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New York Republicans ‘Believe the Time has Come’ to Impeach Cuomo



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Republican members of the New York State Assembly revealed that they plan on pushing for a resolution against Gov. Andrew Cuomo, aiming to impeach him. They said Cuomo has lost “credibility and trust” and that he is unable to lead New Yor. This comes as sexual harassment allegations against him have surfaced. Also, an investigation is being conducted regarding his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will Barclay, the State Assembly’s Minority Leader, along with other GOP members, explained their plan to introduce an impeachment resolution against the governor on Monday.

They plan on introducing the said resolution because they believe “the time has come,” according to Barclay. He added that to be able to lead the State as governor, one needs “credibility and trust,” but now, they believe Cuomo lost this and is, therefore, unfit to lead.

The minority leader also said that a lot of “bombshells” regarding Cuomo have been surfacing one after the other.

Cuomo has recently been accused by multiple people of sexual harassment cases. Additionally, an investigation is ongoing in connection to his administration’s count of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes.

According to Barclay, an AG report revealed that Cuomo was underreporting the number of nursing home deaths by as much as 50 percent. Barclay added that they secretly met with some of Cuomo’s top aides, and they revealed that they did not report some deaths in fear of “political fallout.”

Barclay also claimed that “bullying” and the harassment of state legislature members were happening.

On top of this, five women came forward, accusing Cuomo of sexual harassment.

Several State Legislators Call to Impeach Cuomo

The State Assembly’s minority leader then revealed that around “30 members” of the majority in the Assembly believe Cuomo should resign. However, Barclay mentioned that Cuomo said he won’t resign and that if they want to get rid of him, they should “start impeachment.”

Barclay, however, recognized the fact that the Republicans in the Assembly can’t force a vote. However, he promised that they will continue pushing the issue to remind those in the majority that it is “time to act.”

Democrats are also asking the governor to resign. State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins released a statement. In it, she said the accusations against Cuomo have started “drawing away from the business of government.”

She added that the state is still in the middle of a pandemic. Stewart-Cousins also mentioned that they still need to face the impact of the said pandemic. She stated that they needed to lead with no distractions. She then stated that the governor needs to step down “for the good of the state.”

Since Stewart-Cousins’ statement was released, more members of the state legislature are asking Cuomo to resign.

As per a Fox News tally, 37 lawmakers from both the Assembly and state Senate call for his resignation. Meanwhile, 10 have called for an impeachment to be conducted.

In order to successfully impeach Cuomo, a sitting governor, the Assembly needs to get the majority vote. Meanwhile, the impeachment court in the state Senate, where both senators and judges from New York’s court of appeals are members, would need a two-thirds majority.

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