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NFL Finally Stepping Up And Might Be Penalizing Anthem Kneelers



NFL owners, during a meeting Tuesday, reportedly considered a new punishment for players who choose to kneel during the national anthem: a 15-yard penalty against the team.

Under the proposal, the home team would decide whether both sides should be on the field during the Star Spangled Banner — and if so, 15-yard penalties would be handed out if anyone kneels, Sports Illustrated reported.

The report did not indicate who made the proposal, and it was unclear how much support or opposition it received. The NFL did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

FINALLY, we are hearing of a real solution to this unpatriotic behavior. This should have been discussed months ago. I guess since ratings are slipping they realized it needed to be done. But It might be too little too late.

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  • Bill Reese says:

    They took a knee I took a powder! The only way I will know if they are still kneeling is if someone tells me as I no longer watch a pro football game. Nor will I ever attend one .The week after the first player took a knee I watched a quarter of a game and wrote down the names of the advertisers (39) . I no longer purchase any of these products. It’s a shame as I have been a buyer of many of them for many years. No more! I have relatives in Arlington. I will say no more.

  • Ben Jr says:

    Too little too late!!! So done with the NFL!

  • Michael Wever says:

    Make it even better. Make the penalty assessable at the other team’s convenience. Like when they have a third and 14 at midfield in the fourth quarter..

  • Lonewolf says:

    This is way too late to do any good now. With all the rich crybabies crying foul over matters that do not apply to them unless they are in trouble with the law. Half the time they get the wrong story as to what happened or pieces of the situation when it happens. I
    To the NFL, you’re way too late to stop those who will never attend or watch another game on the tube. Y’all have a bunch of pansies in the NFL that have no steel balls to tell those who kneel, “IF YOU KNEEL, YOUR FORFEIT YOUR CONTRACT AND WILL RESULT IN BEING FIRED”
    THANKS TO KAPERNICK THE DICK WHO, STARTED THIS CRAP. I hope that he will never find a job, anywhere.

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