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Obama’s Final Days



You remember in high school when you would wake up late, rush to school, then realize that you had a presentation due in your third-period class? The panic and instant hysteria would suffocate you in fear of failing. So, like all other high schoolers, you'd do the presentation in the back of your first two period classes and hope that the flimsy papers, which were clumsily glued to recycled cardboard, would be enough to at least pass the class.

Now picture that same feeling on a political scale. President Obama is a little more than 100 days away from retiring the presidential pen and he's cramming. The wasted time of vacations, golf games, and children's science fairs are catching up to him in a big way. So like any high school or college finals student, President Obama isn't wasting any time to get his agenda done while in the White House. In fact, he may have done more at the end of his term than he has his entire career as President.


The latest order from Obama came Wednesday and it placed the issue of Climate Control in the hands of National Security Agencies. This wasn't just a conversation where President Obama discussed his concern for the rising problem of climate control it was a presidential directive that came right from the big man himself.

It directs agencies to take into consideration climate change when adopting new policies. In a way, Obama has now given more control to intelligence agencies, by putting the problem of climate in their hands. This new order will continue to go on unless a future president forcibly shuts it down.

The directive does not identify what the agencies can or cannot do to obtain information regarding climate. Can they control our water? Our trash? Our electricity? That so far is unclear, what is clear is that the order will continue on into the future, long after Obama has left. In fact, the order isn't supposed to take place until February, a month after Obama is already out of office.


Obama has also been making some waves between the United States and Israel. In a meeting, our President had with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he pledged to give Israel $3.8 billion of military aid each year for over a decade. That's right. The biggest pledge of military assistance in U.S. history.

The relationship between Israel and The United States hasn't always been on the best of terms. However, President Obama has many times said that his administration would not be the one to heal the broken friendship between the two countries. Yet, it seems like he's trying.

$38 billion to a country, that at one time attacked us, isn't necessarily the safest route. Not to mention, our country's national debt is higher than it has ever been, yet we have $3.8 billion a year lying around to give away. The last time the Israeli's attacked the U.S. was back in 1967 when the Israeli Air Force attacked one of our Navy vessels. That's all water under the bridge now, right?

Although, if Israel were to take our considerable contribution to their military and use it against us, it wouldn't be Obama's problem anymore would it? A new President would have taken his place and someone else would then have to pick up the mess of a former Commander and Cheif. To be fair, what President hasn't had to do that?

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A bill has been long in the making that would allow the family members affected by the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia for compensation. Well, the bill was composed and skyrocketed with almost unanimous approval. That is until it got to President Obama. He is setting to veto the bill.

That raises the question, why?

Everyone around him is positive about the bill and yet President Obama doesn't like it. Why is he trying to protect Saudi Arabia? He believes that it goes against sovereign immunity and it would cause U.S. diplomats and service members to be vulnerable to lawsuits.

That being said, Congress is anticipating to override Obama's veto. It would be the first override in President Obama's entire history in office. Congress believes they have enough positive votes to go around Obama's veto.

The deadline for Obama's decision is today, so we will see what the future brings.


Planned Parenthood has always been a fairly big political ally for Obama and he clearly hasn't forgotten. In recent months, the Department of Health and Human Services has come forward with a regulation that forces states to give federal family planning funds to Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics.

That means that Obama's gift to a long time friend is millions of tax payers dollars.

A federal program called Title X was created back in 1970 to give funding to “family planning” for low-income individuals. The program was only supposed to go until 1985, yet for some reason, Congress continues to acquire hundreds of millions of dollars anyway to put into family planning. A giant portion of the funds find their way to Planned Parenthood.


The Syrian refugee “situation” isn't news to anyone. Thousands of refugees end up entering into our country, on what seems to be, a daily basis. He has offered them asylum in our country, which we can only assume means they will eventually be granted citizenship.

Reports have already proved that the Islamic State has used this mass exodus to the United States as a way to smuggle in Muslim extremists. Yet, still, the Obama Administration lets them in. He can screen them all he wants but, in the end, there are just too many to keep track of.

This affects a lot of things inside the United States separately. First, it doesn't help the economy in any way, which was one of the things Obama swore to fix when he was elected into office. It actually damages our economy, now we have more mouths to feed in a country that is already up to their eyes in debt. It doesn't help with over population. It doesn't help with the job market.

I understand the desire to reach out and help people in need, but sometimes you have to think about the greatest good for the greatest number.

Obama still has more things to accomplish on his agenda before his time runs out. We'll just have to wait and see what else is in store.

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