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New Hampshire Man Catches Giant Trout, ‘Shatters’ State Record

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While ice fishing in West Stewartstown, Thomas Knight from New Hampshire caught a huge lake trout and “shattered” the state’s record. The previous record was set in 1958.

New Hampshire Fish and Game posted an image of Knight’s record-breaking fish on its Instagram and said, “After a lengthy battle, Knight was able to bring the fish onto the ice and marvel at its size. An experienced lake trout angler, Knight knew that the prevailing record was 28 pounds and his fish seemed to be much bigger. After a few phone calls to some close fishing buddies, Knight made his next call to Andy Schafermeyer, a Fisheries Biologist with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. In order to certify a fish’s size as a state record, it must be inspected and verified by a biologist. The two met and began the process of measuring the characteristics that would certify this fish as the largest lake trout ever caught in New Hampshire.”

Fox News reported that Schafermeyer told New Hampshire Fish and Game that he was “not sure who was more excited.” “I knew the fish stood a very good chance of breaking the record,” he added.

The fish exceeded the scale’s maximum weight of 30 pounds. Schafermeyer said that was when they both realized that it was “a new state record.” They found a larger scale and confirmed that the trout weighed 37.65 pounds, making it a state record.

“Most state records, when bested, are done so by only a few ounces. Knight’s fish shattered the old record by over 9 pounds. This fish is now the largest lake trout caught in all of New England. I’m glad he got it, this couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy,” Schafermeyer said.

The fish reportedly measured over 40 inches in length with a 27-inch girth. Schafermeyer estimated that it was between 50 and 60 years old.

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