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Obama Funds Iran’s War On America



America Does Negotiate With Terrorists, see more at:
America Does Negotiate With Terrorists (Image: MGN)
  • The Obama Administration does negotiate with terrorists.
  • A $400 million transfer was made to Iran, however, the White House is claiming that it has nothing to do with the four Americans that were recently released from Iran.
  • Obama claims it was for an arms deal dispute between Iran that cost America $1.7 billion.
  • Republicans and patriots alike, are worried that now that the world knows that America will pay up, more hostage negotiations will be made.

“America does not negotiate with terrorists.”

That saying has become a fundamental part of America's patriotism. It is so rooted in our minds that movies have adopted the saying. There are countless films where iconic characters look dramatically into the camera and deliver our motto.

Well now, we come to find that America does negotiate with terrorists. A report recently came out that has Republicans and patriots alike foaming at the mouth. It turns out that in January the Obama  Administration airlifted $400 million to Iran to have four Americans released. That sounds like a hostage “negotiation” to me. Yet now, Republican's fear that the transaction has put more American lives in danger.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the payment was one of many to come. Apparently, the Obama Administration made a deal with Iran for a $1.7 billion settlement to resolve a failed arms deal that happened in 1979. The $400 million dollar lump sum was America's first installment. I have a feeling I know who is going to be paying for this in the long run.

I know what you're thinking. Isn't there a law that prohibits the transaction of American dollars to Iran? Why yes, yes there is. For that reason, the $400 million consisted of euros, Swiss francs, along with a handful of other currencies. The White House has denied that the payment was ransom money. Yet, four American's were quickly “released” from Iran once the money was delivered.

Senator Mark Kirk from Illinois said in a statement, “Paying ransom to kidnappers puts Americans even more at risk. While Americans were relieved by Iran’s overdue release of illegally imprisoned American hostages, the White House’s policy of appeasement has led Iran to illegally seize more American hostages.”

Why the four American's were captured is unsure, but their stories are sure to surface sooner or later. The four men are Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, a former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati, A Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, and Nosratollah Khosravi-Roodsari.

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As soon as the accusations started coming in the State Departments spokesman John Kirby quickly started denying accusations. He said that the release of the four Americans had nothing to do with the money that was transferred to Iran.  He claimed that any suggestion that it was would be “utterly false.”

Kirby told Fox News, “It was their money.” He said that their funds had been frozen and they had waited long enough to receive them back. He even went as far as to say that they deal “helped” tax-payers. Now, Iran is getting their own money back and the American people won't have to pay for it. No offense, but when has the government ever said that?

However, U.S. officials have claimed that the Iranian government asked for the cash to know they had gained something tangible. Of course, adding that once the cash was delivered they would release the prisoners. That sounds like a hostage negotiation to me. That's in every classic hostage movie ever. You give them something as a way to gain their trust so you, in turn, will get something as well. I mean think back to Dog Day Afternoon. They gave them pizza. Think of Hostage, Bruce Willis gave him a helicopter.

Yet again, some discrepancies were found by Obama's claim in January. Obama had said that the arms deal dispute had been resolved. He did not mention the $400 million payment. His administration also has not come forward with how the $1.7 billion settlement was paid either, except to say that it wasn't paid in dollars.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce said in a statement, “The logistics of this payment — literally delivering a plane full of cash to evade U.S. law — shows yet again the extraordinary lengths the Obama administration will go to accommodate Iran, all while hiding the facts from Congress and the American people. Hundreds of millions in the pockets of a terrorist regime means a more dangerous region, period. And paying ransom only puts more American lives in jeopardy.”

However, the fear that this “negotiation” may spark up more courage on the Iran's front has been proved. Since the money has been delivered Iran has captured two more Iranian-Americans. In the recent months, Tehran has also captured dual-nationals from France, Canada, and the U.K.

Maybe we should go back to our old motto. “We do not negotiate with terrorists.”

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