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The Paris Agreement On Climate Change Came With A $90 Trillion Price Tag



  • Reports have claimed that the cost to fix the climate would be upwards of $90 trillion dollars.
  • The report states that the complete overhaul of buildings, transportation, sanitation should be done in the next fifteen years.
  • The “experts” also state if the vast majority of changes need to be made in the next three years.

The left keep trying to sell us on the doom and gloom theory that we have destroyed the earth and there is no fixing it. Except that they not have come up with a drastic, austerity measure that they want the whole world to follow. What's the catch you might ask? Well among other things, it's only going to cost you $90 trillion.

The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate has done a study that shows a major overhaul is needed to fix the climate. The world's buildings, public transport, and energy infrastructures would need to be completely redone. The research is expecting the world to invest $90 trillion in the next fifteen years to ensure climate safety. Not only did the research come up with that hefty lump sum but they also predicted that if a “smart” investment isn't made in the next three years we will pass the point of no return.

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The report states that 60% of the world's greenhouse gasses come from roads, buildings, aging power plants, sanitation, and other structures. Roughly 1,500 coal plants are currently in construction worldwide. The report says that coal-heavy infrastructures “literally kills people by causing deadly respiratory illnesses, exacerbating road accidents and spreading unclean drinking water, among other hazards. It also puts pressure on land and natural resources, creating unsustainable burdens for future generations such as unproductive soils and runaway climate change”

Lord Nicholas Stern the co-chairman of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate said, “We cannot continue with business as usual, which will lock in high-carbon infrastructure and create further congestion and pollution while choking off development opportunities, particularly for poor people. We can and should invest in and build cities where we can move and breathe and be productive while protecting the natural world that underpins our livelihoods.”

Of course, the report is full of ways to make this $90 trillion investment easier. The report claims that our entire financial structure needs to be changed to make this overhaul a possibility. The subsidies to fossil fuels, which average about $550 billion a year, would have to be completely eliminated. That sounds easy enough right?

Whichever way you look at it, the world is going to only get further and further into debt to make this overhaul possible. Although, I'm sure we can find $90 trillion just laying around somewhere right?

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