there are going to be mixed house holds, liberal and conserative, this could be a problem as to owning and posessing a gun/s and anybody that wants to cause a legal gun owner for any ulterior motive can do so and the gun owner has no recourse to keep his gun and has to fight it out in court and when and if he wins this will be on his record forever and the biggest point to make it is in complete violation of the american citizens second amendment rights and my gun or any american’s right to have a gun is guaranteed under the constitution, the state or even the fereral government cannot userp this right to keep and bear arms. I also think when a person gets a concealed carry permit that it should be a rigft to carry his or her gun in all fifty states as the second amendment does not leave the states in the control of the constitution. Free speech (first amendment) is a right in all fifty states and so is the right to keep and bear arms (second amendment) gives the right to carry a gun regardless of state borders. The constitution is a blanket right and coverage in all fifty states at all times for all amendments and not divided up in individual states at some govenor or judges’s court or whims. The constitution covers all americans all the time and no amendment can be cherry picked from the others for politicians, courts, congress, senate etc. to be doled out or held back for some reason not even the second amendment . This california (illegal) law is a violation of the people of the state of california and for that matter a violation of the constitution in all fifty states. No authority has the right to take a gun from a licenced gun owner just on somebody’s word, it goes far deeper than letting anti-gun people turn a person in to get his or her gun taken away, that is not how our judicial system should operate. this is not a system that we want to give credit to in america. Taking away our guns will change the way we vote and who we vote for. See you in court with NRA ans a constitutional lawyer. GO after the crminals and prosecute them, there is where the problem mostly lies along with terrorists drug dealers and users. People getting shot with a gun goes far deeper than the legal gun owners, check it out. Go up to Chicago and see why they have all those gun death and why and who etc.

  • Howard L. WWilwson says:

    Number of privately owned firearms exceeds US population. As confiscation proceeds, resistance will increase,with democrats as prime targets, both personal & Political.

  • Howard L. WWilwson says:

    Number of privately owned firearms exceeds US population. As confiscation proceeds, resistance will increase,with democrats as prime targets, both personal & Political.

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