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Orlando Massacre Should Have Been Prevented



Just two months before the horrific attacks in Orlando, A mosque just outside of Orlando had a cleric come speak whose chief message was death to all homosexuals.

“Death is the sentence. We know there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Death is the Sentence.” He continued, “We have to have that compassion for people, With homosexuals, it's the same. Out of compassion… Let's get rid of them now.”

This kind of hate speak from a Christian church would garner national media attention and yet this flew under the rader. Now, go forward tow months to present day where the nation is reeling from the worst mass shooting on U.S. soil and the media still doesn't want to accuse Islam.

It is time we stop cowering behind the fear of PC and realize that we are putting our country at risk by allowing these groups to come preach murder only to see their followers act out on it.

Radical Islam in America is very real and it has a lot of similarities to the KKK middle of last century. However, it gets to hide behind freedom of religion and liberals running to their defense crying Islamaphobia.

When a group wants all gays to be murdered and then carries out a savage attack on them, it is okay to be afraid of that group. We must all unite and help prevent these attacks before they occur and that means, first, we must acknowledge them for what they are.

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  • Daren D. Theige says:

    Anyone can make THREATS. That doesn’t mean you can arrest them. Police would tell you that a CRIME must be committed before the Police can act….

  • Patricia Brittell says:

    How much clearer can this be!!! This guy should be arrested for instilling in a weak mind of the Islamic religion that killing homosexuals is a right and death is justice. With their leaders making such statements will only encourage more violence in our country and our law NEEDS to step up and take care of this NOW!!! The gathering at their Mosque’s is the place they get their duties related, and the Mosque’s need to be shut down all over the country, and right now, not later. It would be an excellent start to all this violence before you see worse killings in our country. Our law confirms that the Islamic religion is a threat to our country and the Immigration Act in 1952 was passed to enforce that law. Our legal system is not doing their job and hiding behind Obama’s rhetoric, so the law better get aboard or there are worse things to happen. Stop all the Muslim immigrants from entering into this country is a beginning as well,,,it must be done!

  • Patricia Brittell says:

    Daren, this was not a threat from the imam, it was a direct command, there is a difference in this killing spree. We are not talking about the general public, we are talking about an illegal Sharia Law of the Islamic religion. It is a threat to our nation and our national security and it has to be taken seriously, if it isn’t, worse is yet to come. National Security is at stake which is a violation in great proportion and not the norm. We can’t agree to wait for a spree killing when there is evidence to prove it is an agenda of a sec who right now is a threat to the world, not just America. Where is our so called ‘Homeland Security’, no where to be exact, when it is being ran by Islamic Muslims itself. Our DOD is also ran by Islamic Muslims, the Attorney General and President are also Islamic Muslims. We have been invaded within our own government and a president who sides with the killers because of his devotedness to them and not America. If you can not see the difference, you are like the crazies who live in total denial and will accept to ignore what is right in front of you.

  • Name says:

    I think they should hang ol boy that was speaking on killing them out of compassion, not out of myself agreeing that homosexuality is ok because I believe it’s wrong in gods eyes but this was a random attack….the only way to prevent random acts would also have to put pressure, liberties, and freedoms from us patriots as well.

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