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New Biden DOJ Staff Deletes 39K ‘Suspicious’ Tweets Including Russia Collusion Accusations



New Biden DOJ Staff Deletes 39K 'Suspicious' Tweets Including Russia Collusion Accusations-ss-Featured

A new staff member of the Biden administration, assigned in the Department of Justice, had deleted possibly tens of thousands of her tweets since November of last year. Many include posts that insist on Russian collusion accusations against former President Donald Trump.

On Monday, Susan Hennessey, a CNN analyst, revealed that she would start working at Biden’s DOJ in the agency’s National Security Division.

On Twitter. Hennessey said that she felt “very honored” as she joins the “extraordinary team” of the National Security Division under the DOJ. He also thanked her followers for “all the kind words.”

However, the new Biden staffer seems to have deleted a large number of tweets from her account, many of which are controversial posts, including some that push for the unproven claims of Russian collusion,

It seems Hennessey has started deleting tweets when it became highly likely that Biden would win the presidential elections. Her Twitter post count went from more than 39,000 tweets on Nov. 16 to having under 6,000 tweets on Nov. 29.

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In January, her tweet count went back up to 8,000, but it dropped again in late February to under 2,300.

As per Social Blade, 1,867 posts have been erased from her account in the last 30 days. On Monday, Hennessy’s page had less than 250 tweets.

As per Lawfare, Hennessey is a Brookings Fellow in National Security Law. She had graduated from Harvard Law and worked as an attorney in the National Security Agency’s Office of General Counsel.

New Biden DOJ Staff Member Posted Controversial Tweets Throughout the Years

Some of her deleted tweets showcase her stance on numerous controversial topics.

In 2019, she posted on Twitter, defending Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s interview, in which he said that parents must be allowed to consult about a “third-trimester” abortion if the infant that is born alive is “non-viable.”

Last year, Hennessey attacked journalist Molly Hemingway on Twitter after the latter called Hennessey out for pushing accusations of Russia collusion.

The new Biden staff member also posted multiple times about the Russia probe. Among them was a tweet from 2017, in which she contended a “concrete allegation of Trump team collusion.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald called out Hennessey for deleting her tweets, which Hennessey’s fellow Brookings Institution member Benjamin Wittes claimed were on auto-delete.

A journalist, Glenn Greenwald, criticized Hennessey for erasing her Twitter post. On the other hand, Benjamin Wittes, her fellow Brookings Institution member, claimed the tweets were on auto-delete.

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