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Obama Is Killing Police Officers



The deaths of police officers have doubled in the last year. What is the common denominator in those deaths? President Barack Obama.

So far, in 2016, 32 police officers have died in the line of duty. In 2015 only 16 officers were killed. We are only half way through the year and the casualties have already doubled. After the recent attacks on police officers, President Obama came forward and reiterated his support for law enforcement officials. Yet, in the same address still pushed the “racist” element in the police force.

In President Obama's address he said:

We’re here to honor the memory, and mourn the loss, of five fellow Americans — to grieve with their loved ones, to support this community, to pray for the wounded, and to try and find some meaning amidst our sorrow … [but] with an open heart, police departments will acknowledge that, just like the rest of us, they are not perfect; that insisting we do better to root out racial bias is not an attack on cops, but an effort to live up to our highest ideals.

Clearly, something has changed in the last year. Something has put targets on the back of police officers. I personally don't think it has anything to do with racial bias. I personally think it started with the Ferguson shooting back in 2014.

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Obama began his “dissatisfaction” with police officers after the incident. No matter what your view is of President Obama, he has remained to be a President who holds a lot of public sway in the eyes of the people. Americans listen to him, they trust him (well some Americans do). When he comes out and says something, the majority ruling is that people will agree with him. I think this “kill cop nation” that we find ourselves surviving in now, comes from the 2014 Ferguson shooting.

Obama has also recently teamed up with Al Sharpton and leaders of Black Lives Matter to get more “African-American” sway in the political system. The result? Police officers are dying.

Police officers have been killed in the past, but I have never seen military style killing operations like we have witnessed this year. The assault in Dallas was a calculated and well-planned military-style operation against the police. We haven't seen things of that caliber in the last couple of years. That means, that the tension is mounting. Things are not simmering down, they are boiling with heated tension to the point of overflowing.

Recently, Obama has turned a leaf and has stood against the senseless killings of police officers. He recently stepped forward and said:

These are attacks on public servants, on the rule of law, and on civilized society, and they have to stop … there is no justification for violence against law enforcement. None.  These attacks are the work of cowards who speak for no one.  They right no wrongs.  They advance no causes.  The officers in Baton Rouge; the officers in Dallas – they were our fellow Americans, part of our community, part of our country, with people who loved and needed them, and who need us now – all of us – to be at our best.

The murder of police officers is either going to stop, or the casualty rating is going to continue to climb.

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