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Obama Is The Dumbest Man In America



Watch this video and see just how little Obama understand about firearms.

Obama talks to the press about the guns that Omar Mateen used during Sunday's massacre at the gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando.

At one point he says that Mateen was able to walk out of the store with a gun he just purchased as if he is unsure about how the gun buying laws even work. After that, he goes on to say that Mateen had a Glock “which had a lot of clips in it.”

Obama is at the forefront of the war on our second amendment rights and it seems that he has no understanding of the law or how firearms even work. If I were a betting man I would bet everything on the fact that Obama has never even held, let alone shot, a firearm.

What happened in Orlando was tragic, but instead of attacking the real issues of terrorism on domestic soil, our government will instead use this as a classic case to lobby against our gun rights once again.

After all, a case could also be made that this tragedy would have been severely diminished had a few of the victims had weapons on them. Anytime we have a well-armed group of individuals who want to prey on a defenseless population we will also have a blood bath.

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  • Mark says:

    Does he really think that by demanding more control that terrorists and criminals won’t get guns from somewhere. How stupid is that? He needs to practice what AA has practiced for years and openly admit that it is ‘radical Islam’ that is the problem. They hate us. Look at Iran, Russia, North Korea, ISIS, and so many more that are just laughing at us. He decimates our military. He claims to be a Christian but does nothing about Christians who are slaughtered.

  • George says:

    Unfortunately he is a calculating sob!

  • george price says:

    He is a muslin and he belongs with them in the Middle East.His only desire is to make this country a muslin country.

  • Neal says:

    I think he has an agenda not stupid the American people were fooled not once but twice

  • Barry Varga says:

    Obama has taken our money and given it to other countries that doesn’t need it, he has let Muslims in our country and given them rights they don’t deserve, he also has let ISIS in our country and he has no right in doing this at all and I can go on and on and on with so much more but this is only a small tip of the iceberg

  • Mike Kirk says:

    He doesn’t have a clue!!

  • Jkll says:


  • Gerald McCrocklin says:

    Because every decision he makes is stupid and dangerous. He has weakened our military to where they are not capable of protecting us. He won’t admit that Muslims are a radical group

  • Freddie James says:

    He is a muslin and sympathizer and should be removed and deported to the Middle East. He should not be the leader of our country !!!

  • James says:

    Bottom Line!! its NOT OBAMAS Fault–its CONGRESS!–instead of Running for OFFICE!–they should {{IMPEACH HIM!!}}–their NOT doing their JOB!–Thus!! Clean E*M Out–NO More Life Time POLITICIANS!–ONE TERM!!–Done Deal!!–AMEN!–

  • Phil Campisi says:

    He doesn’t understand the law on guns, or guns themselves.

  • Dean says:

    I have not seen gun that holds more than one clip at a time

  • El says:

    For a person to speak public without the substance of his/her subject is unwise. Fro the President to continually do this shows that he is egocentric, and tells lies to bolster his ignorance which masks his lack of knowledge.

  • Wesley Q. Lui says:

    He’s just stupid on everything he does.

  • Edward Ballor says:

    Any person with any common sense knows that a criminal will get a gun no matter if it’s legal or not. Gun regulations, any, are not only unconstitutional, they take the ability to defend yourself and family away. Our politicians all have armed body guards, while us,,, we are unable to defend ourselves.. Read our constitution…..To defend against a corrupt and out of control government..

  • Bud Maxwell says:

    He is out to bring this country down, no matter what the cost. He thinks all Muslims are good people because he is one. I do not think he is a good person. He says one thing and does another.

  • Raymond says:

    Obama lacks common sense on virtually all matters.

  • JAMES PRICE says:

    Obama has no idea whats going on at the and present past because he’s been the worst President we have ever had cents President Hoover he also don’t tell the truth He also don’t how to make decisions.He also changes the laws the way would like them,would like to say more but I have no more time. Jim Price

  • William Miller says:

    Actions speak MUCH louder than words! Anyone with a brain can clearly see by Obama’s actions just how INCREDIBLY STUPID this clown really is!

  • Glendon D Hendricks says:

    He has not enforced the rule of law as he has indicated that other should do and has lied so many times that it is hard belief he even knows what he has said previously.

  • Jeannette Wiley says:

    He is saying the FBI did their job — they did not! It was one of the federal agencies that failed here, and Obama is an idiot on guns. He wants to take our guns, but keep his armed protection. And then what happens to criminals with guns? Too bad Obama does not blame the culprit — radical Islam.

  • Carole Russell says:

    An AR-15 is not an assault rifle.

