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Orlando Was A Wake Up Call: An Open Letter To We The People



This is an open letter to the great people of this proud nation. A nation I love dearly and would gladly die for, should it ever come to that.

On Sunday, this country suffered the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. The suspect is now believed to have been an in the closet, homosexual who allowed himself to be radicalized under Islam and pledged his actions to the Islamic State. The Islamic State, rather knowing about it or not, quickly took credit for the attacks.

This attack hurts because it was on our soil, but it is only one of so many around the world that ISIS has taken credit for during the first week of Ramadan.

This month of Ramadan has promised to be the bloodiest ever by ISIS, They seek to turn their own holy celebration into one of blood and terror for the rest of the world. These are truly dangerous lunatics who would rather see the world burn then fail to get their way.

Other terrorist organizations such as Hamas have also vowed to add to the ever-growing violence this month. There have already been estimates of over 500 killed by these attacks in the first week alone.

In addition to attacks during Ramadan, the Islamic State has also called for more of these “lone-wolf” attacks that we saw in Orlando and San Bernardino, where one individual works alone or with very few people to go on a massive killing spree that is hard to predict and prevent. These have been effective and work at creating widespread panic and fear.

Our intelligence communities have been slow to adapt to the lone-wolf attacks after we spent so long learning to identify, infiltrate, and shut down terror cells. We got really good at finding and stopping the cells which is why the terrorist groups changed it up on us.

Gone are the days of having to find, recruit, train, and implant new terrorists into a region. Now groups like ISIS, Hamas, or Boko Haram can find and indoctrinate people online and convince them to carry out these attacks on their own.

That is why we must always stay vigilant and keep an eye out for not just ourselves, but for every member of our community. We are now both the first and last line of defense against further attacks.

These terrorist organizations also get to enjoy how our government predictably responds with gun control. After all of these attacks it is always the guns that were used that are blamed, not the lack of prior knowledge on the part of our security forces.

So instead of taking the blame for failing to protect us, yet again, they will instead blame a constitutionally protected right. Why? Well, it's two-fold.

First, they know they can’t pass any meaningful change to the current laws so they essentially get to beat the drums for change without having to actually do anything. A politician's dream.

Second, they get to keep pushing public opinion towards that of a gun-free nation. Especially among younger voters who are just now becoming politically active. Keep up the rhetoric for long enough and no matter how pointless it seems today there will come a time when they can make the shift.

Orlando was a wake-up call. We will be attacked again, it is only a matter of when and where. So stay vigilant and do all you can to protect you, your family, and your community. Only when we stop acting like good Americans to each other will terrorist have finally won.

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  • Linda says:

    because everything they said here is the truth

  • linda says:

    so true

  • Terri Storm says:

    We have unalienable rights that Congress or POTUS have no right to violate! They coddle terrorist while attempting to take away OUR rights! It’s time to clean house in DC!

  • Sanford says:

    Don’t give up your guns!

  • Douglas S Dreger says:

    There definitely needs to be stricter background checks for anyone buying a gun, a long rifle should not be allowed to be taken the same day there should be the same three day waiting period as a hand gun! During the three day waiting period there needs to be a more thorough background check, the one that is used today only takes a couple of minutes which does not give enough time to look at things such as the no fly list, recent contact by all law enforcement agencies and where or not they had been under any kind of investigation for suspected terrorist activity or if they were on the watch list!!!! Because of Mateer’s previous contact with the FBI there should have been a red flag if there was a longer more thorough background check, some people might get upset over a more thorough background check or think it’s an inconvenience however they are the one’s we need to worry about!! Let’s make it safer by doing a real background check that is thorough and complete the length of time that it should take should be reasonable!!!

    • Patrick says:

      Your statement is 100% invalid. How does that ever stop the criminals from getting a gun? It only makes more victims. The states with open carry and cash and carry have the lowest crime rates! If you want to try to beg those bastards for mercy while you are waiting for your protection, that is on you. Do not try dragging other American citizens down with your stupidity!! It’s MORONS like you who are helping destroy this country and its people!!! And that’s a fact!!!

  • Alfred says:

    Just starting so be prepared and stay alert.

  • Pam says:

    You have to be :
    a) an idiot b) a liberal or c) a cave dweller to NOT see what’s in your face!!

  • jaybird says:

    The FBI had enough on him to do something about him. A 3 day background check would not have changed anything. The government is complicit in not protecting the American people. This administration wants gun control and that will only cause more people getting killed because of the increase of possible terrorist attacks. If a legal carrying citizen has a gun there will be a chance of less fatalities. What is it that people don’t understand of what will happen with gun control in place ???

  • Carolyn says:

    totally agree

  • Ronald says:

    completly agree

  • Bette says:


  • Daisy says:

    I agree

  • Terry says:

    yes I agree

  • Jim says:

    agree totally

  • Sherry says:

    great article…totally agree

  • Larry says:

    agree with this totally

  • Will says:

    yes i agree

  • Lorette Drew says:

    For 71\2 years, I have attempted to give Obama the benefit of the doubt. Orlando was the last straw. I now believe that Barack Hussein Obama is anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-Republican and anti-Christian. He is a blatant narcissistic liar, a fraud, a cover-up artist and the most dangerous person ever to hold a political office in America. Loretta Lynch lacks any integrity, whatsoever and for the first time in my life, I fear my government.

  • Ronald Morley says:

    If nothing else, this incident should put paid to the lie that ISIS is on the run.

  • Jack Dyer says:

    These attacks have been promised by the ISIS warmongers because their fake religion won’t except anything but their demented, sick view of how the world should be. So, in the name of their religion, they will attempt to kill anyone who does not convert to their way of thinking.
    We must rid this world of this scum – or our way of life will be gone forever. We apparently will have to do this by ourselves – as our greedy, spineless, corrupt congress critters surely are not going to do anything but line their own pockets and hide when times get tough.

  • Dennis says:

    he has done every thing to get his so he can stay in office and take are freedom away from us. just like what happed too start ww 11.

  • Art says:

    A few more people waking up

  • Leigh Shears says:

    I agree.

  • Mike says:

    Take our weapons away and only Isis and criminals will have free will to kill us all.

  • Jimmie Young says:

    Radical Islamic Terrorism!! Say it! Believe it! The Florida Massacre confirms any doubts anyone may have had!!!!

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