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Paul Ryan Proves That Donald Trump Can Win Over Anyone



Paul Ryan

Donald Trump has slowly but surely won over almost all his enemies in the Republican Party.

We have seen this every step of the way. Chris Christie, who once had some very harsh words for Trump, found himself on stage publicly supporting the man. After Christie, Ben Carson lined up to show his support for Trump as president.

These were both men that HATED Donald Trump at one point. So why did they change their tune? Because at the end of the day, despite his loud mouth, Donald Trump is hard to dislike.

As he has said time after time, when someone takes a punch at him, he punches back. However, he doesn’t hold a grudge. Donald Trump is a businessman and he is the first to say that he’ll do business with anyone. A trait that can be very beneficial in politics.

Last week we saw Marco Rubio, yet again, a rival of Donald Trump who seemed like he would never support the man warm to the idea. Rubio said he will now attend the GOP convention in July, overturning his previous steadfast refusal to attend out of protest for Trump.

Finally we get to the latest example of Donald Trump’s enemies coming to his side in Paul Ryan. Ryan has been one of the most outspoken critics of Trump throughout his campaign. He said that he would not only not endorse Trump, but that he wouldn’t go to the convention and would consider not even voting.

However, Paul Ryan has now made a 180 on his previous statement and will now vote for and endorse Donald Trump as president.

Donald Trump is making good on his promise to unite the party while the Democrat side is looking more split than ever.

Now, Donald Trump still has enemies on the right, none more outspoken and critical then Ben Shapiro. Shapiro will most likely never support or endorse Donald Trump, but his attacks have cooled in the recent weeks as he has turned his attention to Hillary Clinton.

Say what you will, but Donald Trump has a knack for turning enemies into friends and you should have little doubt about his abilities to wrangle in government.  If you take nothing else away from his campaign at least learn this, he is not one to be underestimated.

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