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Obama Is Dangerously Out Of Touch



Obama appeared on CNN's town hall debate over gun control. He hears some pointed questions about safety and criminals and naturally gives no real answers. He does dismiss the nothing that he is trying to disarm up as a mere conspiracy theory. It's like Obama just can't understand why the American people wouldn't want to give up one of our fundamental rights.
Obama is so out of touch it's insane. But hey, how much damage can he really do in only one more year right… Right?
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  • Jay L Depew says:

    His agenda is not for America

  • Gerald Liebsch says:

    The worst thing to ever happen to American government was electing Obama

  • James Throckmartin says:

    He is acting like he is KING. He totally ignores the constitution.

  • RON GIBSON says:

    There isn’t a policeman in the world that get to my home before a attacker can stab or shoot me or my family! If obama thinks for one minute that i am going to give up my guns, he is out of his mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ron Gibson

  • Gary says:

    Obama is totally out of touch, he has stated on several occasions that he admires the wat some other coun=tries has disarmed their citizens, it is not a conspiricy therory, it is fact that Obama and his administration want to strip law abiding American citizens of their right to have and own guns, while he allows rape, and muder by terrorist he himself has allowed in.

  • Thorney says:

    I think he wants to be dictator for life.

  • David says:

    All his actions plainly show he is an enemy of the US, that he is going to destroy this country and its way of life. I cannot understand why the powers in DC are letting him do it.

  • Tim Hanssen says:

    He is out of touch

  • Rocky says:

    I’m not taking any bets either way about the USA lasting one more year. Obama has pulled out all the stops, he knows full well he only has a year left to finish off what’s left of America. We already know our elected officials are not going to help, we have been sold out by both parties. It’s up to citizens now, those who did not vote to fundamentally transform America TWICE. I feel we are at a point now that is more dangerous than the start of WW 2 or the Civil War.

  • Carolyn says:


  • valerie collins says:

    I still heard nothing about how the President plans to take guns away from real criminals. His plans make not sense yes there is always going to be crime? Duh we definitely know that. But it only makes sense that we as good citizens should be able to protect ourselves if need be.

  • l says:

    I believe he knows exactly what he is doing, & it is the masses that are out of touch with reality, to not realize what is going on.

  • Thomas Eccles says:

    Our so-called president is lost and not listening to the people in this country ,which by the way “Run This Country” and put him in office to put our decisions to work ,not to sit on his throne like some king who rules. He does not make the laws but puts our, “The People’s” ideas to work for OUR country.He needs to get his wishy ,washy ass out of the white house while the country still exists. This is not the desert but the Land of the Free and the Home of the brave and if he doesn’t like our constitution then he needs to go back to the country that birthed him.

  • Name says:


  • Keith Goodman says:

    He is out of touch because he can only listen and understand himself. Unfortunately, where his head is causes severe listening problems.

  • Stephen L. Johnson says:

    He is not going to stop criminals from getting guns & killing people, he is only going to hurt people like me who loves to hunt and fish and protect my family.

  • Phyllis Waterhouse says:

    Sooooooooooooooo correct. Obama is VERY OUT OF TOUCH.

  • David Valler says:

    Name me ONE thing he’s done to improve AMERICA . Not one .He is an islamist .

  • Girard De Roche says:

    He is nuts! Does he really think he’s helping anyone. Obama care, what a mess, costing tax payers billions. Treading on my rights (second amendment rights)! This guy thinks he’s he can do what ever he wants. Too many shepole. This asshole has hosed us far too long. Guilty of treason!!!! Hang the bastard!!! SOON!!!!!

  • DUKE says:

    Of course he is. Actions speak louder than words, which in Otraitor’s case are all lies.

  • Joyce Young says:

    The fool has put this country in danger by bringing muslims into this country, who hate our culture and our laws. He has done nothing to protect us.

  • marykay says:

    First of all, he has done nothing but lie to us.
    (Americans) He is on the side of the radical muslims.. He was raised Muslim and therefore
    he sides with them. He hates PM Natenyahoo, he hates Christians, he wants to bring in more illegal aliens that are taking away the jobs of Americans. He is for climate
    change which is a big bunch of garbage. He wants our guns. He lives in a fantasy world, not in the real world where you have to work
    and struggle to make ends meet. He has been
    cottled his whole life and just can’t understand how the rest of us struggle. And yet, he wants to give away free stuff like phones, more food stamps instead of letting people earn there own way so they can have respect for themselves and on top of that he
    ruined our healthcare system. Granted it is in need of overhall, but he wrecked it. There are still more people without health insurance than when he started. He is a very poor leader. They (meaning he and Michelle) seem to think they know better how we should live
    and what we should eat. Yet, they live like kings, it is disgraceful.

  • eric says:

    he has his own agenda and it has nothing to do with whats good for america. in fact its anti-american and anti-constitutional, he needs to be impeached and tried for treason and conspiracy against the american people

  • Richard Liberi says:

    Because obama is a dirty rotten black muslim lying bastard.

  • george theodorakos says:

    I watched this……really Obama is tone deaf…he didn’t hear anyone……I really think he thinks he is the KING…and only his opinion counts

  • Marshall says:

    He is a POS

  • Dann Rebarcak says:

    Because all he can do is lie and that’s what he is supposed to do and there is nothing we can do but fight him until he’s gone.

  • odis hewson says:

    give guns respect the 2nd amendment requires if use a gun take life in a felony death by firing chair secured in death chair as gun similar to what is in slaughter house metal probe strikes your brain stuns the gun criminal to painless death.

