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No Good Patriot Would Ever Watch Al Jazeera America



Al Jazeera America announced that it will be shutting down it US operations in short time. The company bought out Al Gore’s network, Current TV, for 500 million. However, Al Jazeera immediately faced an uphill battle with cable providers and growing a loyal fanbase. The company is owned by Qatar which is also struggling with falling oil prices.

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  • Busy_ Bee says:

    we can learn what is on their crazy mind!!

  • buz says:

    Look. You can’t believe anything our government, or their lapdogs, the MSM, sez. Al Jazeera, like BBC, has more honest news. Even FOX has sold out.

  • Because we don’t care about Al Jazeera.

  • Daren Theige says:

    Al Jazeera is one of the most respected News organisations in the World. They report real news, unlike American Network News. A good example is Fox News, a Company that went to Court and claimed they had no reason to report truth, in other words demanded the Judge allow them to lie to the American Public. I’ll take Al Jazeera any day!!!!

  • ron says:


  • R Kunter says:

    The service has had good journalism and has presented a different perspective to the news particularly that of the Middle East. There articles on in depth topics have been balanced and in general interesting. The news service has gone to some effort to present balanced professional news with particular coverage of international events. It is generally difficult to obtain good international news coverage in the US from solely US based channels.

  • Pam Houdyshell says:

    It has a great format; good reporting although not always unbiased especially lacking Israels side of the story. Good reporting shows all views and tries tobrrportvthe facts, like them or not. I loved their research into different topics. Will the e-news continue?

  • John Grychak says:

    Anything to do with Muslims, COUNT ME OUT!

  • Mikial says:

    I work in the international security field, and study news from around the world every day. As part of that, I do read some Al Jazeera stories, along with Sputnik and stories from a lot of other countries all over the world. AJ is as opinionated in their own way as every other news outlet. But there are some differences.

    For example, when American troops were ambushed in Iraq, Al Jazeera cameramen were frequently on the scene to film the attacks and results. I know this because I was there. How would they know to be there if AJ wasn’t on the inside with the terrorists? Al Jazeera came to the US courtesy of the “great” American, Al Gore, the man who brought us the Global Warming scam, and who sold them a broadcasting company lock, stock, and barrel. Another great Democrat does his best for the USA.

    Al Jazeera failed because of several factors. For one, Americans don’t trust anything Arabic or Muslim, and with good reason. They are America’s self-declared enemies and many Muslim nations (Iran, Algeria, Lebanon, etc.) and tribal groups (such as the Houthi of Yemen) have “Death to America” as part of their national songs and slogans. Another reason was that as Muslims, they treated anyone who was not one of them as dirt. This included women and many non-Muslims. Jews were, of course, anathema. This is completely contrary to American values.

    They were here because a liberal Democrat facilitated their arrival, and now, happily, they will be gone. Their fall has been coming for a while, and I have been reading analyses of their performance failures for months now. Given their low ratings, it is likely that the vast majority of their viewers were Muslims who had come here, and who like most Muslims, failed to assimilate into American society. I guess they will have to rely on the propaganda of their homelands from now on.



  • Robert says:

    Fuck those Muslim cock sucker!!!

  • Maggie says:

    I would despise watching it,but better to learn as much about your enemy as possible. They talk too much and could have some Intell that’s worthy. But no Aljazerra Network here tho,just online!

  • Sal Naser says:

    A propaganda tool for terror!!

  • Gerald says:

    You should look at all information from all sources and then use common sense. Playing the good Patriot card as a reason to turn off you mind and blindfold yourself is lunacy and only low IQ individuals would trust to get all their information from the mainstream western press who have proven themselves over and over again to be the mind control tool of those psychopaths in power. The real ones in power. Not POTUS or the US Congress. But I can’t fix stupid so smile on all you useful idiot “Patriots”
    Your real enemy is Government, All Governments.

  • Joel W says:

    If you wanna be a truly informed patriot, I believe one must take in all sides, especially from sources that may be hostile towards you. Know your enemy.

  • Avalon Adam says:

    I’d trust stuff that comes out of Al-Jezeera over anything that comes out of Fox farce.

  • Gerald Cosner says:

    News from a different angle

  • John Wirts says:

    Serves them right! Good riddance, go back to the desert, and stay there

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