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Obama Hates Children, Guns, And The American Way



There was a recent article about the Shults family in Fairmount, Illinois. They are apparently trying to adopt a foster child into their family, yet the government will not allow it unless they give up their firearms.

Apparently, the Department of Children and Family Services is severely restricting their gun rights. They are claiming that the restrictions on gun control towards adoptive parents is to ensure the safety of adopted children. The problem is, no matter what way you spin it, you CANNOT take away our Constitutional Rights.

Yet see, that is what the government has been continuously trying to do. They go around every single corner they can to accomplish whatever agenda they want. The Obama administration is trying to take away our guns. They have been trying to take away our guns for years. Why? Why are they trying to take away our guns? Because if we have no form of protecting ourselves, then we become dependent on the governmental tit of America.

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Kenneth Shults, the father of the Shults family, not only owns his guns legally but is an actual firearm safety instructor. He said, “Our family has always owned and used firearms. No foster parent should have to forfeit their constitutional rights in order to be a foster parent.”

He is one hundred percent right. Illinois foster parents must either get rid of their firearms or must sign the Foster Family Firearms Arrangement. The arrangement forces you to make a list of all firearms and ammunition in your house, not only what they are but the exact location of where you have them your house.

How does that make sense? So, you can get married, you can have children, you can buy guns and keep them in your home. Yet as soon as you try to take in a child that is in need of a family you no longer have the right to keep firearms in your house without the government knowing?

The government has no right to tell you that you can't own firearms, and they certainly don't have the right to know the exact location of where you keep them in your house.

The government is gradually gaining ground on territory that they do not have the right to control. They are continuously pushing the boundaries on their power of the American people.

We cannot allow the government to get away with the molestation of power. They are not in control of us. They are there to protect us and oversee the overall safety of our country. Not to restrict us and strip us of our freedoms.


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