  • Les Shear says:

    The MSM refuse to confront Obama with his lies. Anderson Cooper helped Obama mock the idea of a ‘conspiracy’ to confiscate guns. Cooper should have pointed out that people do not trust Obama because of the months of lying about Obamacare: “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Period. If you like your healthcare you can keep your healthcare. Period.” He intentionally lied to to cover his agenda. His “Gun Control” is more lies to cover his real agenda. He is not out of touch – he is bringing down the U.S., exactly as he stated in his books. The elite in Germany also refused to believe that Hitler would actually do the things he wrote in Mein Kampf. MSM operatives like Cooper and others do not hold Obama accountable for the difference between what he says and what he does.

  • robert koziol says:

    obama is using statistics that are false and is a pathological liar. impeach the liar. release his records, if this clown is such a great democrat, why are his records sealed? he is not an american but a george soros puppet.

  • Mary says:

    Obama has proven over and over again he is in charge and he listens to nobody. He is a Muslim who does not care about the country or the people. They say he was born in Africa but nobody will do anything about it. He has traded 5 terrorists for 1 deserter. There are so many reasons he should be arrested and tried. He is pure evil and needs to be arrested

  • Catherine Fiorillo says:

    This suppose to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. From an 83 year old.
    our families came to this great country for a better way of life which we had. Now what??????

  • Linda says:

    he does all he does to us DELIBERATELY to destroy this country…………..he is very aware of what he is doing and what he intends to do to finish us off in his last year.

  • J says:

    To a point! He is however a committed Marxist who demonstrably hates this country. Perhaps he would like us to think that he is just an incompetent, out of touch, privileged Allinskyite!

  • Herman says:


  • Vicky says:

    I know that I can be rude and belligerent at times, but he (Obama) is NOT an American citizen and should NEVER have been allowed in the White House to begin with. Everybody just left him drift by and another 4 years of terrorism being committed by him. He has taken the American flag out of the office and everything in there is transformed to MUSLIM. Duhhhh, he’s a muslim, it is no wonder he wants to destroy this country of freedoms. Now he wants to rewrite the constitution, bullshit, he has NO right to do this. He should be taken out of office now as a traitor along with everyone that agrees with him including his MONKEY faced wife and Hillary and put in a federal prison.

  • Wanda Umphlet says:

    He has no idea what the average family deals with everyday. He is wealthy and so far removed from the rest of us that he doesn’t have a clue. I personally don’t think he really gives a damn either. Let’s not get down on the
    level of the little people.

  • Co Reigner says:

    Mr. OBamma is NOT ‘dangerously out of touch’. He’s simply DANGEROUS because he is criminally insane.

  • Myron Smith says:

    US is not safe with Obama as President!

  • Bonnadee says:

    Obama is NOT ‘dangerously out of touch’. He is a DANGEROUS criminal — bad for America and a danger to all Americans.

  • Karen says:

    His foreign policies are embarrassing, he is an expert at taking vacations at our expense, he never mentions the nation’s debt, I strongly think he needs to be impeached.

  • Evelyn Hartman says:

    Obama has run up the federal debt that it will take many years for our country to balance the budget. He is punishing those who are trying to care for their families and encourages those who are content to let the government to support them.
    He is completely ignoring that the federal debt will make it impossible for this nation to continue to support those who make no effort to support themselves.
    He has encouraged illegals to sneak into our country and further put a strain on the nation’s budget.

  • Marc says:

    He has no concept the real threat Islamic terrorism is to the U.S. He has shown nothing, but support for Islam. I’m both a retire veteran and a history major. The prophet Muhammad invented the art of incurtian war fair. He would convert locals in areas he intended to conguer to his religion; than use them to weeken his infadal enemy or provide him w/intelligence. This is already happening in America and Obama is choosing to ignore or even use the term radical Islam when such events happen.

  • Judith A. Meeks says:

    Because Ovomit has no love for this Country. Example, He want’s to change our National Anthym to, “I’d like to teach the world to sing.
    Additionally, he never had the credentials necessary to become President. The Presidency was bought for him by the likes (EG) of George Soros….Why? His decision making stinks. EG our power grid. He’s doing nothing to protect it, and leaving us vulnerable to MEP’s and loss of our electric power among other things, nationally. No power, no refrigeration, cars won’t start with no gasoline. He is being allowed to hog tie this nation, and our congress is doing nothing to stop him, or his fellow traitor, Hillary. I’d like to ask our Congress to drop their pants and shorts to see if two important parts are missing. They’re obviously not using them to stop Ovomit from sending America down the river.

  • Richard penta says:

    He has never been Vetted. Where is his passport from when he was going to school, where is his collage trans

  • Dave Helmers says:

    He doesn’t follow through with anything that he should be doing holding the office that he holds and tries desperately to stick his narsasistic nose into everything that doesn’t concern him! (sp)

  • Name says:

    His actions repeatedly show his lack of the “REAL” urgency in America for the safety of Annericans.

  • Name says:


  • Name says:

    Obama is an idiot

  • John Spencer says:

    He is a Muslim Communist and furthers the Islamic goals of destroying Israel and the US.
    He has fostered racial divide and disrespect of police and does all he can to destroy Christianity in this country.

    In addition he is not a US Citizen and has a SSN that is not his.

  • BRENT O'BRIEN says:

    The President of the free world is trying to penalize rule obiding citizens!!!!

  • Sally Riley says:

    He hates america,

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