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Patricia Arquette Calls For GDP Shutdown

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Patricia Arquette, 51, used Instagram to reach her fans and call on them to spread the word about an “economic shutdown” effort scheduled for March 2nd. “March 2 there is an economic shut down [sic] action,” Arquette wrote. “Don’t purchase anything on this day.” The caption included the hashtag #RESIST which is a shoutout to the anti-Trump resistance movement.

Her Instagram posts had images of tweets, which described the shutdown as a way to create a “1-day ripple in the US GDP.” One of the tweets said, “Our goal is to cause a 1-day $238.2 billion ripple in the US GDP.”

According to Fox News, “it’s unclear who that person is but their bio claims ‘Ret. Federal Reserve Board.’ Arquette appeared to see the economic shutdown information after musician David Crosby retweeted that user.”

Arquette has recently described President Trump as a “threat to mankind.” She used her Golden Globes acceptance speech to warn about the president. She accused Trump of tweeting “out a threat” and shared her fears of the country’s future, such as “young people risking their lives traveling across the world” and parents “not knowing if bombs are going to drop on their kids’ heads.”

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