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North Korea Is One Step Closer To Killing Us



  • On Friday Morning, North Korea test detonated a 10 megaton nuclear device, their biggest yet.
  • The U.S., Japan, South Korea, and China were all quick to condemn the actions and have called for an emergency meeting on Friday of the U.N. Security Council.
  • This comes shortly after the U.S. announced plans to instal a missile defense system in South Korea, a move that North Korea called an act of war.
  • There are rumours that North Korea is getting its nuclear material from Pakistan.

Early on Friday morning (local time) North Korea detonated their 5th nuclear bomb. This time, the bomb was their biggest yet at 10 megatons. To put things into perspective the bomb we dropped on Hiroshima was 15 megatons.

The blast was first reported in South Korea as an earthquake, but was later to be found originating from Punggye-ri, the same test site as the four previous explosives.

North Korea's bombs are not large and they haven't yet successfully detonated one on a ballistic missile. However, both their missile and nuclear tests have both improved significantly in the last few years and they have stated their intent numerous times. In the not too distant future, they will launch a missile at South Korea, Japan, and the United States. Although the latter, the U.S. would take considerably better missile technology.

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This also comes shortly after the U.S. announced its plans for a new missile defense system in South Korea. North Korea said publicly that this would be considered a provocation and an act of war.

President Obama, who just returned from his Asia summit, was quick to condemn the actions of North Korea and stated, “To be clear, the United States does not, and never will, accept North Korea as a nuclear state.”

South Korean President Park Geun-hye called Kim Jong Un's regime “fanatically reckless.”
“The only thing that (the) Kim Jong Un regime can gain from the nuclear tests is stronger sanctions from the international community and its isolation. Such provocation will eventually hasten its path to self-destruction,” she said in a statement.
Obama said he reaffirmed to South Korea and Japan the “unshakable US commitment to take necessary steps to defend our allies in the region.”
 The U.N. Security Council plans to hold an emergency meeting on the issue Friday.
There is also growing rumors that North Korea has been getting its nuclear material from elements within the Pakistan government. However, neither the U.S. nor the U.N. has released any official statements.

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