  • Robert Richardson says:

    because he thinks God might let him get away with this massive hoax he is presenting to America and the rest of the world! AIN’T gonna make it!

  • Larry Campbell says:

    Obama is the biggest Tool for Terrorist in America. His Policy’s are what’s causing these terrorist to feel safe. They know to just call Racist and the FBI has to back off. Send Obama a Thank you Note!!

  • Lorene Kesler says:

    He was brought up to believe in leftist, communist, “anti-colonial”, progressive ideologies. Fine. This was spoon-fed to him with his milk and cookies. However, as an adult he has never tested these ideas by the application of critical thinking, in order to determine if they, indeed, hold water, and are worthy. If he had done so, he might have rejected those ideologys. He is like the ostrich with it’s head in the sand; the child who closes their eyes, sticks their fingers in their ears, and sings “lalalalalalalala” to drown out that which they do not want to hear. THIS is what makes him the dumbest man in America.

  • Peter Kachel says:

    Just listen to him and you will know why!

  • frank s. says:

    he is either the stupidest president ever or is the most intelligent insurgent in history with the actions that he has taken in the past 7 years

  • Robert Harris says:

    How can you know anything about a Colt 45 when your IQ is still on a 38 special level…… ????.

  • lou says:

    he knows nothing about guns or thee laws !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lou

  • Camille says:

    Because he has no business being our President, he can’t prove he is a citizen, his grandmother stole his S.S. # from a man that died in Hawaii, he was raised to believe in
    Communism .He is also a pathological liar.

  • Matt dodge says:

    Banning guns for Orlando shooting is like banning Boeing for 9-11

  • Connie Krizner says:

    I can’t believe this man. You would think he would educate himself on guns instead of spouting falsehoods. As a woman, even I know that a Glock only holds one clip at a time and the other weapon was not an assault rifle. But then again, I don’t believe anything this administration says anymore. Lie, Lie, Lie!

  • diane says:

    he is not even smart enough to be called dumb

  • tom says:

    he is dumber than a sack full of rocks

  • linda says:

    dumb is as dumb does

  • carolyn says:

    Dumb and lazy

  • Teresa says:

    Doesn’t see the world as we do, he has his priorities which do not include the American people. Take everything away, so we can’t defend ourselves, protect our country. Then back Hillary as the next president, please ????

  • J Ross says:

    He has to be one of the stupidest presidents we have ever had. He wants to take weapons out of our hand. But let’s the Muslims like himself stay armed. If anyone and the place in florida had a weapon maybe the death toll wouldn’t be so large. Somebody WITH a gun might have stopped it. Plus guns and alcohol don’t mix well.

  • Neil says:

    He just doesn’t understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim says:

    His decisions are disguised ‘reactions’ made without becoming educated on the merits of the issue at hand. For Heaven’s sake he thinks global warming is the biggest concern America has, not terrorism! How many more days until he’s gone?!

  • Phil Bator says:

    This tragedy would have been severely diminished had a few of the victims had weapons on them. It is just mind boggling in his 6/17 speech that he cant understand how less people would have been hurt or killed….mind boggling how stupid that statement was….

  • Arnold Shannon says:

    I have not figured out if he is really stupid or if he just does not have the best interest of The USA in mind.

  • Edward Smith says:

    it’s all bullshit, as usual

  • karen says:

    he is not a very good President he seems not to even like America

  • margaret says:

    obozoe is dumbest man in amereca

  • James says:

    I was so happy to learn that Glocks comes equipped with many clips installed. Man, why can’t I find anything like that in my state! Stupid is as stupid does per Mr. Grump!

  • Will says:

    He somehow achieved the highest office in the land. Once his term is up, he’ll receive an pension for the rest of his life along with armed security. If the Gov’t tries to take our weapons, he doesn’t have to worry either way…now that to me is a smart career move.

  • karen says:


  • john says:

    Just look at all his stupid polices.

  • John Cox says:

    He is a communist radical who ran for President to destroy the U.S. from within.
    He sides with Muslim radicals because they share that goal.

  • george says:

    he just acts dumb I would say he’s pretty smart having gotten this country into the shitty shape it’s in and no one has done a thing to stop him-total contempt for the constituion—total traitor and getting away with it what a worthless bunch in dc–all should be charged with treason and shot!

  • wayne says:

    all he has to do is open his mouth

  • Thomas says:

    I’ve known this for going on 8 years.

  • dan dube says:

    everything is me me me
    screw you AMERICA
    I LIVE MY million dollar vacations

  • lanay says:

    dumber than dirt

  • jay benner says:

    yes a complete dumb ass and stupid when it comes to clips in a pistol. words cannot explain sheer crazy in this idiot!!!!!!!!!

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